Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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  • GIVE ME A BREAK.....

    Anyone who has actually watched this series; not just one episode, but multiples cannot trully deny how impressive the shows are and how fortunate we can delight in more star wars material that is great entertainment and artistic style all it's own. I admit at first i was skeptical, but after the first step you can really understand how unique and thankful I am too be able to partake in more of the epic grandieur that is the star wars universe. The only complaint I have is the third season was a lil dissappointing.....I was expecting more and recieved some great material, just not what i was hoping for. However i will say that the droid excursions really captured some zeal.

    Anyone that hates this show must be a trekkie with a huge jealous tinge and bias.

    i hope that george really considers creating episodes for the 3 too 4 gap or even going back to 1 too 2 and filling in any gaps. 4 too 5 might even be fair game depending on whether the appropriate director is managing that can recreate the feel of the originals. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing some series portrayed within Jabba hutts palace or tatooine and some other worlds in principle of execution. A series where one primary origin is fielded and fueled for the premesis. "Save of course naboo; which already been done and BLAHH!!"

    Maybe each season could cater to one primary race or group, like imperials/rebels/mandalores/bounty hunters/hutts/droids/etc and so on, and so forth.

    I think I will be applying for a position @ lucas arts(ilm) soooon......

    Peace to all, STOP the hate.