Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 1 Episode 8

Bombad Jedi

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 21, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bombad Jedi...

    The most hated character in the Star Wars universe continues his ridiculous existence into The Clone Wars as he and Padme head to a remote planet to try and keep allies in the war. It makes absolutely no sense that serious politicians would ever have anyone so stupid around them and it drags the whole episode down. The planet has fallen to the Separatists and Padme is taken hostage as Jar-Jar attempts to save her.

    Being mistaken for a Jedi, Jar-Jar gets the droids in a state of disrepair mostly through accident. Padme ultimately saves herself and Jar-Jar's existence in the episode is rendered pointless. The plot progression is the only positive, as Nute Gunray is captured.
  • WHY!? why do we have to include jar jar as a jedi and who would mistake that numbskull for a jedi even the Seps arent that dumb

    WHY!? why do we have to include jar jar as a jedi and who would mistake that numbskull for a jedi even the Seps arent that dumb.
    I have liked the Show this far but this has been the all time low of the season so far. I like that we get to see a episode with out Anakin, but was Jar Jar truly neccesary?
    And the writing of that episode was almost as bad as the script from the movie.
    I really hope the CIS wins a battle soon, because theyre making the war seem like its on the favor of the republic and that isnt right it was always even ready to be taken by either side, and there were battles with HUGE casulaties such as Jabiim
    so if the CIS doesnt win soon i will be very very disapointed.
  • Padme and Jar Jar in action!

    Honestly, Jar Jar is not my favorite character. So when I saw previews for this episode, I wasnt excited. However, they really surprised me alot with this. Jar Jar was ridiculously clumsy, but he always has been. They did this episode in such a way that it wasnt stupid. I actually enjoyed seeing Padme in action. We saw she was strong in Episode II during the Battle of Geonosis. Now, it is good to see her fighting her way through Rodia. I thought it was a nice element to throw in that they mistook Jar Jar for a Jedi. Some dont like that they stray off and do small stories like this, but that is a part of the series I really like. Im starting to miss Ventress tho. Great episode. Look forward to the new ones, whenever that may be.
  • Padme goes to see a friend who ends up betraying her to the separatists and unfortunately her only help lies in 3PO and Jar Jar Binks. Gunray arrives and mistakes Binks for a jedi. Padme escapes but retreaved by the droids, eventually Gunray gets captured

    This is a fantastic episode and i don't know why everybody hates this episode or finds it really boring because this is a great episode. Jar Jar Binks was great in this episode because he was really funny and a fantastic character to watch as he is interesting, its a shame he is an unfortunate character. It was great adding Gunray to the series because he is a strange character but I want him to die and I was really happy at the end of the episode when he got captured because he is a selfish and an annoying charcter
  • Padme brings Threepio and Jar Jar to Rodia to reinforce their relationship with the Republic. Little do they know the planet has already allied with the Separatists and it's up to Jar Jar to rescue Padme when she's taken prisoner.

    This episode did what previously I would have thought not possible: it made Jar Jar less annoying and somewhat likable. I wasn't really sure why this was watching it. Maybe it was making Threepio the straight man, or maybe the writers of the Clone Wars are better than Lucas was in Episode I at writing dialogue for everyone's favorite (or not) Gungan. Maybe it was just getting to see two of the movie alums, Ahmed Best and Anthony Daniels, getting to work together "onscreen" in this cartoon spinoff. For whatever reason, Jar Jar and his place in the story fit, as he bumbled through attempts to rescue Padme and save the day, in the process making an unlikely friend (it was a freakin' swamp slug! Those things have intrigued me ever since I saw Ralph McQuarrie's picture of one. Okay, it might not be one, but it looks close enough). And he even managed to come up with a halfway competent plan in the climax of the story. So I have to hand it to Jar Jar in this one. He managed to do some things right and wasn't as grating in the process. And after getting another VA for the following Jar Jar episodes, we really had no idea how good we had it with Best.
  • Give us more Jar Jar! This is one of my absolute faves so far! Classic dialog, hilarious and exciting. I love how Jar Jar calls 3PO "Threeso" all the time! I think my kids have watched this most of all the episodes. We laugh all the way through!

    What the heck? Why do they need a hundred-word review? This is a twenty minute episode to a kids series for goodness sake!

    But since the reviews for this Jar Jar episode are so off-the-mark so far, I feel compelled to set the record straight.

    I have 4 kids who watch (and love) this series with me. And his is one of our favorite episodes so far. We have all watched it at least 5 or 6 times and laugh just as hard every time.

    I hope they include Jar Jar in more episodes because he is a great character - perfect for this medium (cg-animation for kids). And he is animated so well in this. I love his character design.

    Anybody who complains about this one must be a Jar Jar hater before they even watch it. Sure, there are some of those but I think it's mostly because some people love to follow, and it's sort of "in" to hate on him. God knows why. He's freaking cool. :)
  • A big suprise!

    Since I first saw Phantom Menace almost a decade ago, I have abhorred Jar Jar Binks. So when I heard he was in this episode, I was prepared for tragedy, but when I watched it, I was suprised as I found Jar Jar mildly amusing.

    In this installment, Padme is captured by Nute Gunray on the planet Rodia. 3PO and Jar Jar attempt to rescue her and Binks is mistaken for a jedi.

    This episode was actually amusing at points, like when Jar Jar crushed the ship, and I found myself not getting angry at him, like I do during TPM.

    What I enjoyed the most, though, was seeing Padme kicking butt. I was happy to see her actually save herself, instead of having to be saved by others. It is nice seeing a strong girl character, besides Ahsoka, in the series.

    I'm interested to see how Gunray escapes, and am anticipating the next installment.
  • Senator Padme Amidala travels to Rodia with C3PO and Jar Jar Binks for negotiations with senator Onaconda Farr of Rodia. When Farr betrays Padme to Viceroy Nute Gunray and his droids it is up to Jar Jar, who is mistaken for a Jedi, and C3PO to rescue her.

    When I saw the preview of this episode and the focus on Jar Jar I was understandably concerned. But Padme and C3PO also had significant roles and the senator had some nice droid blasting scenes. The protocol droids dry wit was also very much in full effect.

    And I was surprised that Jar Jar was moderately funny. Not the best of the series so far but a good time and a solid episode. One of the stand out features has to be the animation of Rodia and the Rodians themselves. The slug creature was also nicely done and looked particularly alien.
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