A Star-Crossed Community
The CW (ended 2014)

Hey it's me again, reporting from Ballroom 20 in San Diego where there's a 'Con going on. I'm sitting in a panel for Star-Crossed, a midseason show starring Friday Night Lights' Julie Taylor (Aimee Teegarden) as Emery, a regular old human girl who has the hots for a beefcake alien boy named Roman after her school is "integrated" with crash-landers from another planet. Expect a saccharine take on racial equality and the standard CW teen makeout sessions.

The panel consisted of a screening of the pilot, which I hadn't seen before, and a quick question-and-answer session with series stars Teegarden, Matt Lanter, and Damon Grey moderated by TV Line's Meg Masters. I took notes and wrote some bullet points, let's look at them!

– Here's the background: Some aliens crashed and they can't leave, so we Earthlings let them stay but mostly don't like them. Flash-forward to the future and the government has finally allowed them to integrate society and attend school, and a show is born!

– Young Emery is played by the adorable little girl from Ben & Kate. She found an alien boy in her woodshed on the night of the "invasion" and took care of him because she's nice!

– Slow-motion Aimee Teagarden jogging! Now that's a character entrance. 

– I really get the feeling that everyone in here is just waiting for the Sherlock panel. There's hardly any reaction from the crowd.

– I swear to God this show just tried to pass off a Roomba as future technology. Also in the future, lockers are opened by handprints, vending machines serve carrot sandwiches, and phones are see-through! Teens are still pretty awful, though.

– Bryce Harper haircuts are popular among alien boys. They're distinguished as aliens because they have tattoos all over their faces a la Mike Tyson or Ed Helms in that movie about hangovers. Speaking of which... ugh. Someone deliver me some Advil, please. 

– There's some talk about cancer and stuff and it's really depressing, so now would be a good time to say I saw Aimee Teegarden at a party last night and she is a brunette and she likes to goofy dance.

– Appropriate laughs when hunk alien takes off his sweatshirt, revealing his trim waist as Emery drools over it. 

– Ha, the crowd is eating up this sappy romance stuff, giggling and "Whooooooo"ing as Emery and Roman heat up. 

– And it's over! And it's not really that good. But hey, that's just my opinion, what do I know?

– Lanter jokes about his shirt almost coming off. He gets it. 

– Now they're discussing the appropriate shipper name for Emery and Roman. Emeran seems to be the leader. But I like Romery, and oh God please kill me now. 

– The love triangle between Emery and Roman and one other handsome dude will be the foundation of the show, but the producers are also psyched to incorporate social commentary on immigration, integration, and the appropriateness of face tattoos. Okay just the first two, but I want to know about face tattoos. I'm about to get one. 

– The producers said The CW really pushed them to get into the sci-fi aspect of the series as opposed to just sticking with the teen romance stuff. 

– Grey Damon said his character Grayson has a dark past... "like Batman." And the crowd laughed. All it takes is a Batman joke to work the crowd? Eesh. 

– Teegarden is stoked to do science-fiction. "I love sci-fi, that's my jam," she said. 

– The panel ends with a sneak peek of The CW's Reign. I don't think Reign is getting its own panel here, so this is all Comic-Con is getting. Bye!

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