Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 2 Episode 38

Cat and Mouse

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Mar 26, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Best of Season 2? Arguably.

    When it comes to good ol' clone VS droid/Republic VS Seperatist action, this episode is the best of Season Two. Overall, it ranks just behind the Mandalorian Arc, only slightly missing the best of the season.

    We find Anakin and Obi-Wan struggling to breach the blockade around Christophsis, which is being led by the villainous Admiral Trench.

    Anakin and Yularen (who has dealt with Trench in the past) command a cloaked vessel through the blockade in an attemmpt to aid the planet below - which Anakin believes is killing Trench.

    Trench is no stranger to cloaked vessels, and a desperate game of cat and mouse ensures, kind of like a submarine confrontation that would have occured during World War II or the Soviet Crisis.

    It's an interesting idea, and there are some cool moments (the Hyena droid bomber interception and Trench's last seconds being the standouts) while the entire theme of the episode is just downright epic.

    While the end was predictable (seeing as we know the fate of Christophsis anyway) the episode was still a brilliant one (which seems to be rare for this season), which scores it a high nine and a half out of ten. Good job, and keep these hearty episodes coming.
  • An engaging episode that will no doubt draw parallels to previous movies and TV shows.

    "Cat and Mouse" is an intruging entry into the Clone Wars series, one that will no doubt generate debate in the online forums for years to come. The episode itself is a prequel to the animated Clone Wars movie and the first season episode "The Hidden Enemy," meaning that chronologically predates the entire series. This is not unusual for the series, though it can be confusing at times.

    Republic forces are attempting to break the Seperatist blockade over Christophsis and deliver supplies to the beleaguered clone forces on the surface. When brute force fails, Anakin, Obi-wan, and Admiral Yularin decided to try out a new toy: a stealth ship equipped with a cloaking device. However, the Seperatists are led by a fabled commander who has experience dealing with cloaking technology.

    Although there is plenty of action throughout the episode, most of is full of quiet but tense moments among the characters as they attempt their run through the Seperatist fleet. In fact, much of the episode is reminescent of just about any submarine movie you can think of - Run Silent, Run Deep, to name the most famous. Anakin's final run at Trench's flagship is also similar to one of the final scenes in The Hunt for Red October, where the protagonists use a similar tactic Anakin uses here. The interior of the stealth ship is also reminescent of the interiors of submarines often seen in movies, right down to the narrow corridors, cramped conditions, and even the designs of the consoles. The way the cloaking device was presented in this episode came as a pleasant surprise. It's existence was not what surprised me - a throw-away line in Empire suggests the possibility, though as the online commentary on this episode (and even the characters in the episode itself) point out, it's unusual for a ship that small to be equipped with one. What I was expected was that the effect of the cloaking ship to be similar, if not exact, to what we've seen in Star Trek for years. Instead, the effects team come up with new a different effect, which I think works in the context of this episode, although like the Klingon and Romulan ships in Star Trek, the Anakin and crew have to decloak to fire. The episode also comes up with a novel way to track cloaked vessels, something that the writers in Star Trek either discounted or never thought of. Given that Anakin uses this ship to great effect in this episode, I have to wonder why this tech never saw wider use in the Star Wars universe, especially by Empire. Perhaps there were some issues that have yet to be revealed that precluded the ship and its device from being mass produced.

    The episode reveals little new about the major characters; Obi-wan is still a by-the-book character, and Anakin contiunes to cement his reputation as an unpredictable, spur-of-the-moment, and borderline insubordinate leader. The clones, too have little development, and the bit scenes of them "socializing" seem extraneous, especially considering we'll likely not see or hear about the stealth ship's crew in the near future. Most of the development is focused on Yularin and the new Seperatist commander Trench. We get a few hints of Yularin's past service with the Republic military, specifically his experience in dealing with Trench, which proves somewhat useful in the battle ahead; although he again seems to take the role of "backseat driver" towards the end. The episode seems to hint that this is the first that Anakin and Yularin have worked together, suggesting that Christophsis is the battle that established the pair working relationship that would last up until New Hope, at least - much to the latter's exasperation, as evidenced in previous episodes. Admiral Trench is an interesting addition to the growing list of Seperatist commanders. He's just as ruthless and arrogant as any of his predecessors, but he at least has reason for the latter: through both his actions and exposition, he is revealed to be a brilliant and experienced tactician who has a long reputation for victory, one that even Anakin knows quite well. It's unfortunate that the writers have apparently used him as yet another "villian of the week" to replace the major Seperatist players like Dooku and Grevious - I would have liked to see more of Trench in future episodes.

    There's one other minor problem I'd like to get off my chest. It's obvious that the Seperatists have a large fleet over Christophsis, including, obviously, a whole host of fighters. Yet when Anakin's ship decloaks to fire on Trench's flagship, none of them take any offensive action against it. Basically it's Anakin and Trench in a one on one battle, with the other ships acting as mere spectators. It's unlikely they were too far away to support Trench, as they were seen engaging Anakin's fleet while it was still near the planet's moon - which is a pretty fair distance. In and amongst the fleet should have been no problem, so their inaction is rather odd.

    Despite the problems and similarities to other stories, I found this episde to be engaging and entertaining. Definate 9.