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  • Sad to know that the show has already ended

    "Star-Crossed" is one of the best show I've ever watched. My favorite characters are: Drake, Sophia and Teri. I was really upset that the show got cancelled. At least, make a movie or something. I hate how the shows I love get cancelled.
  • star-crossed

    im really mad!!! i loved this showww
  • what a joke!

    Really cranky about this a lot of people have only just started to watch this show and to only give it one season is a bit of a joke. why not give it a season 2 and take a chance on it like you did with hart of Dixie.
  • Heartbroken - A Great Show taken far too soon!!!!!

    Massively disappointed - what was the point in screening the show in the UK if it was cancelled. Having seen the last episode tonight I feel we've been cheated out of the full story and a proper decent ending if the show was going to finish so soon!! There are far too many unanswered questions now and leaving the program so open-ended doesn't speak highly to the makers/producers of this show. The CW have a lot to answer to the UK for on this one!!
  • another good show on!

    Cancel Hart of Dixie instead!
  • bring back my favorite shows

    why are all the good shows i like getting canceled this is so ridicules every time i start watching a new show and i start really liking it ,it gets canceled ............ please bring back star-crossed, the tomorrow people, and the carrie diaries
  • i want my shows back on

    I can't believe this, another good show canceled... what's wrong with these people. pretty soon I'm going to be in the streets all day because there's nothing to watch at home smh.. please bring back star crossed and the tomorrow people too and do not take off beauty and the beast either!
  • what is wrong with you!!

    Every good show gets cancelled and all the bad ones get renewed - bring back Star-Crossed!!!! and how can you even go off ratings when a lot of people download shows? Leave us hanging!! again!! PLEASE RENEW FOR SEASON 2 (and cancel Beauty and the Beast instead). Now that everything in the story is unfolding and interesting things are happening ... you cancel it!!! Gggrrrrr
  • Here is another one

    Once again another good series get canceled. They really didn't even give this show hope. If a show gets high ratings its first season is usally falls hard downward. If a show doesn't do so well the first season they usally go to the top. Stop canceling shows and see what they can do.

    Noooooo,you can't stop show is just is about teen romance and I am pretty sure that 80% of the people who watch Star-Crossed are don't know about you but I personally will write an email to and find out why they are canceling this amazing the way, I want to say something to the people that comment negative you don't like the show,why are you spending your time writing comments?Don't you have something else to do?You have your opinion and it is okey,but some people LOVE that show(like me)and we want season 2 and maybe even more if you liked that show or else you wouldn't like to see negative comments about the that :/
  • That's it, leave us hanging again!!

    They get our attention with a new show, but it's a little slow in the beginning so viewers start dropping off from watching just as the show starts getting interesting, but us faithful viewers keep watching till the end, which ended with a "I can't wait to see what happens next" ending, only to find out that again that us faithful viewers don't count, we don't get to see what happens next. Thanks again cw.
  • Has CW gone completely nuts?

    Whenever a show is "clean" and good for even kids to watch, it gets unplugged.

    Why was it necessary to cancel this show. It is not perfect but it is a very entertaining series.

    If you are going to pull the plug on a series, at least round it off before doing so!

    This is a disgrace like so many other shows that get cancelled just like that.
  • So many flaws, but I liked it.

    The show started as a simple cross-species teen romance. The plot began to expand and the more it did the more questions I had, such as: ten years have passed, so why hasn't the . government dismantled the alien ship looking for useful technology? Some flaws were due to budget constraints, but why is there only one government official? Why is human security around the Atrian compound so bad? It's harder for a human to get into the Atrian area than for Atrians to get out. Where is the military?

    Regardless, I enjoyed the storyline, and the season finale reopened the possibility of a larger plot line when Atrian military vessels were alerted to the crashed ship. Some stories are impossible to tell with a TV budget, and I think this is one of them. Still, it's a story I would have liked to see, even told as half-a$$ed as it was likely to have been told.

    Omg cant believe dis gonna be da last episode of star crossed i've been watching dis tv show eva since it came on and yall aint gonna make a 2nd season smfh why they gotta take every gud tv show been watching dis movie on a diff movie site and it has got (211431) votes!! Dam yhu CW stop taking every gud tv show offair all da dam time
  • Grrrr!

    The finale was

    Good it was picking up more. Would have liked to have a 2 season.
  • Don't cancel Just switch the day!!!

    I honestly can't believe this show is getting cancelled it has everything it needs to be sucessfull on the CW so why are you cancelling it!! Just change the days and I bet it will blow the charts away!!!
  • Best TV show I have ever watched! Why do you have to cancel?

    I am literally in love with this show at the moment as this is my favorite genre! I was so sad to hear it when it said that there was no longer going to be a season 2, why?? Anyway, with all these amazing reviews that I have read, I'm really surprised as to why it has been cancelled because literally everyone on these reviews are so positive. Star-crossed is the only reason I look forward to a Friday, and I can't believe that it has been cancelled now!!
  • Why ooooh why CW!

    I can't believe you are canceling Star crossed! Please tell me it ain't so! I really really like this show! I hope you all get your act together and change your minds! DO the right thing guys! Come on now!
  • sign so it can get renewed

  • CW........ honestly your channel pisses me off

    we get attached to a great show and you cancel it for no reason ! this show is great and my whole family watch it! please bring it back !

  • CW should be ashamed

    Hopefully another station will pick up Star-Crossed! The CW now has room for new shows since canceling what they have? I just don't get it! We should all boycot those new shows! Let's start a petition now!
  • I love this show

    It's ridiculous we get attached to a show than it's just cancelled. What is the sense in that!! I am pretty mad about this crap.
  • Missing eps 08-09

    I don't know why episodes stated above were not included in the list, but for those who still want to know their titles, here they are:

    Season 1 Episode 8 An Old Accustom'd Feast (7 April 2014)

    Season 1 Episode 9 Some Consequences Yet Hanging in the Stars (14 April 2014)

    Just a little more information, nothing more ^^

  • Love it until now

    This show has a target age group of teenagers and young adults. Now you're pushing homosexual themes on our kids and I draw the line.

    This show won't be in my home anymore. My kids don't need to be exposed to your homosexual agenda
  • Amazing Show

    Amazing show only reason i look forward to Tuesday as i watch it well in front of UK even watch the UK ones that how good it is. Great story lines, hot guys great actors (Roman, Drake) great pairings Romary, Daylor xx
  • Amazing Show!!!

    It amazes me because this will more than likely happen soon on earth.... However, this last episode ticked me off because of the damn pharmaceutical rep... Julia should have went straight too Roman and tell him what is going on even better yet her own best friend.... Shit like this pisses me off.... People always trying to make money...
  • The only reason i now look forward to Mondays!

    It has a lot of good potential, good storylines and a brand new community with its very own traditions and language. I'm already addicted, and i'm not an easy viewer, so it does mean something! #WewantStarcrossedSeason2, Italy loves Starcrossed
  • Atrians are AWESOME wellmost of them

    It's an amazing new show Hopefully we get a season 2 it has a lot of potential just needs more promotion Loving STAR~CROSSED Can't wait for the rest of the season then the Season 1 bluray
  • Great

    Just started in the UK and it is one of the best shows I have seen
  • Season 2 for Star-Crossed?

    I'm really shocked at all the good comments this show is getting. I personally love CW series, but this one is awful. I understand giving every new series a chance by watching the first couple episodes, but this one makes it so hard to get past the second one. The lead actress alone frustrates me. She's just hard to look at. It's like they're trying to put a whole bunch of shows together to make a great sci-fi romance, but failing miserably. The only thing that makes this show interesting is the fact that it's a show with aliens. We've seen the Vampires, Werewolfs, Witches and the future humans, at least CW brought something new. But still, a second season for this show?? I think not.
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