Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 1 Episode 11

Dooku Captured

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Jan 02, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Out of Order!

    Dooku was captured?! When the hell was he captured?! This was the point when I finally knew (for sure) that the episodes in the stupid box-set are in broadcast order instead of production order because I had not yet seen Dooku get captured (and this episode is not supposed to come after Revenge of the Sith because Dooku dies in that).

    Now I am pissed becauseI could start watching all over again (which I am loathe to do) or just give up and abandon Clone Wars, at least for several years until the dozen episodes I have already watched (out of order) have faded from memory (which I am tempted to do).

    After checking with people on IMDB, I have been informed that this is normal; that some of the newsreels show stuff that has not actually happened in previous episodes, so I decided to just keep watching them in DVD order anyway. :-|

  • Another entertaining installment!!

    After three weeks, the Clone Wars return with an episode starring Obi-wan and Anakin. The two are after Dooku, who has been captured be a group of Weequay pirates. The two must negotiate with the pirates into giving the republic Dooku, but the pirates are planning to double cross them.

    IMO, this has been one of the best episodes in a while, since the the two episode droid arc. I am extremely happy to see Obi-wan getting another main role in the series. It has been much too long. This episode was quite funny, especially at the end when they switched cups with a couple of the pirates using the force, and the two pirates died because they got stuck with the poison drinks. That was great!

    The next episode looks like it will be an excellent episode and a fitting conclusion to this arc. Can't wait!
  • Anakin's and Obi-Wan's plan to capture Count Dooku runs into a snag when both ships crash land on the same planet. Dooku finds trouble of his own when he encounters a group of opportunistic pirates.

    The first time I watched this episode, I remember being rather underwhelmed with it. I remember not quite buying the fact that Dooku, a rather capable Sith and former Jedi, could be taken in by a group of not all that intimidating pirates. Seeing it again, some of the still nags, but not as much this time, making the story a little more believable and easier to take. In either case, the episode has its moments, many occurring between Anakin and Obi-Wan as they have to clear hurdle after hurdle together to catch Dooku and get to enjoy something of a victory when they learn the pirates have done their work for them. The leader of the pirates, Hondo, is also an entertaining and interesting addition to the series this week. He's smart to use 30 or 40 guys to keep the upper hand on a Sith and his group also gives us a taste of something not seen all that much since the movie, the underworld element of the Star Wars universe. It's the smugglers, gamblers, pirates, and bounty hunters that are a part of the things that make Star Wars great. It's the element brought in by guys like Han and Lando, places like Mos Eisley and Jabba's Palace. This episode gives us some part of that, allowing us to see something other than the Republic and Separatists, the criminal element always doing what it takes to turn up the week's next profit. Just getting that again is fun and makes for a solid, if not great, Clone Wars episode.