Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2014 on The CW

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  • Idk yet...

    i would like to see some of the girls stick up for themselves. its a lot of guys doing the fighting/standing up to ass holes. this is supposed to be a futuristic show come on now...
  • do more

    soooo much potential......... please do better
  • Has potential

    After bad reviews, I expected worse. It wasn't great but it does have potential to improve a lot. They need to go more into the alien storyline and less into the high school girlie crushes.
  • 8 out of 10

    better than i expected i like the storyline and plot of the episode hopefully it continues through the series not much more i can really say at the moment i have to see how the rest of the series goes at the moment i'll rate this plot at 8 out of 10 very hopeful for the future
  • Better than expected

    I didn't really know what to expect when I heard of this show, and to be honest, I thought the trailer for it was pretty unpromising. But when I saw the pilot I was actually pleasantly surprised. I thought it was well made and just enough back story for it to all make sense I reckon. I do like the characters so far too. I was worried Julia would pass away, but was glad to see her being saved at the end. I also have to say that I thought the cover of 'Age of Aquarius' at the end was brilliant and a great choice for the scenes.

    Bring on next week's episode. :)
  • Pilot

    Star-Crossed needs work, but I think because the premise is actually intriguing, even a poorly-written pilot couldn't screw it up to a point where I completely hated the episode. I'll watch again, but they need to settle down, develop things slowly and find a way to build toward something.

    This could be a fun escape, but right now this was only okay.
  • I agree about the music.

    Any Billboard chart version of "The Age of Aquarius" by The Fifth Dimension (a 1960's band) was better than this backround version. But, then I might have reminised instead of follow the plot.
  • Not THAT bad...

    Given reviews of the show that I read here on I expected much, much worse of this show. In the end, this pilot wasn't THAT bad. It was definitely better than many other teen-oriented show the CW (and other networks (I'm looking at you, ABC Family!)) gave us before.

    YES, everything is pretty clich and predictable, but the main characters are pretty good (for this type of show) and the whole thing is quite watchable (I know it's shallow but I liked the facial tatoos).

    Actually, the main thing that "saved" this pilot for me was that I REALLY liked the kids performances at the beginning (the whole "shed story"). They were good, cute and touching! I know a LOT of people complain about every single child acting here, but those two were really cute, and could act!

    So, I think I'll give Star Crossed a chance (though the title of the show is NOT promising).
  • Not impressed

    Wasn't impressed. It's absurd to think after a crash landing the government would leave a space craft stuck in the ground. Also why would the government just start killing, an obviously advanced race that is capable of space travel would kick our butts. Found the pilot boring and cliche. The lead male has a stupid hair cut or just stupid heir style that is distracting. Seriously caging up an alien race in some kind of modern interment camp is offensive.
  • Aquarius?

    Too bad they did not use the original Fifth Dimension version of Aquarius. It was a better version and this version was frankly terrible
  • Promising

    I enjoyed premier of series. I can see comparisons to Roswell but concept is different as aliens are not hiding their presence. The potential romance does have strong similarities though.

    Great to see Aimee Teegarden (FN Lights) Malese Jow (VD) and Greg Finley (II) (Secret Life) all give solid performances. I'm looking forward to next week with story arc and character development.