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  • Don't mind it.

    You can love it, you can hate it, for me its in the middle, sometimes I watch it, others its like ehh, but the only thing that bugs me, is when they bring in a New Main Character for the Light Side is Dark Side, they NEVER die, I think their being too soft and kind for kids, they should at least show some dark stuff in it, its war, they always put something so it can live on.

    Like Darth Maul, he suppose to die already, but doesn't, and when the lil girl Asoka, suppose to die against General Greveous, she doesn't, at least show the reason why Anakin is more dark in episode 3, they NEVER show her in episode 2 or 3, and they never mentioned him having a apprentice, so I don't know why they did. The bounty hunter they hired, the guy who had two guns and a big hat, he never died, and darth mauls brother, why bring him in if they never mentioned them in any movie, idk why they did, but what I do like, is the fighting scene and war scene, thats all I have to say.

    Thanks for reading!
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