Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 5 Episode 15

Shades of Reason

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Jan 26, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • Another good episode

    This episode is also good like the last one. The Sith brothers, Death Watch, Black Sun, and the Pykes are ready to take over Mandalore. Darth Maul has a plan by using the Crime Lords as a diversion to attack specific areas in Mandalore. He wanted to use Vizsla to play along by tricking Duchess Satine that he'll help get rid of these Crime Lords gangsters so he can take over Mandalore. Once they completed their task by overthrowing Dutchess Satine. Vizsla try to betrayed Darth Maul and locked him up along with his brother Savage. Darth Maul decided to step up his plan and issue a death challenge against Vizsla for the title spot for Death Watch and rule Mandalore. The battle between Maul and Vizsla was awesome. Darth Maul got the upper hand by defeating Vizsla, and he use his black saber to kill him for his title spot. Like I said before this episode is good and let's hope the next episode is good like the last two.
  • "Shades of Reason" review

    This episode is by far the best in this season. For me it features something that really isn't seen in the Clone Wars - the bad guys winning. Darth Maul and his allies took over Mandalore and overthrew Duchess Satine. This episode is also really dark. Civilians get killed. The duel between Maul and Vizsla is by far the best duel in the entire series and Vizsla's death is one of the most dramatic and brutal deaths seen in the show. Other characters died but when Vizsla died that hit me in the heart because I'm on his side. He's a bad guy but unlike Maul he doesn't want total power he only wants Mandalore.