Star Wars: Clone Wars

Season 1 Episode 14

Chapter XIV

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2004 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

A droid crash lands on the snow-covered planet. It witnesses a large temple and heads in that direction. Meanwhile, Master Luminara Unduli is giving a lesson, while her padawan constructs a lightsaber with her guidance. After a short conversation, Luminara realizes that something has intruded in the temple. Multitudes of the spider-like droid, witnessed earlier in the episode, is seen placing mimes on the temple walls. As Luminara and her padawan comes closer to them, the droids use their cloaking devices to turn invisible. Both acknowledge that there is something foreign present among them. Then immediately they strike at an invisible droid that was sneaking up behind them. After destroying it, other droids reveal themselves and open fire at them. They effectively start destroying them one by one. They even start to use the mimes attached to the walls to destroy them. As they block blaster fire, the mimes explode simultaneously. They are thrown of the walkway and fall to the ground level of the temple as rocks fall with them. Once on the ground, they start dodging the large falling boulders. However, too many were falling down. They had no choice but to use the force to hold the rocks that were falling toward them, and they enter a meditative state. They become trapped surrounded by boulders over their head, which would fall down, if they lost focus. They start to wait for help to arrive.