Star Wars: Clone Wars

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Chapter XXV
      Chapter XXV
      Episode 5
      Anakin frees the enslaved and mutated Nelvaanians, but must once again draw on his anger in the process. General Grievous creates a diversion, leaving Shaak Ti to fight off over a dozen Magna Droids, leaving only Ronet Corobb and Foul Moudama to protect Chancellor Palpatine. Grievous had somehow got into the bunker and then proceeded to kill both Jedi. Shaak Ti arrives and he literally ties her up. Mace Windu turns up just as Grievous is boarding his shuttle, and damages the General, but his shuttle then takes off. When Obi-Wan and Anakin hear the news, they order their fleet back to Coruscant ...moreless
    • Chapter XXIV
      Chapter XXIV
      Episode 4
      Shaak Ti, Roron Corobb, and Foul Moudama, three respected Jedi, must get Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to the safety of his bunker, escaping from the clutches of General Grievous and his Magna Guards. Meanwhile, Anakin witnesses a terrible event on Nelvaan.
    • Chapter XXIII
      Chapter XXIII
      Episode 3
      Having interrupted a Nelvaanian youth's rite of passage, Anakin must take his place to slay the great evil of their land. Meanwhile, General Grievous' forces begin a full assault on Coruscant, and Jedi Masters Yoda, Mace Windu and Saesee Tiin must battle the enemy forces. Grievous himself then shows up in Palpatine's office ...moreless
    • Chapter XXII
      Chapter XXII
      Episode 2
      As a Jedi Knight, Anakin fights bravely across the galaxy, leading ground forces on Kooriva and even accompanying Saesee Tiin on deep space missions. Obi-Wan and Anakin then have to infiltrate on enemy city and soon get a new assignment together ...
    • Chapter XXI
      Chapter XXI
      Episode 1
      Obi-Wan Kenobi's squad of ARC troopers have a new mission - rescuing the small Jedi team from General Grievous on Hypori. The squadron arrives to find High Jedi General Ki-Adi Mundi in a fierce duel with the droid general and only two other Jedi yet living. The ARC troopers manage to retrieve Master Mundi and the injured Aayla Secura and Shaak Ti before escaping.

      Back on Coruscant, with Ki-Adi Mundi and Shaak Ti back in the inner circle, the Jedi Council discuss promoting Anakin to Jedi Knight.moreless
  • Season 1