Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 4 Episode 75

Plan of Dissent

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 11, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Despite General Krell's insistence to carry out a direct attack on the heavily defended Umbaran capital, three clones decide to risk court-martial and conduct a rogue, covert offensive on the enemy supply ship.

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  • It's tough to believe this sequence of stories is part of the same series that produced the first 6 episodes. This is a very gritty and mature depiction of the fortunes of the clone army with spectacular action sequences to keep the fan-boys happy.moreless

    Considering how childish and mild the first episodes of season 4 have been, the sequence with General Krell has been a step in a different direction. The action is exciting, taut, and certainly edgy, since with clones' lives at stake, you are never sure if they will survive or not. The action sequences are tremendous. The plots are pretty simplistic, but there is a very real sense of threat (unlike the ridiculous episode earlier this season where Anakin was captured so casually). The moral bent of the story deals with the disposability of the clone armies in general, with Krell simply representing how cold-blooded the Republic is overall. The only thing keeping this tale from being a 10 is that it does not really add anything new to the Star Wars mythology (unlike the equally excellent stories featuring Ventress and the witches from season 3). The attack in outer space is a feast for the eyes, as are the ships. It all seems to be heading for a tragic finale....moreless
  • After the Republic conquers an Umbaran airbase, General Krell orders Rex and his men on towards the heavily fortified capital. Realizing there's a better plan, several clone troopers disobey orders to carry out a rogue, covert operation.moreless

    To me this episode was the weakest in the Umbara storyline, however that does not mean it wasn't great.

    This episode was notably about character development and it lead on from how the clones view Krell and his strategies. Captain Rex was involved heavily again and he is definitely my favourite clone within this arc. He shows true loyalty to his brothers, even when they disobey orders. He is definitely showing traits from Anakin Skywalker.

    One of favourite Rex scenes is when he covers for Fives, Jesse and Hardcase by stopping Tup and Dogma from telling the general about the disobeyed orders and once Rex gets them to leave, ends with the remark "that's what I thought!"

    Fives came off as the most striking in this episode, telling Rex that he was going to lead a strike team to the supply lines, even by disobeying orders. He realises that Krell is giving them suicide missions. Again, a reason I really like Fives is his respect and firm care and loyalty towards his fellow brothers. He asks Rex whether it is okay to go through with the operation and had Rex said no, may well have decided not to carry out the mission. At the end, Fives is also one for taking the blame and it is here where it is seen how Fives and Rex really are brothers.

    The space battle within the third act was incredible and my reaction was similar to the clones upon first watch, which was "Woh!!" It was of such epic scale, the biggest I have ever seen it. It has been a while since seeing a space battle (in fact the first time this season) and I was deeply rewarded.

    Seeing the battle droids again was actually something I was happy about. Their droid humour was funny when one of them said "Break time is over". I never wondered what droids do during their break, I mean do they really need a rest?? Definitely similar qualities to how Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Trade Federation ship in his hangar and they even made reference to it in this episode (I wonder why? Phantom Meance 2012 3d anyone??)

    Finally I cannot finish the review without mentioning the death of Hardcase, similar to Hevy in so many ways. He acts recklessley and loves a fight and he yet made a heroric and noble sacrifice. He has definitely been my favourite new character in this arc and I am sorry to see him die, but this is exactly what the show needs, characters like Hardcase or Han Solo like.

    Overall a great episode, but it is clearly setting up the grand finale of this arc, which I cannot wait to see because I think it will be awesome!!I gave it 8.5/10 because it had some great moments with the space battle and character development. The pace here was much slower though than the two previous episodes, as most people sat around talking. It seemed a copy of "The General" with Rex telling Krell his strategies were wrong and Krell telling him to do it regardless.

    The only really disappointing thing in this arc, is that Krell has not used his lightsabers yet and I am sure he will next episode, he has too! But what will be the fate of Fives and Jesse who have been ordered to be executed and very interested to see how this pans out.moreless
  • Krell is still a glory seeking idiot with no regard for the lives of his troops. So some of the clones go behind his back and plan another way to defeat the enemy.moreless

    Fantabulous. This episode was insane, there are so many awesome points but im gonna touch on a few.

    One-the characterization of the clones has continued to give them depth and personality, more so than most characters on the show, and there all voiced by the same guy. You can clearly see and hear the differences in the way that Jesse, Hardcase, Rex, Fives, and Dogma think, talk, and react. I credit the fact that the clone wars took the time to build a 4 part arc that really makes these episodes a level beyond.

    two- speaking of levels, the moment the clones burst out of the atmosphere in the umbaran fighters, the level of animation for this show just took off, and is still going. I was having flashbacks to the opening of ROTS. They had an entire epic space battle, with dozens of cruisers, hundreds of fighters, and thousands of lasers and explosions. it made that opening battle from nightsisters look childish by comparison.

    three - Hardcase, you are the man, and will be missed.

    four-Krell is still a piece of shit, and I hope he dies.

    five - if they kill fives then I will be soooo pissed. But I got a bad feeling that either rex or fives will make it out of this alive, but not both. And rex is probably more relevant to the series long term. Especially if he has to carry the weight of Fives death afterwards.

    This is a game changing episode for this show, in all aspects. From the story, characters, voices, animations, and detail. By far the best arc this show has had,( yes, even better than the nightsisters trilogy). And this episode is definetly in the top 5 episodes.


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