Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 3 Episode 48

Sphere of Influence

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 01, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • George Lucas' Pantoran character from Episode III gets to kick some butt in a fun episode.

    (This episode takes place after the events of Trespass, a season one episode)

    Chairman Papanoida (George Lucas played him in Ep.3) is on Coruscant while the Senator of Pantora pleads with the Senate to get the Trade Federation to stop blockading their planet. This similar to Naboo's situation in Ep.1, which is even mentioned here by Senator Padme.

    As the Pantorans seem not to be giving in, Papanoida's daughters are kidnapped by bounty hunters, one of them being most noticeably Greedo. He gets whipped by some statue and continues to never get a break. Poor old Greedo.

    The hapless detective Tan Divo (from season 3 episode Senate Murders) misses the misplaced statue, but Papanoida and his son see it and get Greedo's blood. They are off to Tatoonie and everyone's favorite vile gangster Jabba the Hutt.

    Meanwhile Ahsoka, who is now good friends with the Pantoran Senator Riyo Chuchi (who starred in Trespass) and is informed of the situation. Ahsoka wants to help, so she goes to Anakin. I found it interesting to have him allow her to go off on missions, as it shows his trust in her and her abilities, all the while his lack of fear of retaliation from the Order if they found out what he was doing.

    Ahsoka and Chuchi are dispatched to the Trade Federation ship above Pantoran and Papanoida and his son are off to Jabba. Seeing Jabba's palace again was great and interesting to see him with a hatchling for once. The Pantoran's use a Twi'lek to pass the word around that they're looking for Greedo. What follows is Greedo's only lucky thing to happen to him: he gets a kiss from the lady. Greedo bolts but Papanoida gets him. They argue with Jabba, who lets Papanoida take Greedo. (Enbo, from season two episode Bounty Hunters is briefly seen in Jabba's Palace. I hope we get to see more of him!)

    They head to Mos Eisley! and shoot up a cantina, as Greedo slips away, and Papanoida gets one daughter back. The Pantoran guns are pretty awesome looking and sound different then most. Their ships are also unique and I was really happy to see some new materials for new species. And Papanoida is a sure-shot, wouldn't wanna verse him in a bar fight. Also lots of aliens got to speak their own language before switching to basic, something I like to see more of.

    Meanwhile, Ahsoka (disguised as a servant) and Chuchi begin to sneak around on the Federation ship. The pair overhear Trade Federation ambassador and the administrator of the ship talking about the other daughter being held on the ship. There's a fun little scene where Chuchi gasps and the Nemoidian's start to look for them. I was surprised each time by where they had hidden. Ahsoka tries out her Jedi mind trick and is successful in both uses. I like seeing her using new skills as it makes me feel like she really is learning more than just how to be skyguy.

    They find the daughter, Ahsoka kicks Super Battle Droid butt and Chuchi gets the blockade to end, while the Papanoida clan get their happy ending.