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Placement of Clone Wars Movie In Episode Guide

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    [1]Feb 21, 2011
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    I've gotten probably 10 or so submissions regarding the placement of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie in the episode guide here at Because of that I thought I would address the issue so that everyone would know why the movie is placed where it is currently placed.

    First and foremost, standards are to have episode guides listed in air date order (as opposed to production order). As such, when Cartoon Network FINALLY aired the movie on November 20, 2010 that is where the movie was placed in the guide.

    I realize that this places the movie smack dab in the middle of the series' third season but it is technically when the movie premiered on TV.

    A case could be made that the movie actually premiered in August of '08 (which it did). However, this is and not (is that actually a website?? hmmm...) and so the air date for the movie should reflect when the movie premiered on television.

    Originally, when the movie hadn't yet premiered on TV, the movie was listed in the episode guide as episode 0. The problem with this was that the 'Preview Special' episode(that aired a week before the show's official premiere) was listed as episode 0.

    I've thought about changing the episode number for the 'Preview Special' but I'm not sure where it should be placed in the guide then. Suggestions are more than more than welcome.

    Basically, I want you guys to be able to help run this guide the way that you want to run this guide. As much as possible. If every freakin' single one of you want the movie as episode 0 (or some other solution or something) than that's what we'll do. I'm not trying to seem like a jerk by putting the movie where it's currently at, I'm just trying to please everyone.

    So, suggestions, comments, concerns, etc. Let me know.

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    I think it is fine to be placed where it is. At first, I was worried because I thought it would mess up the number count for the future submissions. But, since it repeats number 54, I think that it is fine since it aired in that area. When the series is over, we could move it to an upper count on the episode numbers. Like, if the series ended at 100, we could add it to be number 101, and have a movie production code, such as M01. Just a thought.

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    I really don't have much of a problem with where you place it, with one exception. Consistency. Other editors of the site when it comes to TV movies will choose for a movie that started in theaters (best examples are the first 5 Pokemon movies) rather than when they 1st aired on TV. Pokemon the 1st Movie first aired on HBO before being periodically shown on Cartoon Network. So now they have different dates per movie (Movies 1-5 are dated for their theatrical release, while 6-13, which never made it to theaters, are dated when they 1st aired on TV).

    Scooby Doo movies are great at this, Always dating their TV movies with the day they first aired on TV, not when they were put into theaters.
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