Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 1 Episode 22

Hostage Crisis

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Mar 20, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

To free Ziro the Hutt from prison on Coruscant, Cad Bane and a group of Bounty Hunters take senators as hostages, completely unaware that an unarmed Anakin Skywalker is lurking around in the very same building.

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  • Not a good ep, let alone a season closer.

    So much for Senate COMMANDOS. . .they couldn't even scream "help" in to their radios before they all were wiped out like the reddest of red shirts.

    Literally the only worth while quality that Anakin can bring to the Jedi and Republic is that he is good at killing and destroying -in this episode he can't even do that properly.

    Also lol at Amidala going on about how seriously she takes her duty and responsibility to the Republic but at the same time compromising and enabling the fall of one of the most powerful warriors in the Republic.

    Sidious was a Sith -so he was always going to do Sith things and Anakin was a damaged and dumb slave with entitlement issues -what happened to him when he got power isn't a super surprise but what about Amidala? -what was her excuse?

    It's quite hilarious to think that if she had kept her legs crossed in regards to Anakin -the Jedi might have actually had a shot at stopping Sidious or at least at preventing the massacre at the temple.moreless
  • I waited awhile, and Im finally ready to review.

    Rubbish. Complete and utter rubbish. I mean, if this is a hint of season 2, please, never let it come. Cad Bane? Let me think. There are so many stories from the Clone War already established. Never has this Duro been mentioned. Albeit, Filoni is rewriting the timeline.

    Aurra Sing is a deadly bounty hunter. She has the Force as her ally. But, she sits backseat to this overrated, overhyped, Cad Bane? Who is this guy? Hes stronger than the Jedi, stronger than General Grievous? Come on!

    Overall, poorly done. Introducing a character, just to have him to throw away later on. Ah, Deus Ex Machina if I ever saw one. Great job, Filoni, writing in a Universe as vast as Star Wars, and during one of the biggest events in the galaxy's history. Id try harder to please the fans, and not the children. But, to each his own.moreless
  • New bounty hunter characters attack the senate building, causing a hostage crisis.

    This episode introduces the bounty hunter Cad Bane who seems, in my opinion, way too powerful. You'd think the most important building in the galaxy would be a bit more protected and harder to walk in and out of that easy...but let's just forget about that.

    My critiscm for this episode is that it wasn't the best way to send out the series. Bounty Hunters? Anakin without a lightsaber? Yeah, fair enough.

    But I really wanted to see some clones and those bounty hunters go head to head, fist to fist, gun to gun, etc. It almost happened near the end, but then the clones stood down and just let the bounty hunters escape. Then the bounty hunters blew up the side of the building anyway and just flew away through the open Coruscant Airspace while the clones just did nothing. A bit dissapointing.

    Still, it was good to see Anakin with no lightsaber get his hands dirty. Aurra Sing as a sniper was wonderful, and Commando Droids appearing and taking the armour of the Senate Commandos was a good move.

    Overall, it's an episode that's still a good one to watch.moreless
  • An introduction to some amazingly dark characters in the Star Wars universe.

    This episode was by far the darkest and most graphically violent of the series. I don't mention that as a complaint because all of the violence is depicted to show the absolute ruthlessness of the bounty hunters as they undertake thier mission.

    The overtly western influenced bounty hunter Cad Bane is introduced being accompanied by the first white skinned female of the prequels, bounty hunter Aurra Sing. Cad is a new character to the Saga and as such comes with a specific style and look that's unique. I enjoyed the very confident and foreign feel the character had. Right out of an Italian spaghetti western. Aurra Sing on the other hand was introduced in a brief cameo in Episode I during the podrace and was later developed in the Star Wars Republic comic book series. Her character comes with an interesting backstory linked to the Jedi and an extremely dangerous reputation that it was good to see shown in specific moments during the episode.

    The episode follows the bounty hunters as they take over the Senate building in an effort to free Ziro the Hutt by ransoming off their hostages. However, Anakin is trapped among them without his lightsaber. It was an interesting choice to put Anakin in a weakened state as he faced these characters. I imagine it was to keep things "equal" as it were. But I'm interested to see the Jedi face characters like Bane or Sing that are capable of battling an armed Jedi to a standstill. Perhaps that's coming later as it's been shown they will all be returning next season.

    Overall, the purpose of this episode was to introduce these bounty hunters in a way that shows them as very capable and deadly however the episode itself plotwise was a bit simple and lacking real suspense. I also would have liked to see a better showing of Anakin unarmed. Plus, the dynamics between him and Padme are often tedious when they aren't in an action setting, so I'm glad it moved past that quickly.

    I hope this episode stands as a sign of darker episodes to come. This series has a nice balance of tones for different stories. Of the mature themes, I hope to see more Jedi encounters with living enemies that would show their deadliness as well as more socially despicable characters too.moreless
Catherine Taber

Catherine Taber

Padmé Amidala

Matt Lanter

Matt Lanter

Anakin Skywalker

Tom Kane

Tom Kane


Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Clone Troopers

Ian Abercrombie

Ian Abercrombie

Chancellor Palpatine

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Cad Bane/Ziro the Hutt/Shanan Alama

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The captain of the Senate Commandos on the landing platform is named Jayfon.

    • First appearances of Cad Bane, Aura Sing, Shahan Alama and Robonino.

    • Newsreel:
      Danger looms! Despite recent victories in the Outer Rim, criminal minds plot at the very heart of the Republic! The bounty hunter Cad Bane has assembled some of the deadliest criminals in the galaxy and plans a daring attack to seize members of the Senate. What can be the aim of this despicable act?

      Jedi Fortune Cookie: "A secret shared is a trust formed."

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Cad Bane: Well, Hutt, it doesn't look like prison had too adverse an effect on you.
      Ziro the Hutt: Oh, you can't imagine the unspeakable things I've suffered! The horror! I doubt I'll ever really recover!

    • Padmé Amidala: (About Anakin's lightsaber) Wow, it's heavier than I thought.

    • Ziro the Hutt: Congratulations on a job well done, bounty hunter.
      Cad Bane: Time to pay up, Hutt. I don't work for free.

    • Cad Bane: Once Ziro has been released and is handed over to me, then your associate will be released, understand?
      General Palpatine: Oh, I do. But I feel it is my duty to warn you that you will end up paying for this outrage.
      Cad Bane: I can live with that.

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode marks the series debut of Aurra Sing. She was first introduced in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, while her story was later told in the Expanded Universe. She was once a Jedi Padawan, but left the order to pursue the career of a bounty hunter. She was very adept at hunting and assassinating Jedi.


    • Anakin Skywalker: (Quoting Obi-Wan) "Anakin, this weapon is your life."

      Obi-Wan has said this to Anakin in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones after he lost his lightsaber.