Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 1

Adrift (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2007 on Syfy
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With only 24 hours of power left, and unable to use the Stargate, the Atlantis team must once again save the city from certain doom, while Dr. Weir struggles to survive.

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    Adrift, the season 4 opening episode for Stargate Atlantis was great! It picked up where season 3 left off, with Atlantis rapidly losing power, lost in space. Also Dr. Weir is in critical condition, while Ronin recovers from his own injuries incurred by the replicator satellite beam. The city is headed towards an asteroid belt, and so they take the puddle jumpers to clear a path, which was really cool. Meanwhile Carter attempts to come up with a way to reach Atlantis from the Midway station straddling the 2 galaxies. McKay ends up reactivating the nannites in Weirs body and Sheppard was not happy. It was an action packed, informative, and partly emotional episode. Season 4 is starting off great, hope the stories continue on this track.moreless
  • I loved this episode but not as much as I loved John/Joe.

    I have always been a fan of Joe Flanigan and Sheppard is my favorite character but I do sometimes agree with people who say he kind of eases through his role and doesn't add emphasis to his actions and lines. However in this episode he was on fire, from his awkward conversation with McKay about being in charge to his nicely subtle and beautiful emotional response to just how dire Elizibeth's case was, his performance just oozed presence and I loved every minute of it. But my favorite part was how he responded to Rodney after he activated the nanites, I really thought he was going to hit Rodney and it was nice to see him respond with actual fury.

    Also: "If you dumb this down anymore your gonna get hit" HEH

    As for the episode itself I really liked it. Atlantis has a track record of poor second parter's but this was really good. I do think they kind of over did it with one perilous situation after another but the wonderful balance between action and emotion made up for it.

    I loved Ronan's conversation with a comatose Weir it's always nice to see more to him than just the gruff warrior.

    Also is it just me or has Rodney toned down the snarky a*s routine since Adrift 1, still small examples but he seems much more pleasant to watch.

    Not much of Teyla sadly. Too early to be sure about the new doctor, but she seems nice and sincere.moreless
  • so...trapped on Atlantis in space....

    I just don't like this story very much. They're all trapped on Atlantis and everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. I just think it's really unrealstic...though it is sci-fi. Anyways, I guess I liked the Weir story line just because it showed everyone's true character. I wished that Weir would die...ya, that sounds harsh. Sheppard made the right decision. I don't like Carter and I thought her parts in the episode were pointless. They just put those in to have her. The whole astroiid thing and then the hyper-drive breaking, really...just not interesting. I thought Ronan was funny. Overall, I didn't really like the story at all. However, there still were the little things that I love Atlantis for. I hope the conclusion is better...moreless
  • All alone in the night...

    It was great episode - so many thing happening, so many excitement and all struggling to survive.

    Poor Elizabeth what they are doing with her - first the surgery she had to survive and then the replicators. They replicated her - it's cruel.

    I most say, most I loved the asteroid part - all the jumpers, making way clear to the Atlantis, and then Zelenka and Sheppard going to fix the hyperdrive. Sad, that they made it, but too late. That jump they had - very well visually done - all those towers...

    Overall, it was really a perfect episode, with a lot of action, desperate situations, all new ideas and always - they failed. And the way it ended - have to see what comes now.moreless
  • What a way to start off a new season!

    The bounding action from the minute the show starts until it ends shows what kind of season this is going to be! I was left feeling quite breathless. The whole city is afloat and in danger. Weir is in dire straights and I thought for sure she would be dead. This was one of the action packed scenes that had you cringing by your chair!

    I see new tensions developing among the Atlantis team. This will cause great character growth I think which is sorely needed to keep this how from.

    I like this season for the shows seem just a bit darker than previously. Interesting to say the least.moreless
Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Major / Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

Rachel Luttrell

Rachel Luttrell

Teyla Emmagan

Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping

Colonel Samantha Carter

David Hewlett

David Hewlett

Dr. Rodney McKay

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Ronon Dex

Surin Narula

Surin Narula

Young Doctor

Guest Star

Yee Jee Tso

Yee Jee Tso

Systems Tech

Guest Star

Rick Wong

Rick Wong

Med Tech

Guest Star

Chuck Campbell

Chuck Campbell


Recurring Role

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite

Dr. Jennifer Keller

Recurring Role

Torri Higginson

Torri Higginson

Dr. Elizabeth Weir

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Sheppard & Zelenka are in space suits the chest units are laid out with a round unit at the top left & a rectangle on lower right. When Shepard hooks the tether up the layout is the same as all other shots but all the words are reversed on the controls.

    • Goof: A screen on the Midway Station shows the iris is closed on the Milky-way Stargate although there is no iris on either of the gates on the Midway station.

    • Goof: When Sheppard goes out to fix the hyperspace array, he can hear several of the micro-asteroids tearing through the city. However, given that they are in open space, they would not hear any noise at all.

    • This is the first time McKay calls Sheppard by his first name John in the series.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (out in space, the Jumpers near the edge of the asteroid belt.)
      McKay: Now what?
      Sheppard: On my mark, you, Bolton and Levine are gonna break formation and head back to the city -- take out anything that we missed.
      McKay: (nervously) Oh, that sounds important. Maybe someone else should--
      Sheppard: (interrupting) Break!

    • McKay: Okay, this is stupid.
      Sheppard: What is?
      McKay: Us fighting! Look, I know you're not happy with me and you may have some cause but it's not gonna matter much if we don't figure a way out of this right? Look, we have to work together so... so I'm sorry.
      Sheppard: Apology accepted.

    • McKay: You're a Genius.
      Keller: Well you know, trying to save a life and what not.

    • Keller: McKay! I've been trying to reach you.
      McKay: Well I've been trying to save the city and what not.

    • McKay: It will be a breeze, with the exception of the micro asteroids.
      Sheppard: The what?
      McKay: We've just been through an asteroid belt. The big stuff is behind us but there's still an amount of bullet sized rocks out there.
      Sheppard: Tiny rock bullets? Great.
      McKay: I'm sure you'll be fine.

    • McKay: It's complicated. Look, imagine them as leaky pipes okay?
      Sheppard: Okay.
      McKay: So you pump water through them, they leak right?
      Sheppard: Dumb this down any more, you're gonna get hit.
      McKay: Sorry.

    • Sheppard: Listen...
      McKay: What?
      Sheppard: You've been making a lot of decisions without consulting me.
      McKay: I'm sorry but we're a little under the gun here, things move fast.
      Sheppard: I understand that but with Elizabeth... incapacitated... I hate to say it but erm..
      McKay: You're in charge here.

    • Keller: We need you here Elizabeth.

    • Zelenka: Several of the main conduits were affected by the brush of the beam.
      McKay: Alright that means that we need to uh...
      Zelenka: Yes, yes, yes. You should get the...
      McKay: Yeah I will as soon as I shut down all the...
      Zelenka: Yes, yes, I will do the same thing here.
      Sheppard: Wait, wait, what's going on here?

    • Ronon: Pull It Out!
      Doctor: Yeah yeah, I get it, you're a tough guy. If you want to pull it out, go ahead but I'm not...
      (Ronon makes a move to pull the shard of glass out himself)
      Doctor: Are you crazy?

    • Sheppard: Who would that be?
      McKay: That, that would be the replicator homeworld. You feel up to a heist?

    • McKay: It looks like the old video game Asteroids.
      Sheppard: Well, whatever works for you.
      McKay: I was terrible at Asteroids. I think I actually scored zero once.
      Sheppard: Then there only one way to go and that's up.

    • McKay: OK, I'll give you the Cole's Notes.
      Sheppard: What?
      McKay: Ah, the Cliff Notes.
      Sheppard: Why didn't you just say that?
      McKay: Look never mind.

  • NOTES (10)

    • This season sees the cast mostly wearing the new leather uniforms. The exception is Sheppard as Joe Flanigan was not a fan of the leather uniform, favoring the black Air Force fatigues instead.

    • Gerry Durand (Frank Levine, Jumper pilot) is Joe Flanigan's stand-in on the show.

    • During the scenes showing Weir's surgery, there was an actual brain surgeon standing behind the camera instructing Dr. Keller on what she should be doing.

    • The shots of the doors closing are re-used from the season one episode, "Hot Zone", with the city shield effect added.

    • Awards:

      -This episode was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series.
      -This episode was nominated for a VES Award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series.

    • Captain Levine was named for Script Coordinator Alex Levine.

    • The events of this episode in the Stargate chronology take place following the Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth movie during which or prior, Carter is promoted to a full Colonel. The movie was set to be released before Atlantis's fourth season was to begin. However because of post-production delays, it was postponed until 2008 making this episode the first time viewers saw Carter as a full Colonel.

    • This episode, and the next one, "Lifeline", were leaked onto the Internet on September 12, 2007. These two episodes, however, were rough cuts without sound effects or music, as well as missing many computer generated scenes used solely for aesthetic purposes and scene changes.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: October 1, 2007 on The Movie Network and Movie Central
      UK: October 9, 2007 on Sky One
      Syndication Premiere: September 20-21, 2008
      Czech Republic: June 29, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi
      Australia: November 5, 2009 on 7TWO

    • Amanda Tapping joins the cast of Atlantis this season.


    • Asteroids:

      Asteroids was a vector-based video arcade game released in 1979 by Atari Inc. The objective being to shoot apart asteroids without colliding into them.