Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 1 Episode 11

Dooku Captured

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Jan 02, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Another entertaining installment!!

    After three weeks, the Clone Wars return with an episode starring Obi-wan and Anakin. The two are after Dooku, who has been captured be a group of Weequay pirates. The two must negotiate with the pirates into giving the republic Dooku, but the pirates are planning to double cross them.

    IMO, this has been one of the best episodes in a while, since the the two episode droid arc. I am extremely happy to see Obi-wan getting another main role in the series. It has been much too long. This episode was quite funny, especially at the end when they switched cups with a couple of the pirates using the force, and the two pirates died because they got stuck with the poison drinks. That was great!

    The next episode looks like it will be an excellent episode and a fitting conclusion to this arc. Can't wait!