Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 3 Episode 52

Evil Plans

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 05, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • The final prequel episode for the season one finale goes out on a couple of good laughs and interesting visuals.

    R2-D2 and C-3PO is always comedic gold in my mind and was happy to see them set out on a seemingly small adventure to procure some fruit for a cake. The opening scenes with C-3PO doing more than his usual worrying were pretty funny and Anakin sending him on the mission, with R2-D2 as reassurance, was great.

    Of course threepio doesn't know how to talk to shopkeepers and the swindling of the strange alien shopkeeper was funny and odd little sequence. And this is where I started to notice one the greatest things about this episode: The amount of unique alien species was staggering. I've always hoped they would start showing more types of aliens never seen in the films (and maybe only scene in comics) and this episode didn't disappoint.

    The Seth Green droid was back and talked artoo into getting a droid's spa treatment, abandoning threepio to be captured. Cad Bane was hired by Jabba the Hutt to get the Senate building plans. Obviously this is to get Zirro out, but I was suddenly curious as to why Jabba would even care.

    The spa experience artoo went through was funny to see, weird to watch, and all around interesting. It was like part car wash and part spa. But I like knowing now that their even would be a place. "Why should only organics be pampered?" great line!

    Threepio didn't really have a resistance to torture, just a lack of pertinent information, a funny side to fact that he was being tortured. Suddenly it's get Artoo time and Artoo manages a quick escape and showcases his great hiding skills. But, consistent with his character, he was willing to be captured to spare the annoying friend of his. Artoo's loyalty is awe inspiring indeed.

    After getting the info he wants, Bane has the droids wiped of the memory and dumped off. And yes, they totally make it time for the cake. I was just as worried as you were....

    My only compliant, but I can understand why Anakin nor Padme would really care, is one your droid has been gone for too long and says he can't remember anything, wouldn't you get just a little suspicious?

    The scene at Jabba's palace was also really neat, as the importance of Zirro is explained and we get to see other Hutts of the Council. Each one was unique and really grotesquely awesome to look at. So Zirro makes the Hutts look bad...but what doesn't make them look bad?

    Can't wait for next week's!