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  • Good during Season 1, Now going downhill- LUCAS LOSES MIND!

    Star Wars the Clone Wars debuted in 2008 and was in my opinion, an exceptional show in Season 1. After that, the series slowly went downhill.

    By now, I barely find anything good about this series at all. Its becoming very disappointing, especially Season 4. The problem with this show is that its now too one-dimensional. As in, this show is basically focused on Obi-wan, Anakin and Ahsoka which isn't a problem, BUT what the problem is, is that they are the main focus in EVERY, SINGLE episode.

    Yoda has been one of the most interesting movie characters of all time. At least give him a few great episodes. All he got was the pilot episode, 'Ambush" Seriously!?! At least an episode that gives a background story on him.,

    Another major problem is that this show doesn't focus on the Clone troopers very much, just the trio. Also, another major flaw with this show is that its obvious what characters will definitely not die at all and which will. For eg: Anakin and Obi-wan are like in a "godmode" mode when it comes to fighting. There is basically no stopping them, no casualties for them anymore. Its just too predictable.

    Overall, Season 1- 9.5/10

    Season 2- 8/10

    Season 3- 6/10 (mainly for nightsisters trilogy)

    Season 4- 4/10

    Getting worse and worse- Just watch the old Clone Wars show. Much, much better