Star Wars: Clone Wars

Season 1 Episode 8

Chapter VIII

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with the biker droids destroying the last of the artillery line. Obi-Wan orders the clone troopers to mount on bikes like the enemy. They launch a counter-attack. Durge realizing this, orders the biker droids to meet the clones head on. Soldiers from boths sides fly around from the explosions of the collisions. Obi-Wan, on his bike, faces Durge and charges at him with a lightsaber and destroys his bike which explodes. Durge walks out of the wreckage and halts the bike that Obi-Wan was charging head on with. Obi-Wan flies off the bike and lands on the ground. Durge charges at him, but Obi-Wan stabs him with his lightsaber. It gets stuck inside Durge, but it doesn't stop him. Durge starts throwing punches and knocks him to the ground. Durge starts shooting spikes at him, but he stops it with the Force. Obi-wan gets his lightsaber back and starts to charge at him. After being blocked by Durge's shield plates on his arms multiple times, Obi-Wan cuts him into 3 pieces. Then, he receives a transmission from the commander of the ARC troopers that they are ready to attack, and he mounts his bike and starts to head over there. Meanwhile, Durge's limbs are coming back together again.