Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 2 Episode 31

Grievous Intrigue

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Jan 01, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • Good episode, with Grievous making a return at last.

    "Grievous Intrigue" sees General Grievous starring in an episode for the first time since Series 1.
    This episode brings back Eeth Koth, who was believed to be killed in Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, when his gunship exploded. Also featuring is Adi Gallia, who will die in a future battle of the Clone Wars, at the hands of Grievous.

    There is some nice combat throughout the episode, with Commando Droids returning. Lots of Clone VS Droid action.....with the clones not going too well against those Commando Droids. General Grievous is still underpowered, not able to beat Eeth Koth without his Magnaguards.

    My Critiscm for this episode is that Eeth Koth was captured, then freed, with nothing major happening. LucasFilm brought a character back to life and now they have to kill him again in a future episode. The fact that ther heroes beat the villians and escaped so easily was a bit of a flaw. General Grievous just didn't think it through,I guess. Anakin, Adi, and Obi-Wan just sliced and diced through the droids and Grievous....until they had Eeth Koth and then escaped.
    There wasn't really a plan from both was kind of mindless.

    However, good points for the episode are:
    -The Opening scene in which the clones and Eeth Koth fight Grievous, the commando droids and the Magnaguards.....resulting in Eeth Koth being captured.
    -Adi Gallia Vs General Grievous. Short, but enjoyable.
    -The Clones Vs General Grievous. Commander Cody and company taking on General Grievous fist to fist was actually quite enjoyable (and funny) to watch.

    Overall, there are some flaws and predictable parts but nonetheless it was enjoyable to watch.
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