Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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  • If you like the prequels you will like this show, if you hate the prequels, for those who are optimistic you will like this show too :)

    This show is simply star wars, and for that its Great!!!

    The action scenes r fast, exciting, and very entertaining. The animation started out as something with troublesome issues, to pushing standards for CGI on television to a whole new standard. Oh, its sure its not movie quality still definitely, but it's high quality for the sake of television compared to all the crap quality they have on CN now. The show is filled with very like able characters, from the main characters to the villains, side characters, guest stars, etc. One of them i would like to point out is Anakin.

    Anakin in the prequel films was a whiny teenager who got angry every 8 minutes while at the same time showed as much emotion in Attack of the Clones as Kristen Stewart (lol jk she's far worse) . In TCW however, he is a likeable hero who happens to actually an interesting personality, in addition, has an actor who actually does pull off a really good job. The dialogue is a complaint and a compliment I must give this show. The dialogue is good, and there r some really good lines at times, but at the same time, there r a few one liners that don't really go anywhere in general. The dialogue is well done, but it's nothing new. Also, while the music is not near John Williams creativity, it is sure enough very well done and all the orchestral themes are very impressive. Another good thing about the show is just because its animated and more aimed for kid viewers, doesn't mean it has to be kiddied down much. No, this is a star wars show, and for that, it does have few minor curse words, animated violence, death (like every single episode) and at times somewhat dark tones to it. In the end, this show is just plain awesome, the only bad thing really is the poorly structured episode which i think every animated show has had once in a while. The reason I give this show a 10 is because it shows how much I enjoy this show, but in quality, it honestly does not deserve it.