Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 5 Episode 11

A Sunny Day in the Void

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Dec 08, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • "A Sunny Day in the Void" review

    I expected this episode to be terrible but it wasn't that bad in fact it was better than the last one and better than the "Young Jedi" arc. The planet Abafar is interesting and mysterious; that's the most interesting part of the episde. The fact that Abafar's sand doesn't leave footprints when someone steps on it is pretty cool. These episode are "ok", they are not great. So far season 5 has been very disappointing. The trailer made this season look like the best season yet but it's the worse season yet. The episodes are disappointing because they don't give you that feeling that this season will have plot twists and epicness. These story arcs would've been more enjoyable if they were in another season.
  • Better,

    Secret Weapons just kinda sucked, to sum it up. This one however I kinda liked. There was really nothing wrong with it. The dialogue was much less goofy than last time, and actually kinda funny, again unlike last time. However, this episode was an experiment, and not a full experience, so it lost alot of credit there, and for the couple of dialogue moments more meant for the kiddies. But hey, can't wait till we get to c the Republic Commando's back in action.