Star Wars Rebels

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Star Wars Rebels

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Star Wars Rebels is a thrilling new CGI animated series. It takes place 14 years after Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and 5 years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. During this time the Empire is consolidating its grip on the galaxy, hunting down Jedi and dissidents alike. Comes a small group of Jedi Knights creating a rebel alliance against the empire. Watch as a group of rebels band together aboard the starship Ghost.

Featuring the Kanar Jarrus (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) a renegade Jedi who uses a blaster to cruse under the ever vigilant eye of the Empire. He is ever the sarcastic leader of the crew of the Ghost.

Ezra Bridger (voiced by Taylor Gray) A 14-year-old con artist, thief, and pickpocket with no alegance to anyone but himself. He unknowingly uses the Force to turn the odds in his favor

Zeb Orrelios (voiced by Steven Blum) The muscle of the band he is a seasoned and intelligent Lasat enforcer.

Sabine Wren (voiced by Tiya Sircar) A Mandalorian graffiti artist who tags the galaxy with anti-Imperial propaganda. She is a combat, weapons, and explosive expert.

Hera Syndulla (voiced by Vanessa Marshall) The heart of the group and also the owner and pilot of the Ghost. Her personality keeps the crew together.

C1-10P - C1-10P (aka Chopper) an astromech droid who is quite cheeky and resents being made of spare parts.


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  • Sad "kidification" of a once-great saga

    Anyone remember the CG shorts that were done for the release of The Old Republic? Best Star ... Wars ... animation ... ever! Great drama, action and quality. Clone Wars was different, though also had many redeeming qualities - even the original Clone Wars animated series.

    Rebels is completely different. The use of CG is competent but the series is let down by weak writing, hollow characters and way too much artistic licence. It's an original departure from the core values and mythos of the Star Wars universe, though in a direction entirely disappointing. Its sole purpose is to make the SW universe accessible to a younger generation, who'll obviously buy into the new movies (re: Jar Jar in Ep. 1). The result has been the alienation of established fans. I said "kidification" in my title, though wonder if Disney-fication is more apt.

    Bioware/EA/Lucas Arts incidentally demonstrated what's possible and whilst it may [technically] be expensive to produce an ongoing series of that calibre, could easily be scaled back and still manage to be totally awesome. It would of course scare the crap out of pre-teens but Sith Lords are supposed to scare the crap out of everyone, except Jedi.moreless
  • A piece of crap

    The animation is just to shitty !

    I''l watch few more ep, but it's crap !
  • I had high hope, they destroy it.

    After watching the first episode I'm a little sad.

    "Star wars the clone wars" series was really well made, the animation was done good enough and it felt like it deserved to be inserted into the Star wars Universe.

    This Disney version could have been great but they probably screw up.

    Especially the animation feel cheap, really cheap. When my friend saw the Wookies he just left the room cursing.

    This make me wonder about the movies, let's hope they don't do a bad work like in this one.

    Maybe it' just the first episode, I hope it will get better and that Disney give us an animation series that deserve to be titled Star wars.moreless
  • sucks

    This is horrible not even star wars this is going to fail so hard. another terrible Disney computer animation. just focus on gravity falls.

    This is not Star Wars! No more cheap computer animations. Hire some actors and make a real movie!

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