Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 3 Episode 51


Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 22, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • Always in motion the future is. This (as it seems) is the prequel episode to Hostage Crisis, the season one finale.

    As Ahsoka starts having premonitions of someone being killed, she is left alone with her doubts and Yoda. It was interesting to see Yoda kinda take a backseat, as in he didn't really do anything besides spare Ahsoka some words of wisdom. His trust in her to figure out the visions was pretty interesting. I like his judgment and it's great to see her being treated more and more like an adult.

    My biggest problem is that this had to be stuck into one 22 minute episode and they seemed to focus a little too much on the whole, "But Padme, it's going to be bad!" I liked how Padme was not going to be halted by any threats and went ahead with her trip to Alderaan. There was a nice scene where Ahsoka got some good advice from Padme over a game of dejarik.

    Alderaan is such a wonderful looking world and I really wished more of it could have taken place outside but alas we got to be on Alderaan nonetheless. As the visions got more specific, the first attempt happened, causing a close call with Padme. (The doctor saying it was "only a flesh wound" made me laugh and think of the Black Knight from The Holy Grail)

    The two scenes with Aurra Sing and Ahsoka were way too brief. In the last two weeks, this was our closest thing to getting a real cool action sequence, but the run-time cut it down. It was great to see that Aurra was still going to have the upper-hand over Ahsoka but the ever resourceful Padme saves the day.

    Here are some little things I noticed that I really liked:
    One girl show in the crowd during the first speech had the ep.IV Leia hair-due, you know, the cinna-buns. It must be a fashion statement on Alderaan.

    As they entered Alderaan, they played Leia's theme from the Original Trilogy, which was poignant and a really nice touch.

    But my biggest concern: So the lethal bounty hunter goes down in the Slave 1, but no one cared to visit the crash site just to double check that she was dead?