Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 24, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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While fighting a Droid Commando invasion, Rex and Cody try to inspire a unit of rookie Clones.

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  • Rookies...

    The best episode of the first series, and one of the best to date. With well trained soldiers spread thin as the war escalates throughout the galaxy, we are introduced to a group of rookie clones on a remote planet in the outer rim. An early warning station manned by few is about to be inspected when a surprise Separatist attack comes. With no communications the troopers are forced to band together against the vastly greater in number droid army. Upon losing troopers in the initial attack the clones come across the inspection team and mount an assault against their own station in an attempt to destroy it, so as to warn the Republic fleet that something is a miss.

    Setting up a bomb, the rookies make a break for it, however, one must stay behind to detonate it and sacrifice himself for the greater good. This episode is a great insight into the clones and how they see the war, and is even a little emotional.moreless
  • When Grievous turns his eye to Kamino, it`s up to rookie clones stationed out on a remote moon to make sure his plan doesn`t succeed. Longing for the thrill of real combat ,these troopers will learn to be careful what they wish for...moreless

    This episode of clone wars was nothing short of awesome! I thought it might be terrible without the use of Jedi butt-kicking, but I was happy to have been proven wrong! I don`t want to ruin the ending (for all fools out there who missed this one), but I`m sure if you caught it, you were deeply impressed and even inspired at what happens, I was! I love also seeing more and more insight to clones and how they live, fight, and act. After all, it is called the "clone wars", and this episode is pure evidence why! One for the books, I saw it again and again after the premiere. Rock solid 9 outta 10!moreless
  • A fantastic episode of this show that proves it is not necessary to have main characters from the prequel trilogy to make a great show.

    When I talk to people about "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" I always reference this episode as one that they need to see. I ask them to reserve all judgment about the idea of cartoon Star Wars until they've seen this episode. The story, featuring untested rookie soldiers that suddenly find themselves defending their insignificant outpost from droid invasion, is one that can hit home with many people. Anyone can relate to having to quickly learn on the job in strenuous situations. It was very compelling and exciting to watch the clone trooper rookies in their first battle with a massive droid army.

    It is a little bit of a downer that some of the language was censored on repeat airings of the episode. However, it does air on Cartoon Network, so I can understand the other side of the argument as well. Hopefully the original language will be restored if there's a DVD release.moreless
  • Great, shows viewers that clones really are Jango's offspring, fearless, action ready, and faithfull to the cause

    When a bored squad of shinies, "rookies," on the Rishi outpost come suddenly under attack, Kamino is in jeopordy. meanwhile, Captain Rex and Commander Cody travel to the base for an inspection. While Anakin and obi-wan search vigourlessly for Grievous and the two clones travel to Rishi four survivors, Cutup (later eaten), Echo, Fives, and Hevy emerge from the outpost. Rex and Cody arrive, and see right through the commandos ploy. pinned down by enemy gunfire and their shuttle destroye, the duo make their way down to the chasms to meet the three shinies. after a hungry eel is killed and Echo is branded with a bloody handprint, the plan is set. the five retake the base and Rex and Echo prepare to destroy the outpost while Cody, Fives, and Hevy hold of a handful of droids. finding a connection error in the charges, Hevy detonates it manually, sacrificing himself tosave the republic. Echo and Fives are awarded metals and join the 501st legion.

    They aren't so bored now.moreless
  • When a remote outpost comes under Separatist attack, it's up to Captain Rex and Commander Cody to rally the remaining rookie clones and to take back what's there's.

    One of the best episodes of the first year, "Rookies" gives us an up close and personal look at several clone troopers, whether it's a couple of "familiar" faces (kind of funny to say since they all have the same face) in Cody and Rex or some new ones in the small band of surviving just deployed clone troopers. First of all, the setting is great, being the well tested "remote outpost", making a dark, isolated atmosphere that really adds to the troopers and their predicament. The new model of droid, a seemingly special ops unit is also very interesting to see as a deadly, well-programmed bunch who are a great contrast to the comical and borderline incompetent regulars we've seen in the past. They even give one of the droids some individuality, in this case the droid leader that uses a blade for close combat. Though it doesn't last long, it's very cool to see. And finally the look at our clone heroes. Whether it's Rex showing off just how tough he is taking down giant monster snakes in one shot or fighting the aforementioned droid leader mano y mano or one of the green but courageous rookies, doing whatever they can to take down the Separatist attack, it's a great look at the men sworn, however unwillingly, to serve the Republic from all outside threats.moreless
Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Clone Troopers

Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood

General Grievous and Battle Droids/General Grievous / Battle Droids

James Arnold Taylor

James Arnold Taylor

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Matt Lanter

Matt Lanter

Anakin Skywalker

Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Wullf Yularen / Narrator

Nika Futterman

Nika Futterman

Asajj Ventress

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Goof:
      In the end of the episode, when Anakin gives the last survivors metals, you can clearly see Echo's visor-less helmet. When it shows him again, there is a visor on his helmet.

    • Echo's trooper designation is CT-26-1409.

    • Sergeant O'Niner's trooper designation is CT-19-7409. Echo's trooper designation is CT-26-1409. Hevy's trooper designation is CT-26-6958. Fives' trooper designation is CT-27-5555.

    • The planet Rishi is located within the Rishi Maze, which is actually a galaxy all its own.

    • Newsreel: Clone forces rally! As the war escalates in the Outer Rim, the Jedi Knights are spread thinly across the galaxy. Many new clones are rushed into service to support their Jedi generals. Unfortunately, because of the relentless demands of battle, many young clones must join the struggle before their intensive training has been completed. These clones, manning a vital network of tracking stations are all that stand between the Republic and invasion...

      Jedi Fortune Cookie: "The best confidence builder is experience."

    • The text on Hevy's detonator screen translates from Aurebesh to: ATTE RUL3Z SOME TEXT

    • After killing a Rishi eel, Rex touches Echo's armor leaving a handprint of eel blood on his armor. The handprint remains on the armor making it easier to identify Echo.

    • Shinies is another way the Clones refer to rookies.

    • First appearance of Battle Droid Commandos.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Fives: Shouldn't you be watching the scope, Hevy?
      Hevy: (Sarcastically) Yeah, let's take a look. (Scope activates) Will you look at that? All clear! Just like the last hundred times.

    • Captain Rex: (To Echo and Fives) Congratulations, you're not shinies any more!
      Echo: With all due respect, sir, we failed our mission. We don't deserve this.
      Commander Cody: No. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have known about the invasion until it was too late.
      Captain Rex: You boys showed me something, today. You're exactly the kind of men I need in the 501st Legion.
      Echo and Fives: Sir, yes sir!

    • Battle Droid: (After Hevy is shot) Do we take prisoners?
      Hevy: (Moves next to fuel tank) I don't. (Detonates fuel tanks)

    • (After blasting a Commando Droid)
      Hevy: Not so tough now, are ya, Sparky?

    • (Referring to the Rookies)
      Rex: Looks like we got ourselves a batch of shinies, commander.

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi: They should have checked in from the Rishi station hours ago. It appears your captain follows orders as well as you do.
      Anakin Skywalker: Hm. Perhaps Cody is boring Rex with standard procedures and protocol.

    • Cutup: (Defending Echo from Hevy) Leave him alone. They kept him in his growth jar too long.

    • Hevy: This one here is mine. (Picks up a gatling blaster)
      Cody: Hah! Big gun doesn't make a big man.

    • (After destroying a droid commando)
      Echo: I got one!
      Hevy: Sorry Echo, I junked that one.
      Echo: Like hell you did!

    • Battle Droid: Open the door. (Hevy opens the door and aims a gun at the droid)
      Hevy: You didn't say please. (Hevy shoots the droid)

    • Rex: All right, listen up. There's only one target of interest in this sector, Kamino. It's the closest thing we Clones have to a home. Today we fight for more than the Republic. Today we fight for all our brothers back home, understood?

    • Bettie-Bot VJ: You're listening to the Grand Army of the Republic broadcast, the voice of the Outer Rim. This next one goes out to the Mud-Jumpers of the 224th, slugging it out on Mimban. Keep your heads down and your seals tight, boys.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

      Captain Rex's effortless killing of a Rishi eel mirrors Jango Fett's single shot that brought down the reek on Geonosis in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

    • CT-327:
      327 is a recurring number throughout the Star Wars universe. For example, 327 is a docking bay number aboard the Death Star in Episode IV, a landing platform in Cloud City in Episode V and a Naboo ship type in Episode I.

    • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi:
      The reinforced door and electronic audio-visual eyestalk of the base are similar in design to those used in later years by Jabba the Hutt in the front door of his palace on Tatooine in the movie "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi".

    • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope:
      The Droid Commando disguises himself as a clone via a hologram and talks to Rex and Cody. This is an allusion to Han Solo talking to imps on board the Death Star in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.