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  • Stick with the trilogy

    Whenever I watch this, it makes me want to kill whoever is raping George Lucas and his works. First, look at the original trilogy- an uplifting epic of the complex emotional battles of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, ending in a glorious triumph.

    Now take a look at this joke of a series. A bratty, teenage apprentice who can't stop making bad jokes during a battle, fighting all powerful Sith Lords without suffering a scratch? Darth Maul somehow surviving being cut in half, finding someone to attach him to a robot spider, and suddenly coming back to wreak havoc? And every episode, an essential character is on the brink of death! Will he survive this time? Yes! Because none of the main characters will EVER die, because we need them to survive until Episode III. It's full of cliches and corny "morals of the story". Not to mention all of the petty minor characters now getting sob-story backgrounds. I mean, now the dancer at Jabba's Palace is hunting down one of her past boyfriends? But she's secretly just in it for the money, because she was an orphan as a child! Star Wars has become less about the Skywalkers, and more about each and every lowly clone trooper's heartbreaking story.

    It will be a great day when this abominable series finally ends.
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