Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 3

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1966 on NBC

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  • At the galactic barrier, a bolt of energy gives Kirk's old friend Gary Mitchell god-like powers, slowly changing his personality and endangering the ship. A great second pilot and a terrific episode...

    You don't need me to tell you that this was the second 'Star Trek' pilot (after 1964's originally unaired 'The Cage'; and the first to have Captain Kirk at the helm). And it is a very good episode. (There are also a number of subtle differences from the regular series to look out for, most notably the different uniform tops, with higher collars, and some regular crew wearing different colours to usual.)

    Although I defended the first episode to air, 'The Man Trap', in my review of it, I still think that 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' would have made a far better premier episode, and don't know why it wasn't shown as such.

    I found the story to be very well plotted and very exciting in places. I love the scenes down on the planet's surface (with an excellent exterior matte painting, seen in the closing credits of many episodes, by the way) as the party try to repair the ship's engines, and keep Mitchell at bay, hoping to maroon the planet. The scenes have good pacing and urgency to them, and really stand out.

    The final showdown between Kirk and Mitchell is also very good – and also offers up a famous mistake (on the tombstone that Mitchell conjures up for Kirk, it has the middle initial of R, before T had been established. It has been argued that maybe Mitchell was just guessing, but as he was such an old friend of Kirk's, it's debatable. Maybe the god-like powers had gone to his head too much!!).

    This is a great second pilot, and its strength is evident as it convinced NBC to pick up 'Star Trek' as a regular series. A great episode, and a great true start to a legendary series.