Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 2

Who Mourns for Adonais?

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1967 on NBC

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  • Not a bad exploration of power, vanity, corruption, and pulling the plug on it all. Certainly better than some installments and light years ahead of any weekly TV science fiction of the time.

    Kirk must thwart the ambitions of the Greek god Apollo, now a refugee in space and seeking worshippers in the 23rd century.

    There is a lot of this episode that's not really any different than "The Apple", but there are a few more novel concepts here. Long before "Chariots of the Gods", the supposition that powerful aliens may have formed the basis of Earth myth is interesting. It's nuts of course, but a unique idea to come to sci-fi TV in the 60s.

    The character of Apollo is well-played, a nice mix of arrogance and sentimentality. Leslie Parrish may actually be better than Madelyn Rhue ("Space Seed") as the female who falls for the "superman". Weak points include the scripting of Scotty, he has little of his ability and his lines are all insanely over-dramatic screams as he lunges at the superior being (also in the scripting department, the dialog before the opening credits is some of the most sexist of the series). The scientific mumbo-jumbo aboard the Enterprise re-inforces the story well, as Spock and crew play a major role in solving the problem from orbit.

    Perhaps a little more could have been invested in explaining why the superficial aspect of worship is so important to Apollo before his ultimate defeat, but there is some pathos at his demise and a definite sense that he is at least a sympathetic anachronism. Overall, not bad.