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  • Decent beginning but EPIC ending - Clone Wars FTW!

    To say that I wasn't into the Episodes I - III would be fair to say. Not that I didn't like the SW Universe, just that I didn't feel the energy of those stories the way I did the original Trilogy. Recently though I was talked into watching The Clone Wars series.

    I have to admit aside from some isolated episodes Season 1 and 2 were only okay... Even the first half of Season 3 wasn't super compelling. That all changed with the three-part Mortis story arc Ep 15: Overlords, Ep16: Altar of Mortis & Ep 17: Ghosts of Mortis.

    Here the series started to not only address major plot points in the SWU but also show a dept that hadn't been seen in these shallow waters as of yet. Here it became the Star Wars I wanted from the second trilogy.

    Only after I had completed the series did I find out that the episodes were not in chronological order. For that order see this link

    Either way I feel in love with this series and with many of the original characters that Lucas and Co created for it, not the least of which was Ahsoka Tano, Jedi Padawan to Anakin Skywalker. Through her relationship with Ani his shift to darkness is sharpened.

    I even picked up the novel that followed her adventures post series. Now if only they'd write a book about Rex!?!

    Watch the show, you'll be glad you did!

  • A Childhood Expanded

    I grew up in the prequel era. An era that is hated by the most vocal of star wars fans yet I loved it. I watched all the films when I was younger. I would fight alongside the movies against imaginary foes. Then I grew past that and star wars was beginning to fade for me. Then suddenly a new show was on cartoon network. Nothing like the original mini series that I had seen in the past. This new show was like a movie in every episode. Once untold stories and plots suddenly existed for me and I was pulled into the politics and battles of the clone wars once again. As I grew more mature so did the show. It's plots becoming more complicated and its stories growing darker as it neared its final seasons. I cried when Ahsoka left unaware that the show would be cancled after that season. For weeks after that I hated disney but then came the lost episodes and I was overjoyed. It is years later and I still go back to rewatch episodes. I still pray for more. Each time Star Wars celebration rolls around I pray that we will get another clip from an unfinished episode. Clips that bridge the gap between the films and the shows. Now I know that many still do hate the clone wars but please keep an open mind. Realise that the show is told for children and not adults. Understand that there is a broader star wars story because of this show. I certainly do.
  • A Reccomendation to All Open-Minded

    I must admit, I am not an old-timer who got to see the original trilogy in the theatres, so I may not have the best credibility when referring to the films but I will tell you that the Clone Wars is actually pretty good. I have already read reviews (positive and negative) so I will try my best to sound un-biased.

    First of all, TWC adds more depth to characters that we don't really get to see in the movies. No longer do we see purely black and white characters but lots of grey. It also allows for us to see how strong Obi-Wan and Anakin's friendship really is. We also see what happens to characters between the movies, which is helpful for future reference. A thing people seem to have a problem with is the introduction of Ahsoka Tano. She shows up out of the blue, and doesn't even have a mention in the movies. Thus, her character becomes inconsistent and only appear in the shows. Some also don't like her in general, but I do. She exposes Anakin's soft side before he really loses it and I have a feeling that her big arc in the fifth season nudges him towards the Dark Side even further. If you've seen the finale of Rebels' season two, she also shows how much Anakinexcuse me, Darth Vader has changed. (He also offers a chance to not fight, and you do see the hesitation in his eyes after she says that she "Won't leave you, not this Which I interpret as regret for what he's about to do)

    Second of all, it makes the Clone Wars have weight and seem like a real war, compared to a slight mention in the original trilogy. It gets deep into politics and touches upon corruption, which is new and uncharted territory for a supposed kid's show. Doing that must take a great leap of faith, and sometimes and excellent plotline to keep the episode interesting, which is hard to acheive. I remember an episode where a Jedi general turned his clones against one another, in an effort to gain recognition and acceptation from Count Dooku. Some people didn't like the episode focusing in on the clones and how they handled being treated like numbers, not individual people who can think and feel. I think that they didn't like the fact that a few episodes were dedicated to characterization of seemingly irrelevant characters. However, I do like those episodes because they relate to real world things like when some soldiers get deployed and the hard and scarring things they go through during wartime.

    I must admit that there are some negatives as well. For one, the plot holes"Of course they're going to survive, they're in the movie!" and that some episodes kind of get repetitive of "good guy winning after a miraculous The animation is nothing spectacular, and some characters don't get the spotlight they deserve (Master Yoda in the earlier seasons, for example). I personally think that the voice actors were good picks (Personally, I prefer the combination of Matt Lanter's voice and the look of Hayden The first few seasons were slightly childish, but the later seasons were much more developed and definitely darker in tone. I personally love the end of the fifth sixth seasons.

    Overall, this is a very mature and good show. I heartily recommend this show to everyone. This show has a darker tone than most supposed kid shows, and managed to get both adults and children alike interested in it. I consider it a very successful show, but remember, reviews are expressions of opinions, and you do not have to agree with me.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Incredible Show

    I watch all the seasons of the Clone Wars thanks to Netflix,and I enjoyed all of it's didn't had the best start,I actually didn't like Ahsoka Tano at the beginning,but through the seasons the show grew more mature and so did Ahsoka. PS Captain Rex has to be the best character in the show.
  • my isues with the season finale

    The season was so awesome but there was to much of the dark side in the Jedi order. The season was too focused on the sith so it was a little hard to understand. It had a lot of action but too many deaths. If the show wasn't about the sith all it had was clones. The Jedi were not in it till the end and even that was mostly sith. They almost always focused on one character and then never have them in a show again. I think the seasons are going down hill. I love star wars and all, but the last season was plain bad. It needs to be thrilling. You always know what going to happen, good guys win and bad guys lose, every time.
  • Grounded by the source

    Watched the first season of this one and got tired by the characters' stupidity. A kid would probably like it. I just couldn't turn my brain off.

    Knowing that our guys would fail miserably at the end didn't help either, there was nothing to look forward to.
  • Wish it wasnt canon

    If this show wasn't canon I wouldt have any problem with it, but now we are supposed to believe this thing takes place in the same universe as the movies. The episodes are all mixed up instead of following one story like the previous show wich is really confusing, especially when you see a character die in one episode and the next episode he or she is standing in the background. The animation is pretty good sometimes but nothing mindblowing. Transformers Prime wich aired on the same channel had way better animation and was a lot cooler to look at. The animation in clones wars sometimes looks really weird and even dusty when you take a closer look. Dooku barely looks human since they took the design from the 2D-show wich was a really strange choice. The characters are forgettable and only a shadow of how badass they were in the previous show. The CIS or the Separatist are a complete joke with goofy battledroids and mediocre lightsaber dualists like Grievous and Ventress. The jedi in this show all fight the same way. Seeing them fight the same villains over and over again without any casualties is some of the worst parts, especially the fights with Obi Anakin and Dooku. Sooo boooring!!! There is never any tension since we know wich characters will die and live is also waaaay to much force choking in this show. After a while its not even that intimidating anymore. This show also make magic part of the canon, wich is not needed and doesn't fit the Star Wars universe.

    For every decent episode there is at least 10 bad ones. The show proudly calls itself "The Clone Wars" but instead focus on politics, bountyhunters and nightsisters rather than the actual clone wars. I mean really, what kid thinks of the senate or the banks when hearing the words clone wars? This show had potential though, now we could finally see what good friends Anakin and Obi-Wan was during this era but no, that never happens. We see these main character so often already that they are not interesting to watch. When it actually does focus on the clones this the writers try their best to make the clones different from each other but no one feels that special, the design on the troopers gets really weird as well to make them stand out from each other, it even goes goes so far as to colour a clone commander like Doctor Doom from Marvel and give him the name commander Doom, that stuff belongs in fan fiction! You wouldt think that this colorful galactic republic would one day become the dark galactic empire.

    The show has a complete disregard for previous lore, even changing the name Korriban to Moraband for no reason. But I guess it doesn't matter since most lore is no longer canon. If I must say one good thing about this show it is the adding of Ashoka, I still dont like that she ended up as Anakins Padawan instead of Obi-Wans. Star Wars is mostly populated by male characters and has lots of room for more new female characters.

    Overall, this show is an obvious cash grab and doesn't add anything too interesting to the lore. Its stiff, boring and I wish it didn't have happened. While the older clone wars show had its own share of flaws its still a much better alternative.

    Oh yeah, and Jar Jar has a girlfriend ......
  • I'm getting bored over here!

    I mean c'mon CN! You've been dragging this horrid show for almost 6 years now! I used to actually like this show, but after all of these pointless seasons, I thought "Does this show even have action anymore?" It's all just about Anakin and his sorry excuse for a padawan Ashoka finding out mysteries and fighting General Grievious or some other villain ( who they have fought about 100,000,000 times now) and then the fight only goes on for like 5 minutes, and then what happens? Everyone survives because that's just how it is and Yoda comes in a gunship and saves the day! *Yawn* Overall, I think CN should just get to Episode III events where BIG SPOILERS Anakin turns to the dark side and kills everyone! I mean who doesn't want to see Anakin slay Ashoka? And that epic fight with Obi-Wan on Mustafar?! Hurry up CN!

    Okay, why does this show have such a high rating? I watched it one time when I was sick and Iet me just say, that I will never EVER EVER watch it again. It was just sooooooo booooooring. I think this show ties with ben 10: ultimate alien, dora the explorer, level up and johnny test as one on the most boring shows of all time. But I'll admit, the CGI animation can look good sometimes, SOMETIMES! But overall it's just a very boooooooring show. Okay now I'm gonna end this review because I am just reapeating myself again and again, but you get the idea - this show is just soooooooooo yoknowwhat. I think only compelete geeks would enjoy this show.
  • Worth a watch and then some...

    The technical aspects of the show are impressive (CGI, sound mixing, lighting, and so on), though, sadly, I can't say the same for the writing. 50% of the time we'll get good and engaging story lines. The other half of the time, we'll get mediocre, unsatisfying filler. The voice acting is great all around, except for the character Ahsoka Tano who's voice can be quite annoying, moreover, her character in general (well in earlier seasons) .

    The show also has an knack for rewriting already established "Star Wars" continuity. Now, for the average fan like me, its nothing, but for the passionate "Star Wars" fanboy, they'll most likely "loss their shit," and take to internet forums. I'd personally welcome a season 7 and beyond, and would proudly recommend this show to people ranging from the "nothing's on so I'll watch this" boat to the "I like animated shows" party, and all the way to the diehard "Star Wars" fanatic.
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  • If you like the prequels you will like this show, if you hate the prequels, for those who are optimistic you will like this show too :)

    This show is simply star wars, and for that its Great!!!

    The action scenes r fast, exciting, and very entertaining. The animation started out as something with troublesome issues, to pushing standards for CGI on television to a whole new standard. Oh, its sure its not movie quality still definitely, but it's high quality for the sake of television compared to all the crap quality they have on CN now. The show is filled with very like able characters, from the main characters to the villains, side characters, guest stars, etc. One of them i would like to point out is Anakin.

    Anakin in the prequel films was a whiny teenager who got angry every 8 minutes while at the same time showed as much emotion in Attack of the Clones as Kristen Stewart (lol jk she's far worse) . In TCW however, he is a likeable hero who happens to actually an interesting personality, in addition, has an actor who actually does pull off a really good job. The dialogue is a complaint and a compliment I must give this show. The dialogue is good, and there r some really good lines at times, but at the same time, there r a few one liners that don't really go anywhere in general. The dialogue is well done, but it's nothing new. Also, while the music is not near John Williams creativity, it is sure enough very well done and all the orchestral themes are very impressive. Another good thing about the show is just because its animated and more aimed for kid viewers, doesn't mean it has to be kiddied down much. No, this is a star wars show, and for that, it does have few minor curse words, animated violence, death (like every single episode) and at times somewhat dark tones to it. In the end, this show is just plain awesome, the only bad thing really is the poorly structured episode which i think every animated show has had once in a while. The reason I give this show a 10 is because it shows how much I enjoy this show, but in quality, it honestly does not deserve it.
  • Not bad, but not as good as the old one

    This show is not really bad, but it's not as good as the 2003 one.
  • Don't mind it.

    You can love it, you can hate it, for me its in the middle, sometimes I watch it, others its like ehh, but the only thing that bugs me, is when they bring in a New Main Character for the Light Side is Dark Side, they NEVER die, I think their being too soft and kind for kids, they should at least show some dark stuff in it, its war, they always put something so it can live on.

    Like Darth Maul, he suppose to die already, but doesn't, and when the lil girl Asoka, suppose to die against General Greveous, she doesn't, at least show the reason why Anakin is more dark in episode 3, they NEVER show her in episode 2 or 3, and they never mentioned him having a apprentice, so I don't know why they did. The bounty hunter they hired, the guy who had two guns and a big hat, he never died, and darth mauls brother, why bring him in if they never mentioned them in any movie, idk why they did, but what I do like, is the fighting scene and war scene, thats all I have to say.

    Thanks for reading!
  • Seriously? This show is for little kids...

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars depicts the events that take place between Episode II and Episode III. There is no point of climax in the series as we already know that a majority of the main characters are going to survive. The writers of this series also focus on the lives of clones and how 'special' they are. This is a distraction from the story arc over the entire season and is not necessary. The soldiers were meant to be brutal and tough and focusing on particular individuals does not raise the stakes up any higher. The dialogue, script and action is alright but nothing special or unique. This show is meant to be for little kids anyway. I regret watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars...
  • Good during Season 1, Now going downhill- LUCAS LOSES MIND!

    Star Wars the Clone Wars debuted in 2008 and was in my opinion, an exceptional show in Season 1. After that, the series slowly went downhill.

    By now, I barely find anything good about this series at all. Its becoming very disappointing, especially Season 4. The problem with this show is that its now too one-dimensional. As in, this show is basically focused on Obi-wan, Anakin and Ahsoka which isn't a problem, BUT what the problem is, is that they are the main focus in EVERY, SINGLE episode.

    Yoda has been one of the most interesting movie characters of all time. At least give him a few great episodes. All he got was the pilot episode, 'Ambush" Seriously!?! At least an episode that gives a background story on him.,

    Another major problem is that this show doesn't focus on the Clone troopers very much, just the trio. Also, another major flaw with this show is that its obvious what characters will definitely not die at all and which will. For eg: Anakin and Obi-wan are like in a "godmode" mode when it comes to fighting. There is basically no stopping them, no casualties for them anymore. Its just too predictable.

    Overall, Season 1- 9.5/10

    Season 2- 8/10

    Season 3- 6/10 (mainly for nightsisters trilogy)

    Season 4- 4/10

    Getting worse and worse- Just watch the old Clone Wars show. Much, much better
  • Stick with the trilogy

    Whenever I watch this, it makes me want to kill whoever is raping George Lucas and his works. First, look at the original trilogy- an uplifting epic of the complex emotional battles of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, ending in a glorious triumph.

    Now take a look at this joke of a series. A bratty, teenage apprentice who can't stop making bad jokes during a battle, fighting all powerful Sith Lords without suffering a scratch? Darth Maul somehow surviving being cut in half, finding someone to attach him to a robot spider, and suddenly coming back to wreak havoc? And every episode, an essential character is on the brink of death! Will he survive this time? Yes! Because none of the main characters will EVER die, because we need them to survive until Episode III. It's full of cliches and corny "morals of the story". Not to mention all of the petty minor characters now getting sob-story backgrounds. I mean, now the dancer at Jabba's Palace is hunting down one of her past boyfriends? But she's secretly just in it for the money, because she was an orphan as a child! Star Wars has become less about the Skywalkers, and more about each and every lowly clone trooper's heartbreaking story.

    It will be a great day when this abominable series finally ends.
  • Memorable characters, great action scenes, plenty of twists and turns, and so much more, Star Wars The Clone Wars is strong in the force, and will please Star Wars fans out there

    Star Wars is no stranger when it comes to having a TV show, there is already Ewoks and Droids, both of which are good TV shows. So it was no surprise to see another TV show based on Star Wars again called The Clone Wars. Based on the movie it came from, Star Wars The Clone Wars was about Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Won Kenobi, and Anakin's new apprentice, Ashoka Tano as they fight against the Confederacy of Independent Systems or the Separatists. The show has everyone's favorite characters from the movies from Mace Windu to Count Dooku and so many more. There are eve new characters such as Cad Bane, a notorious bounty hunter who is always one step ahead of the jedi and knows how to deal with them. The artwork and animation look excellent, the character designs look interesting and the set designs look great. The action scenes are fun and exciting to watch. The show also has plenty of twists and turns all through out that will keep you guessing as to what will happen next. The show though does seem to suffer from humor that while not dreadful, just seems a little childish and it feels weird seeing battle droids being the comedy relief, but this is a show targeted at a younger audience, so it's OK. There is no doubt that Star Wars The Clone Wars is an excellent TV show and one of the last good shows on CN, with great action scenes, memorable characters (new and old), and plenty of plot twists, this is a show that is strong in the force, and it must be seen, even if you are or aren't a Star Wars fan.
  • 2D > 3D

    Mediocre acting, horrible dialogue, cliches, and typical action scenes is this show in a nutshell for me. I prefer the original CW series over this.

    It makes me wonder what happened to the classic original trilogy of Star Wars.
  • God Awful

    The series, along with the movie, are a total joke. You honestly cannot call this quality and expect everyone else to agree with you. This is arguably one of the better action shows on Cartoon Network, but only because it had the title "Star Wars". Take out the name "Star Wars" and you will find that this show is mindless and downright stupid.

    I cannot say I am enthralled by the addition of Ahsoka to the franchise, because she is not that fun a character. She is essentially a spitting image of Anakin; pushy and arrogant, to the point of being unpleasantly Mary Sue-ish. You can't place these two characters up there in the main cast and expect them to be good role models to the kids who watch this show. And speaking of kids, it is quite obvious this show is an excuse to sell more toys. The fact they even showed the movie Episode I in 3D in theaters, considered to be the worst out of the six movies, just keeps showing that this franchise is a sell-out. If it was crap before, it is STILL crap in 3D!

    I can see this being an enjoyable action series to children but its plot holes are so bad that it practically insults their intelligence subliminally. A lot of the drama is potentially useless considering this is a midquel type of series, and this makes it unwatchable to older audiences. Even Dragonball Z, unabridged, is more intelligent and rewarding by comparison! You can't expect kids to understand storylines at their age but once they do move past the action show phase, they will remember this show as being bland and forgettable. If you want to see Star Wars, stick with the original trilogy. The older material is still considered the best out of the franchise to this day.
  • Decent Entertainment

    Guys, let's not pretend it's brilliant. It isn't. The show has so many plot holes per episode that it gets ridiculous. They consistently have characters do stupid and irrational things, often times out of character for them or out of line with their goals, just so that whatever plot they are running with can be progressed. It's not fine art. It is nothing more or less than a good fun time. The action is generally quite good, and I personally like the artwork a great deal(usually). The other triumph of the series is the characters. I genuinely like them. They are interesting and I enjoy watching them go through their whole schtick. Yes, we can argue about canon, yes, they took too many liberties with storm trooper personality, and yes, when Anakin is cradling Obi Wan's 'dead' body, we are all thinking to ourselves, 'so, dream sequence or he ain't dead? Oh look. He ain't dead'. But let's not over think this. For all its plot failures and catering to the kids(the droids can all die in a hole, they aren't comic relief, they're killing machines), it is really fun to watch this show.
  • GIVE ME A BREAK.....

    Anyone who has actually watched this series; not just one episode, but multiples cannot trully deny how impressive the shows are and how fortunate we can delight in more star wars material that is great entertainment and artistic style all it's own. I admit at first i was skeptical, but after the first step you can really understand how unique and thankful I am too be able to partake in more of the epic grandieur that is the star wars universe. The only complaint I have is the third season was a lil dissappointing.....I was expecting more and recieved some great material, just not what i was hoping for. However i will say that the droid excursions really captured some zeal.

    Anyone that hates this show must be a trekkie with a huge jealous tinge and bias.

    i hope that george really considers creating episodes for the 3 too 4 gap or even going back to 1 too 2 and filling in any gaps. 4 too 5 might even be fair game depending on whether the appropriate director is managing that can recreate the feel of the originals. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing some series portrayed within Jabba hutts palace or tatooine and some other worlds in principle of execution. A series where one primary origin is fielded and fueled for the premesis. "Save of course naboo; which already been done and BLAHH!!"

    Maybe each season could cater to one primary race or group, like imperials/rebels/mandalores/bounty hunters/hutts/droids/etc and so on, and so forth.

    I think I will be applying for a position @ lucas arts(ilm) soooon......

    Peace to all, STOP the hate.
  • People please....

    I will be the first to admit that I am no the biggest Star Wars fan in the world. Cry me a river but my brother's fetish with this series (over-exageration of course) killed the franchise for me, and while I will never say I hate it, I won't admit it's timeless either. I respect the Star Wars series for what it is, and I'll never say it's fan-base is wrong about the actual in-canon series.

    THEN, we get to this stupid, hashed to bits, cash-cow of a television show that appeals majorly to little children, and here I am witnessing a fallowing by people who call themselves TRUE fans of Star Wars, calling this a masterpiece of animation. How...Dare...You....

    Fine. If you want to continuously expose yourself to the never-ending merchandising series, then fine. I won't judge you. But defend this poorly done excuse for George Lucas to continuously make profit from one of his only successful works, then I have to have a chat with you. Folks please, can you really look at this thing and call it a successful Star Wars adaption? Firstly, the storyline is so painfully non-canon. When comparing the events in between the episodes 2 and 3, did ever you believe or come to thought that maybe Anikan Skywalker had an aprentice? No that sounds silly. It was never in the movies or books. This series gives us that terribly stereotypical, bland, smart-ass teenage character Ashoka. She was never mentioned before in ANY of Lucas' books, never talked about as a character that had ever existed, and when the topic of a desciple to Skywalker before his transition to Darth Vader was often labeled as a silly fan fiction writers fantasy. All of a sudden this lowly series comes out with this nonsense, and people everywhere are just ignoring the travesty!

    And it's not just the new character either, it's the whole show! This series gives too much personality to the infamous clone troopers, who we KNOW are going to stab the jedi in the back later, it gives exposition on events that never occurred before (a giant battleship with a massive ion canon is something that should have been mention before if it was actually canon.) and it creates these unnecessary side quests and events that create this ridiculously unwanted drama. Who cares about what happens to this one "special" clone who dies and shows everyone being all sad. Well, he didn't effect the outcome of the final story, he was never really mentioned again afterwards.

    But what's this? General Greivous has a lightsaber to Obi-Wan's throat! Oh no! Could this be the death of Obi-Wan?! Of course not! The original series prevents this murder from happening, we all know that he's going to survive based on this, so besides milking the series for what it's worth, why is this series necessary? The whole series is just a rehash of what I just said, minus the God-awful "exclusive to the series" characters that really have no point in the story to begin with's deaths. Why are you people so attached to this show? It's annoyingly mind numbing and I strongly believe that the show itself as a whole looks absolutlely stupid! The animation is atrocious, making the iconic characters we know look like bad play-doh figures, and the actions is just typical swinging a sword around and shooting a gun! We've seen all of this stuff before! Stop sucking the teat of George Lucas' folly! This series should be hanged for all of the idiocy it's brought to a legendary franchise! People c'mon! Read this review and answer me, is this piece of crap of a show the same Star Wars you fell in love with!? Can you honestly tell me it does the series true justice!?

  • great show

    i love this show it has good animation style and good story lines. the only problem i cant see any flaws other than they should have put the show on a better network
  • the best animated show i've seen in years

    the first clone wars came out sometime ago. it wasn't the kind of animated show that i was too excited about. so when this second version came out with 3d toy story style animation, i thought it was like the last one, but i was strong, this show combines cartoon like pacing but the plot resembles that of a live action show. this makes an interesting experience that i've never gone through before. this show is awesome compared to the old clone wars. each episode was like connected to another one so it keeps the suspense going. even though it's animation, i stop to think that it is while watching because it's so intriguing that you just go along with the story.
  • Events that take place between Episode III and IV. This time period is know as the "Clone Wars" and it details the life of Anakin Skywalker and his fellow Jedi's.

    It does not make sense to me that another Clone Wars series would have been made. The first series that lasted two seasons, was incredible. It was fast-paced but had a great story to it. This version, on the other hand, is boring and WAY too drawn out. We all know what happens to these characters, so why is this show so interesting? Because it is Star Wars. But that does not mean that it should keep being produced. I say "cancel the show" and do something outside of Episode I-VI. Also, the lives of the clone soldiers are not that interesting and the episodes that revolve around them are quite tedious. I guess my biggest issue with the series is trying to redo canon that was already set in place by the first Clone Wars series. I love Star Wars like the next geek, which I am, but please give us a new series that we have never heard of will introduce people to the wonderful material that has been written out there in the Star Wars universe. May I suggest the Thrawn Trilogy?
  • Star Wars fans of all ages can enjoy this show.


    When I first heard of this show I was not a fan. Being a fan of the original trilogy I thought this show would be as lack luster as the prequel trilogy was but man was I wrong. This show is great. The characters are all good from villain to hero and even the guys who only last one episode. The action is much better than I anticipated and although the animation is far from realistic it works. I guess that is the best way to describe this show in one phrase, "It Works". My only negativity would be that the show needs more arch storylines, however the episodes that do connect are fantastic.

  • What is happening to season 3? My good god the first 4 episodes have been terrible. I LOVE season 1 and 2 but wow. I mean wow. Drawn out talks and sub characters. Get better fast, please!!

    Where is all the action? People do not tune in to see drawn out talks in the senate and especially not Jar Jar, how can this character still be alive? Does Lucas just not care that 90% of Star Wars fans despise the character? Have him be eaten by a rancor. What we tune in to see is Battles and Jedi vs Sith. I really hope they redo the fight between Anakin and Ventress from the cartoon, when he sends her off the cliff to her death. Thats what we need. Maybe when the show ends, use the same type of animation and fast forward to some Luke and his Jedi Academy. Those are my thoughts.
  • The Clone Wars proves that there are many stories to be told during this galaxy wide conflict.

    I have heard all kinds of reviews of this show from the worst to the best.I am one of those reviewers who gives this show a 9.5 out of 10 for many reasons.For one this show gives the clones a lot of personality making them more likable and enjoyable.2nd this show shows us a lot more jedi that weren't fully established in the prequel films and in the previous clone wars show.This gives the writers of this show complete creative freedom when it comes to the portrayal of jedi like Plo Kloon or Kit Fisto.3rd the voice acting in this show is amazing.James Arnold Taylor who voices Obi Wan does a fantastic job of making Obi Wan sound like a genuine character.And Matt Lanter who voices Anikan Skywalker makes Anikan sound more mature and more of a man then he was seen in the prequel films.You also have to admire this show for it's tendency to tell stories that are not about the war.Like telling the story of Duchess Satine who is a pacifist and who is constantly being targeted by Death Watch.a group of people who idolize violence and the warrior ways of Mandalores past.Stories like these make the show more interesting and gives us more insight to all the other things that were going on during this galactic wide conflict.This show also makes the war feel more like a war.Instead of in the previous clone wars cartoon where the Republic was winning almost every battle in this one the republic looses battles like the first battle of Felucia.And even if the Republic wins battles they loose a lot of clones and have to deal with a lot of clones or in some cases even the jedi get hurt instead of in the other one where the jedi were basically invincible.This show also shows us more bounty hunters like Cad Bane and Embo who are both Bad ass.This show also progresses really well.Making the war seem to last very long.Especially since this show is getting 100 episodes it makes this war seem really longer which makes you get more interested to see what the makers of this show will come up next.So easily this show gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me.The animation is fantastic, the stories are interesting ,the voice acting is amazing, the ground battles and lightsaber fights are well done.It's easy to get addicted to watching this show and I am pleased with it thus far and I am hoping that this show gets praised a lot more and gives us more action and interesting stories
  • Surpassed my expectations tenfold.

    When I first heard about this show I must admit I didn't care much for it. Considering the fact that it came on Cartoon Network I thought this series was going to be aimed directly at 7 year olds. I was under the impression that it was going to be packed with nothing but 20 minute jedi fights, 30 minute battle scenes, and an almost non-existent story.

    But I was 100% wrong, this series is packed with great writing, enjoyable characters, and a wonderful art style. I never expected for this show to have any weight whatsoever behind its setting or its story, but on the contrary, this show completely fleshes out the Clone Wars setting. It adds a refreshing amount of depth to the conflict that the prequel movies never touched upon. This series has amazing episodes like "The Deserter" which shows the trials of a clone who wants nothing to do with the war. Or "Pursuit for Peace" which details the politics behind the war as Padme tries her best to convince the senate to seek an immediate end to the war. And we cant forget "Rookies" which made us love the clones even as we see how a small squad reacts as the get their first taste of combat. With amazing episodes like these You know this show doesn't plan on treating the viewers like idiots who want nothing but lightsaber duels.
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