Season 1 Episode 5

Dreamers Often Lie

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2014 on The CW

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  • plodded along

    The episode kind of plodded along this week.
  • bland

    This just got cancelled and it is not difficult to see why. The concept of the show has a lot of potential. Star crossed lovers, aliens on earth and the difficulty of the humans of trusting them, treatment of minorities etc. But the star crossed love story kind of vanished after a few episodes. If you look at "Roswell" you can see what you can do with this concept for a whole season without it getting boring or bland and with a lot of simmering emotions and you as a viewer really rooting for the couple.

    There also was this whole plot development with "your father killed my father", which wasn't developed further in any way.

    There are also some unbelievable plot points: it seems one of the pupils at the school is really an Atrian who has been living as a human for years. How? Ok, she had her markings removed, but how does she avoid coming into contact with water, as that seems to make even removed markings glow. How did she escape the sector without anyone noticing? This is the future and the guards should have a tracking system and regular roll calls. She is underage, so who does she live with and are they human sympathisers or also escapees?

    Why do they integrate the Atrians further? It doesn't seem as if the humans are more open to integration judging by the protests which are still as strong. Shouldn't they wait for this to calm down?

    Why can Roman wander around outside without a guard? Don't they have to check up on him and protect him from attacks?

    The black cyper plan also doesn't seem very logical to me. Why poison the only city the Atrians live in? What do they think will happen? There are only a few hundred aliens and a big planet full of humans, who could just put them to death if they become a threat.

    I am still watching to see if the stories get any better and the character get more three dimensional. At the moment I have still difficulties remembering all the characters names, which is always a bad sign.
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