Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 2 Episode 34

The Mandalore Plot

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Jan 29, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • Time to see the Mandalorians shine!

    The story is pretty basic, Satine is the head of the neutral party basically and Obi-Wan is coming over to discuss certain mandalorian warriors popping up here and there against the republic.
    I like the feeling that Satine and Obi-Wan have some type of history. Since Obi-Wan is my favorite character, it's great to get more back ground on him. It'll be interesting to see what we find out.
    The fact that the governor was the head of the Mandalorian Band called the Death Watch was pretty simple to figure out. Jon Favreau's voice is distinctive, to say the least.
    I know you can say Obi-Wan has the force behind his punches, but it's always hard to stomach that a one-two combo knocks out a battle hardened and armored individual.
    Needless to say, the Darksaber is one of the coolest introduction of a new weapon since...well the double bladed lightsaber wielded by Maul.
  • Obi Wan goes to Mandalore to meet up with an old friend, Satine, who is being targeted by a group, known as Deathwatch (who are secretly in line with Count Dooku), however with the Duchess' life at stake, Kenobi has to choose her or the Deathwatch

    I really enjoyed this episode because unlike previous episodes of the clone wars, an element of mystery was added, as trying to find out who was part of the Deathwatch clan. The episode also introduced the 'Jango Fett's armour', to the clone wars, which was very impressive to look at and looked very similar to Jango Fett's armour. Also the back story of Obi Wan and Satine is very intriguing as we realise that Anakin isn't the only jedi to have attachments (even though its against the jedi code). However my favourite part of the episode was the fight scene at the end between Obi Wan and Pre Vizsla, which involved a LIGHTSABER DUEL, and there have been little lightsaber duels in this season, compared to the last by this time (only other in this series were duels with Grievous), it also showed the resourcefulness of the Deathwatch clan and we really believed that these people were a threat to the jedi and these seem alot more threating than any of the droids that the Seperatists have, all in all this episode was very impressive and one of the best of the entire clone wars series imao!!! :-)

    When I first heard about the new Clone Wars series, I was somewhat excited and somewhat annoyed. The new series was screwing up the already established Clone Wars timeline, which I am a fan of. But, the first season was actually enjoyable. When I heard the Mandalorians were going to be in the series, I was very excited. But after watching the Mandalorian trilogy, this series has become my least favorite part in all of the Star Wars universe.

    Peace loving Mandalorians?! That is nothing short of Star Wars blasphemy!!! I despise the New Mandalorians, especially Duchess Satine. Thank goodness someone who was writing the show had some sense and already established the New Mandalorians' downfall at the hands of Spar, also known as Mandalore the Resurrector. I just hope that the creators will put the downfall into the show.
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