Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 3 Episode 53

Hunt for Ziro

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 12, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ziro the Hutt had been taking into custody by the Hutt Council, however Sy Snootles finds this out and breaks Ziro free, however both Jedi, Quinlan Vos and Obi Wan, along with notorious bounty hunter, Cad Bane are racing to catch up with Ziro.

    I found this episode to be one of the best of the season because the story line was very impressive, wiht a mix of detective work from the Jedi and some fantatsic action scenes, as well as the fact it really gave a note to the title of the season "Secrets Revealed", as we learnt that Ziro was a big threat to the Hutt council and again got to see why Jabba the Hutt is the most famous Hutt and even goes behind the Hutt Council's back. An fantastic addition in this episode, was that of the new character, Quinlan Vos, who seemed to gain a reputation of a Jedi, who broke the rules and the relationship between him and Obi Wan was very humorous and made the episode that much better.

    The love story of Sy Snootles and Ziro the Hutt, was very weird, but believeable and another thing which made the episode very interesting and climatic, was seeing Snootles betray Ziro and then right at the end, seeing Jabba had orchestrated finding Ziro's secrets and killing Ziro.

    Finally, without failing to mention, the fight scene between Cad Bane and the two Jedi, was great, and shows how much the action and animation has improved since the first season. The lightsaber fight between Bane and Obi Wan, was only a couple of seconds long, but i think would have been more believable than having a 30-second fight, as Jedi are supposed to be lightsaber fighting skills, far more than a bounty hunter (even Cad Bane). Obi Wan being shocked by Cad Bane was great imagery and I loved Bane's brutalism when he kept on kicking the Jedi, when they were knocked down and even the flame thrower, at the end looked very real and dangerous.

    Cad Bane seemed a larger threat during this episode too, compared to last weeks, especially with the first shot of him in the episode, he looked menacing and like he wasn't going to take any crap for anyone, than at the end of the episode "Evil Plans", where he seemed to be too respectful with saying "Cad Bane at your service" (i admit think anything of it, until i watched this episode).

    Even though the fight was very short, it topped off what was one of the best episodes of the season so far, along with "ARC Troopers", "Assassin" and "Evil Plans". However I am really looking forward to the premiere of the SAVAGE OPRESS arc, which looks to be an incredible story, if not the best story of the entire CLONE WARS SERIES!!!