Star Wars: Clone Wars

Season 1 Episode 12

Chapter XII

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Chapter XII
Mace Windu fights on Dantooine. It seems the battle is under control until a new enemy enters the battle: A Seismic "stamp" tank that can create huge craters in the ground. Mace in knocked down by the shockwave from the tank,and loses his Lightsaber. When the dust clears,he now finds himself surrounded by hundreds of Super Battle Droids....moreless
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  • Mace versus droids - Mace 1, droids 0!

    Mace Windu's silent characterization in this episode is phenomenal, not to mention the battles! When he disassembles one of the droids and you see its component parts fly to its left and right was genius! The land stampers are colossal machines that wreak havoc among the troops, but Mace uses his Jedi skills to the max in this episode. Using different fighting techniques he whittles away at the droid army until he takes out a lead land stamper with a surgical strike. The last scene where he jumps from the desert plain to the kid on the hill, takes a swig of water, and jumps back is so very superhero!moreless
  • Mace Windu in action!

    This chapter follows Mace Windu on the planet of Dantooine. While here, we see Mace and his army do battle againt the droid presence there. All seems to be going well for the Republic (and especially for Mace who is showing how much of a force to be wreckoned with he his). The we see a "smash tank", a huge vehicle that smashes cylindrical craters one mile wide. Mace is thrown up into the air from the resulting shockwave, losing his lightsabre while falling back to the surface. When all the dust settles, he is totally surrounded by an army of Super droids, armed without his lightsabre. How will he get out of this alive?moreless
  • Kicking butt and taking names

    This is why I watched this series. I wanted to really see a master jedi in action. One jedi, 10,000 troops, the droid army never had a chance. We finally see the jedi powers used like we all have pictured them since 1977. There is hardly any dialogue in this one as well and it sure didn't need it. Action, action, and more action, that is all that was needed. You can't tell me that Samuel L. Jackson wasn't jealous when he saw this. If I were him, I would have asked George why he couldn't do that stuff in the movies. It may have made them worth watching. Instead we got stiff body, wooden performances and a lukewarm love story with some beautiful, albiet slightly overused, CGI. I gotta go.moreless

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