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  • Hope people let me share my opinion without immediately thumbs downing it

    I don't really understand the popularity of this series besides the name star wars slapped onto it. The show can be entertaining from a level of enjoyment. The action scenes are great and pretty remarkable, but completely silly and unrealistic. The characters aren't given any development really, given the short time the show has to be shown. I really couldn't find myself caring for the story for one, when there really isn't a focus on it at all. And two, what's to care when its a war about one force of useless drones vs the smarter useless drones. Then comes in the Jedi who are just Gods compared to everyone else, and I loved watching it as a kid, but now days its just silly. The most out of place thing is Grievous, for one, he should be no where near that powerful unless he were sidious, and two, he isn't even force capable, so why can he fend off five jedi at once? The animation is overrated, its fine, but there isn't an extreme amount of effort put into it. Its overly simplistic/not very detailed, and isn't unique like The last airbender, or even the new clone wars series or something. This show is fun to watch when im in the right mood. I'll definitly admit the scene with Anakin in the caves/seeing the vision was great, and so are many action scenes. But this show is very overrated, and people should honestly give the new clone wars a chance since (besides the droids dialogue) it is the darker, more story/character developed series.
  • Why can't we have more shows like this?

    The current Star Wars series is nowhere as good as this. Genndy Tartakovsky makes so many great shows, but they are all canceled. Sym-Bionic Titan was canceled and replaced with that Problem Solverz crap. how come everytime he makes a good show, it gets canceled. Dexter's Lab was popular, but then it got canceled, same with Samurai Jack.
  • Now this is the Clone Wars

    This is what the CW should be, alongside the novels and comics. Not that juvenile unoriginal 3D crap that is only meant to give Lucas some more $$$$ through merchandising.
  • I'm a huge Star Wars Fan, this is not the way Star Wars should be depicted!

    After seeing all the Star Wars films that were out at the time lots of times, I heard that there was a short cartoon about the Clone Wars being made. Me being the giant Star Wars fan, was anticipated. After watching it, I was horrified. This is not the genious which is Star Wars!! Jedi jumping up to the tops of mountains, with bad voice acting and horrible drawings... this show disgusted me. I am hoping the CGI version will not be as terrible as this. Keep to the films, or make a filmed series (which I heard they are).
  • OK...........

    This is a waste of time I didnt like the story or the fighting. It was also,well,childish.This would have been better if it was a movie, not animation. Also why 3 minutes? I mean 30 minutes can be better. But atleast they put it all together. But if you like anything that has the word 'star wars' on it, you might like it.
  • Nothing Special

    The show is far from great, but it's still pretty entartaining. If you haven't watched Star Wars movies, than watch in this order (IV, V, VI, I, II, here comes Clone wars and than watch Episode III).
    It's nicely put and story continues in Episode III.
    Genndy is pretty good, but Samurai Jack is the one which is specail cartoon.
  • I'm watching it right now and it's pretty much ruining the "Star Wars" series.

    So it's pretty much boring. They should just make a LIVE-ACTION Star Wars show 'cause this one is B-O-R-I-N-G!! But seriously, they should REALLY think about making a live-action Star Wars show. And I've heard some rumors that they ARE making one. But back to Clone Wars. I wish that they would use the REAL voices for the show! And that's my review.
  • Seems far far away...

    Still no aired over here yet... Amazing, they make an ANIMATED series about one of the cooloest parts of one of the coolest movies? Very dissappointed that this wasn't live action as I anticipated. Hope that Blue Jedi woman is in it. Although she kind of just flopped to the ground in her final scene in Sith (Ep III).
  • Just blows.

    This is a disgrace to the original Star Wars series. This is just pathetic and is not worth anyones time. Especially mine. The original Star Wars are four million times greater than this little mini series here. They should cancel this and apologize for ruining the image of Star Wars on public television.
  • okay show dont mind it would be cool if was still going. Or is it?

    I guess this one is pretty good. I never did follow up all of the epesoides, I guess thats because I always forgot about when they were on>/ The ones that I saw I liked quite alot, the rest is still a secrect to me. The art style for these give it a good look, and does not make it too regular like some *cough* *cough* In some ways origonal. I guess that sounds odd but it is in some ways. In basic words "I didn't mind this show" I like it, I don't hate it was pretty good indeed>/
  • When this premired I didn't have the attention span to enjoy this.

    I remember being very small and very bored when this was on. I am sure I would like it better now but when I was little I was squriming when this was on. It won and emmy or something which is cool. I am starting to wonder if I am qualified to review this. lol. But really it was from what my meomry tells me a very intresting plot but just not for people who are as young as I was when it was aired on the cartoon network. I think star wars is a cute series. More power to it.
  • Pretty cool.

    George Lucas will never stop milking the Star Wars franchise dry, though this show was actually not bad. The episodes were often short and would more or less be like a little movie on DVD. The animation was well done and I remember the action scenes looking cool. I don't really know what else to say so really I should think about ending the review. Whilst I could easily have lived without Star Wars: Clone Wars it is still entertaining and is a worthy addition to the franchise. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoyed writing it.
  • Not the best show, but hey, it's Star Wars.

    As I said "Not the best show, but hey, it's Star Wars."

    This was a good 5 minute animated series. Although I have not seen every episode from what I have seen it is acutally pretty good. The animation isn't that good though - But as a huge Star Wars fan, I must say, this is worth watching as the Clone Wars is brilliant. I love the clones!

    Hopefully the Star Wars live show that is coming out soon will be better than this. All in all Star Wars: Clone Wars is alright, not the best Star Wars orientated show, but it passes time.
  • A brilliant and original idea to bridge the gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. A fantastic cartoon that is underappreciated. *some spoilers in review*

    I really liked this cartoon and even though it didn't have the same actors from the Star Wars films the voice actors still did a superb job and sounded pretty similar. George Lucas actually did have some influence in the production of this show. For example it was he who suggested that General Grievous should be trained by Count Dooku (this was said in Revenge of the Sith "I have been trained in your Jedi arts by Count Dooku"), and in this show they showed training scenes. How Anakin Skywalker received the scar over his eye is also somewhat explained (TPTB will go into details in the new Clone Wars series) and this TV series also shows the promotion of Anakin from Jedi Apprentice to Jedi Knight. It also shows many battles and a lot of character development in the 3 years of fighting. There is also some foreshadowing of Anakin's path to Darth Vader which I found interesting. We all know Anakin lost his arm in a light saber battle with Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones, but in Revenge of the Sith you may have noticed that the mechanical arm is now different and fear not because this is actually explained and shown in this series. Overall an amazing series that has action, adventure, great continuity and was very entertaining. I have Volumes 1 and 2 on DVD and I don't buy junk so they're definitely worth watching. I would recommend this show to anybody and not just a Star Wars fan because this series was that superb.
  • This show is good when i was a little younger and it's a cool show.

    This review was written by an autistic Boy who has severe communications difficulties. As such we are removing the review but leaving his rating as is. We will be moderating all his posts from this point forward as an effort to avoid any confusion and hurt feelings. This blanking of what he has written will happen to all the "Reviews" he has made at this time, and should any be made in the future they will be done on a case by case basis. Please do not take offence at our sons words or reviews as he is struggling to communicate with a world that he has trouble reasoning with.
  • The Star Wars movies were awesome and so is this show!

    Star Wars: Clone Wars was the best animated show on Cartoon Network. Why must Cartoon Network cancel this? It's as just as awesome as the Star Wars movies. This show ran for just 25 episodes and two seasons. I wish this show was brought back. I have Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 1 on DVD. And I want to buy Vol. 2 of Star Wars Clone Wars! My favorite character is Yoda. I've always liked him ever since he first appeared of Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back. I hear that they're going to make a spin-off called "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", but in CGI. I can't wait for it!
  • Even though it's shorter, this show is a lot more relevant than the new Star Wars Clone Wars series coming out soon. I loved watching this when it was new.

    I can say that this show was more realistic because the setting took place in between movies 2 and 3, and that's exactly when this show was made. Immediately after movie II, and just before the release of movie III. Viewers who paid attention to this series were accurately aware of the series of events going on. Now, I've been a Star Wars fan for a little over 10 years now, and I gotta say that this mini-series is the best series based on a movie that I have seen yet. Yes, it's even better than M.A.S.H. You all have my opinion on it, and I wish that they would now make another mini-series that takes place between movies III and IV. That way, we know how Luke, Leia, and everyone else got to be where and who they are by the time Episode IV starts.
  • Shows you people and placed you never knew of

    I think Clone Wars is an excellent addition to the ongoing story that is Star Wars. I'm never was that familiar with all the characters and places, but by watching the series it has really opened my eyes. One thing the franchise always did well was to create these fantastic locations and then filling with ordinary, and not so ordinary people -- and through them tell a story.

    When i was young, back in the late seventies, the first movie was the one that really kindled my interest for technology, science fiction and fantasy. I can't wait to see more series, movies, games and other ways to experience the fantastic world of Star Wars.
  • It oozes cool and a love of Star Wars from every pore.

    From it's opening with the ARC troopers to the last credits, this is one cool series. It takes what's best about Star Wars in general and distills it to near perfection.

    Genndy Tartakovsky is obviously a fan and add to this his obvious story-telling abilities and we get the best slice of Star Wars since the original movies. The CGI Clone Wars has it's moments, but it's sometimes patchy and mostly aimed at kids. This is Star Wars aimed at everyone, with content at all levels - the way it should be.

    The art is stylistically Tartakovsky, therefore slightly anime-tinged, which might not be to everyone's taste but every character is instantly recognizable in appearance and most importantly, character. All the major players are present and look and sound just right.

    The first season (originally 20 shorts) is a tiny bit choppy because of the format, but it's unrelenting in it's action, wide in scope and full of amazing moments. The second season allows the characters to breath a bit more, adds a little subtle humour, but keeps the action at full speed.

    I could make a long list of some of the best moments, but just a few are:

    - Mace taking out an entire droid army singlehandedly.
    - The fight on Yavin 4 between Asajj Ventress and Anakin (which should have left her dead 'thanks' new Clone Wars)
    - Anakin's dream about the Nelvaanian hero sums up his predicament and destiny more succinctly and eloquently in under a minute than Revenge of The Sith did in over an hour.

    I enjoy the new Clone Wars series but it feels like they took a bunch of the coolest ideas from this series and then watered them down to make the new series. If you need a fix of great Star Wars in animated form, this is the series for you.
  • A deeper look into the vast realm and characters of Star Wars.

    With nearly endless possibilities, Clone Wars delivers fans of the epic films a deep look into the various adventure taken place during the Clon Wars. The CG animation is decent, allowing for stunning starship battles and Jedi / Sith fights. The voice overs are up to par and, the characters are familiar.

    What I like most about the show is the opportunity to follow some of the Jedi Masters who were little more than background in the actual movies.

    I would like to rate this show a 10 but, some of the characters are horrible and at times I find myself rolling my eyes at Jar Jar and the aweful Zero the Hut.
  • Star Wars makes a wonderful return,as a TV show.

    Yesterday, the show, Star Wars the Clone Wars premiered. Once I saw it on my TV screen, I was amazed. Now... let's begin.

    Storyline 10/10 Perfect! There is nothing as good as the Storyline of Star Wars. It is easy to understand and does not cause any plotholes in the movies. If you love the Star Wars storyline then watch this series, as it takes place between Episodes II & III.

    Animation 10/10 It's so realistic that I don't even know if the scenery is fake cause it looks SO real. Skywalker Ranch has done a number with the CGI here. Thumbs Up!

    Voice Acting 10/10 Hear that? It sounds like the actor of Obi-wan from episodes II & III, Ewan McGregor! Well, it isn't really him voicing Obi-wan in the series. It's someone by the name of Dee Bradley Baker, the guy who voiced Ratchet in Ratchet and Clank. Cool huh? All the characters sound like the characters from the 2 movies(II & III) bu are voiced by different people. This is called good voice acting. The voice acting is one of the best things of the show. Writing 10/10 Let's make this part short. It's amazing.

    Overall 10/10 Everything was 10/10 so there is no need to add it all together. Star Wars has been a classical series for over 20 years and still remains a classic. The show is good for not just hardcore fans, but for those who has seen episodes, I, II and III. If you have seen them, then the show is easy to understand. Also, go see the movie, the movie is the true series permiere. Enjoy it. And may the Force be with you!
  • I think it's great that George Lucas is expanding his (and our) world with these new projects.

    I think it's great that George Lucas is expanding his (and our) world with these new projects. The movie looks like it's going to be awesome…great graphics too. George knows how to entertain and reach the masses, that's for sure.

    In fact, speaking of projects and the masses, I just saw him in a hip-hop video on YouTube for a 2008 voting campaign! Who would've guessed George would be hangin' with Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J and Ciara!?!? Is there anything that this guy doesn't do!?
    The track is pretty cool and it definitely has a powerful message. Check it out!

    It's amazing!
  • Click on continue for a full review =P

    Star Wars: Clone Wars illed in a few gaps between episodes 2 and 3. But still, I feel that it lacked the dramatic affect of a Star Wars movie or novel. I've seen every star Wars movie at least 3 times in my life and have read multiple Star Wars: Expanded Universe novels but felt that they all had drama and action at a perfect blend. This show seemed to lack conversation which led to lack of drama. The scene when Anakin sees a future image of Darth Vader was a great touch. As was the fight with Asajj Ventress. The animation didn't seem Star Wars to me. It didn't have that much of an appeal in my view. Still it had its great moments just like any other Star Wars media which is why I give it an 8.5 =P.
  • The Clone War is just the beginning!

    I am one of the biggest SW fan. I always wanted to think that. :)
    I watched this show a 100 times. Revenge of the Sith is my favorite movie, and this is beginning of it. We will know how Anakin and Obi-Wan became the heroes of the Clone Wars. How Anakin became more powerfull.
    How can Grievous easily defeat more Jedies. And a lof of other background information.
    Gendy T. and his crew made his best I think. I cant wait for the Star Wars Clone Wars 3D.
    So I recommend everyone to watch this series, and all the SW movies too! !
  • Awesome, sets the plot for episode 3, new characters, but just doesn't have the right feel of StarWars. 8/10

    This animated series was awesome! Well, it sets the plot for episode 3, makes sense, new characters, but it just doesn't feel exactly like StarWars. This series may have most of it, but it doesn't have all of it. The lightsaber duels just aren't exactly like the kinds in the movies. It isn't exactly the action sort of duel, and having this animated changes everything. Also, this show may affect fans of StarWars, but everyone knows this doesn't compete with the actual real life actors. Well, this makes a good 8/10. pretty well done at least, but could have used a few more thinking in it.
  • Youve heard of the famous star wars and this time it is in animated version and more incerdible moves and enimies.

    What happened to me??? I will rank myself as the person that always forgets about keeping track of shows and ypu i haven't been keeping track of this show as well. The last time i ever watched this was when a teacher brought the show to school and the sad thing is that i was called back to class when all the good stuff was happening for some stupid class and the whole class was protesting when we were called back. Anyways, why is it that grievious is much stronger in the show than in the movie and there are tons of darksiders like that the biker army, they destroyed all the at at in seconds i hpoe to be able catcch every episode again hahahaha.
  • a brilliant show expanding on the events between episodes 2 and 3 of star wars the new trilogy, it expands on the characters storylines and shows characters previously unseen, at their best.

    this show bridges the gap between episodes 2 and 3 of the new star wars trilogy, this is by no means necessary to watch as it gives away no plots integral to the plots of the films but expands on the journeys of the characters involved seeing characters in a depth in which they could not be shown in the films. the notable example of this is the use of the troopers as main characters in some episodes, many times in the films they are brushed off as weak, but this is due to the fact they are the regular trooopers, we get to see crack squds of troopers tdoing their jobs. its also worthwhile seing jedi like mace windu with their own distinct fighting style going all out, its amazing to watch mace windu tear through a horde of robots with his hands and the forcce, or seing yoda leap around destroying anything in his path, this show is a brilliant way to connect the two films and definatly worth the watch, its better than episode one ^^ (of the new trilogy)
  • star wars clone wars is about the adventures of anakin skywalker, obi-wan, and other people such as yoda, padme amadala,mace windu, kit fisto and others in breif chapters.

    star wars clone wars is a action adventure showing the adventures of anakin skywalker, obi-wan kenobi,and others.
    they are separated into chapters that reach from five-ten minutes which really dont give you enough tome to grip the feeling the action of star wars! their are chapters about other members of jedi in their plot crossover. The anamation is good for the show, i couldnt imagine it any other way. there are two parts to it.the first volume really doesn't give you enough material to make a story out of. but the second volume is well more put together and you can have a it would be something good to watch but wouldnt get really exited if it was on.

    Story- 6.7



  • The Clone Wars happened between episodes 2 and 3.

    I am so glad that they did this because it gives Star Wars fans a look between episodes 2 and 3. It shows how Anakin becomes a Jedi Knight, shows how Obi-Wan battled Durge, and it shows why Paplatine was captured at the beginning of Episode 3. It also tells how bad the Clone Wars was bad on other planets and it also features the debut of General Grevious. It shows how much Jedis he had killed and why he kills them. It also gives us a closer look at Shaak Ti and how wise she is. Again I can't wait till the new series.
  • What happened between Episode 2 and 3 of Star Wars? Clone Wars answers all your questions in a short but sweet animated series .

    If only all the new Star Wars movies could be like this. Animated in a stylish new way, Clone wars gives us enough action and info each time, so it doesn\'t get boring like the first two Star Wars movies. The plots are simple but with interesting character dovelopment, amazing animation, and not to mention enough battle sequences to shake a lightsaber at, no one has ever seen anything this great since the original trilogy. I think that now we can forgive Mr. George Lucas for the \"medichlorians\" of the new trilogy with the animated phenomenon that is Clone Wars.
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