Star Wars: Clone Wars

Season 1 Episode 3

Chapter III

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Chapter III
The battle rages on in the air and on the ground. The ARC Troopers, who are cut off from their initial drop zone, make their way to the enemy command center through hostile territory.

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  • Continuation chapter

    This chapter picks up where chapter II left off. It opens with the ARC troopers getting out of the wreckage of their crashed craft which was shot down with a missle. They immediately take fire from surrounding droids, but are able to overcome and thus start advancing toward the inner city. As they approach, the troopers come across a droid tank. The tank is easily disposed of and the Troopers continue their march.

    The Troopers arrive at the destination. It is a giant cannon shooting up into space, destroying republic aircraft. They scale the enormous tower, taking on droids on the way up. When they reach the top, explosives are placed and the cannon is destroyed. We end with the ARC Troops reaching the very top looking out over the city.moreless
  • Another great chapter.

    This is another great chapter of Clone Wars. It picks up right where we left off,with the ARC Trooper's gunship about to crash. It does crash in the downtown of the city on Muunilinst,but all the Troopers are safe. They climb out,but are now under fire by battle droids hidden on ledges several stories above the Troopers. The Troopers return blaster fire for a little bit before the heavy artillery trooper destroys them (the droids) with a missile launcher. The troopers are now heading down the city streets when they hear something. An AAT Battle Tank is coming down the street. But before it can do any damage to the troopers,the ARC Commander blasts his way inside and destroys it. The troops are now ready for the next phase of their assignment: There's a huge anti-aircraft cannon shooting at Republic craft. The troopers scale the side of it,shoot down several droids, place their explosives,and the cannon blows up. They then climb to the top the top of the spire the cannon was attached to,and look out over the city....

    (story to be continued in chapter 4)moreless

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