Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season 5 Episode 20

The Wrong Jedi

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Mar 02, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • A heartbreaking end but does lay more groundwork for Anakin's turn to the Dark Side.

    This episode really is the pinnacle of the deterioration of the Jedi Order. Barriss's accusation may be exaggerated but there is also truth there. Jedi are peacekeepers so why are they awarded Republic military ranks? Why are what will one day be Star Destroyers being called 'Jedi Cruisers'? Most of the battles we witness are directly led by Jedi, backed up by clones. Truth is without the Jedi, the Republic doesn't actually have an army, just tons of clones who need non-clone leadership. The Jedi aren't actually doing any peacekeeping these days, they're fighting a war instead. On a side note, this is why the war is so easy to keep going there are few 'real' deaths the Separatists are using droids and the Republic are using clones, which are considered expendable. Without a real cost, there's no driving reason to stop the war it's not like 'real' people are dying, at least that's the impression. The only day-to-day effect of the war on the public are shortages of goods but only a handful of worlds are feeling the cost of loss of lives.

    Which brings me to the Council's treatment of Ahsoka. This was appalling. They don't believe her, don't do even a basic internal investigation, throw her out of the Order, then toss her to the wolves and wash their hands of her. Even Obi-Wan, whom I adore, didn't help her. If Anakin hadn't intervened, Ahsoka would be dead and the true killer completely undetected and would inevitably strike again. It took Anakin talking to a grand total of TWO people to uncover the true culprit yet the Council didn't even bother leaving the Council Chamber to ask a single question! Then when Ahsoka is proven innocent, the Council is suddenly all nice and 'this was your true trial' and expect her to come back as if they didn't betray her and then twist the knife for good measure. If Ahsoka hadn't walked out, I would have thought less of her. How could she go back when the Council has become this complacent and outright lazy? How they treated her was disgraceful. So distracted by a war that they don't even bother to protect one of their own.

    Then there's public perception the Council is vaguely aware of it but do nothing about it. The public is already turning against them which is why when Palpatine declares them the enemy, not a single voice sounds out to defend them. Is it any wonder that the Jedi fall when they've made it so easy for Palpatine to turn everyone against them? It actually looks like it's the Jedi driving the war and they've actually let it happen, by taking the military roles offered, so when the public looks at the war, what do they see? Jedi in military positions, Jedi ships, Jedi army.

    As for Anakin, this is also another nail in the coffin he is already so angry, add Ahsoka's loss backed by the betrayal of the Council, this is definitely going to be fuel to Anakin turning against the Jedi.

    I do want to say how sweet Anakin was with Ahsoka, even when he was hunting her, you could feel his distress. Beautifully done. I must say that the series has done what the movies didn't made Anakin a great and sympathetic character, and the voice actor Matt does a fantastic job with him.

    This episode heralds the beginning of the end the Jedi Council is falling apart, the public are turning against them, Anakin's anger especially towards the Council will grow substantially. The pieces have fallen into place to slot it into Revenge of the Sith. It has been a fascinating look into the detail between the second and third movies, filling in history, cultures and a better idea of why Anakin so easily turns to the Dark Side the movies could only show so much. It's been a great ride, I enjoyed it very much.
  • The Season 5 Finale

    I really enjoy the final episode of Ahsoka's arc. Anakin finally capture the true culprit which is Barris and Jedi traitor. The duel Lightsabers between Anakin and Barris were awesome and brutal. The good news is Ahsoka is free and the Jedi Councils try to welcome her back to the Order. The sad part is Ahsoka doesn't want to come back and decided to leave the Jedi Order. The reason is that the Jedi Councils didn't trust her and they didn't stood by her. Only Anakin was the one who stood by and helped her, and he didn't want her to leave the Jedi Order. I like how they end the scene music for Ahsoka when she walks away down the steps leaving the Jedi Order. Especially the end credits music change also.
  • So that's it then?

    Looks like no season 6 and the ultimate fate of one Ahsoka Tano in the SW canon will be a mystery. The whole trial was a bit forced, the Jedi didn't really give her due process and were too ready to throw her under the bus. But the writers needed to get to the long walk ending. So overall a decent end to a five year run, meant to fill the timeline between movies 2 and 3, boy were they busy! I guess the JJ Abrams movie will be the next instalment.
  • An emotional roller coaster

    I'm a grown up man and this episode made tears come out of my eyes. Another lost for Anakin. Another emotional strike that gets him close to his fate as Darth Vader. The way Yoda glanced at him when Ahsoka walked away said it all. What a great episode. What an extraordinary way to end season 5. I can't way for next season.
  • What a great final Episode of Season 5!!!