Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 5 Episode 17

The Sabotage

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Feb 09, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Mystery Bomb at Jedi Temple

    This episode mystery doesn't have any suspense, but it's a start. Master Yoda order Anakin and Ahoska to return from their previous mission from an urgent matter. The Jedi Councils wanted Anakin and Ahoska to work together to investigate a bomb explosion that occurred in the Jedi temple. There are rumors that there may be a Jedi traitor involved. Anakin and Ahoska also have to work with a crime scene analysis droid. They learned that nano droids were involved and they believe that one of the suspect victims was carrying them inside his body. Anakin and Ahoska learned the truth that the wife name Letta was the suspect. Letta was the one who fed her husband some food that has nano droids in them. She uses her husband to cause the bomb explosion at the Jedi temple for a reason. This bomb mystery was kind of boring and it didn't have any action to it. The two Jedi's only chase the suspect and capture her that's all. The only action they show was the Jedi's Starfighters and Clone Fighters against droid fighters and buzz droids at the opening scene. I'm sure the next arc episode will picked up better than this one. For now I'll give this rate episode a 6.5/10.