Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 1

Adrift (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2007 on Syfy

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    Adrift, the season 4 opening episode for Stargate Atlantis was great! It picked up where season 3 left off, with Atlantis rapidly losing power, lost in space. Also Dr. Weir is in critical condition, while Ronin recovers from his own injuries incurred by the replicator satellite beam. The city is headed towards an asteroid belt, and so they take the puddle jumpers to clear a path, which was really cool. Meanwhile Carter attempts to come up with a way to reach Atlantis from the Midway station straddling the 2 galaxies. McKay ends up reactivating the nannites in Weirs body and Sheppard was not happy. It was an action packed, informative, and partly emotional episode. Season 4 is starting off great, hope the stories continue on this track.
  • I loved this episode but not as much as I loved John/Joe.

    I have always been a fan of Joe Flanigan and Sheppard is my favorite character but I do sometimes agree with people who say he kind of eases through his role and doesn't add emphasis to his actions and lines. However in this episode he was on fire, from his awkward conversation with McKay about being in charge to his nicely subtle and beautiful emotional response to just how dire Elizibeth's case was, his performance just oozed presence and I loved every minute of it. But my favorite part was how he responded to Rodney after he activated the nanites, I really thought he was going to hit Rodney and it was nice to see him respond with actual fury.

    Also: "If you dumb this down anymore your gonna get hit" HEH

    As for the episode itself I really liked it. Atlantis has a track record of poor second parter's but this was really good. I do think they kind of over did it with one perilous situation after another but the wonderful balance between action and emotion made up for it.

    I loved Ronan's conversation with a comatose Weir it's always nice to see more to him than just the gruff warrior.

    Also is it just me or has Rodney toned down the snarky a*s routine since Adrift 1, still small examples but he seems much more pleasant to watch.

    Not much of Teyla sadly. Too early to be sure about the new doctor, but she seems nice and sincere.
  • so...trapped on Atlantis in space....

    I just don't like this story very much. They're all trapped on Atlantis and everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. I just think it's really unrealstic...though it is sci-fi. Anyways, I guess I liked the Weir story line just because it showed everyone's true character. I wished that Weir would die...ya, that sounds harsh. Sheppard made the right decision. I don't like Carter and I thought her parts in the episode were pointless. They just put those in to have her. The whole astroiid thing and then the hyper-drive breaking, really...just not interesting. I thought Ronan was funny. Overall, I didn't really like the story at all. However, there still were the little things that I love Atlantis for. I hope the conclusion is better...
  • All alone in the night...

    It was great episode - so many thing happening, so many excitement and all struggling to survive.

    Poor Elizabeth what they are doing with her - first the surgery she had to survive and then the replicators. They replicated her - it's cruel.

    I most say, most I loved the asteroid part - all the jumpers, making way clear to the Atlantis, and then Zelenka and Sheppard going to fix the hyperdrive. Sad, that they made it, but too late. That jump they had - very well visually done - all those towers...

    Overall, it was really a perfect episode, with a lot of action, desperate situations, all new ideas and always - they failed. And the way it ended - have to see what comes now.
  • What a way to start off a new season!

    The bounding action from the minute the show starts until it ends shows what kind of season this is going to be! I was left feeling quite breathless. The whole city is afloat and in danger. Weir is in dire straights and I thought for sure she would be dead. This was one of the action packed scenes that had you cringing by your chair!

    I see new tensions developing among the Atlantis team. This will cause great character growth I think which is sorely needed to keep this how from.

    I like this season for the shows seem just a bit darker than previously. Interesting to say the least.
  • Poor old Dr. Weir

    Things are not looking too good for Dr. Weir seeing that now she holds replicator DNA. But if McKay did not infect her with them she would have died...but why do i feel there will be consequences to this? Well for the most part McKay was faced with the impossible challenge of trying to save atlantis from running out of power. And he came up with a bold idea to steel from the replactors a ZPM. Also there was a lot more tension between characters in this episode and i enjoyed the part where John had to go out in the space suit. Well Weir almost died in this episode and she is not out of the woods yet. It is also troubling that she is no longer on the title sequence. It was nice to see Amanda Tapping who apparently will be taking Weirs place...But overall a great start to the new season.
  • Atlantis is stranded in the middle of the nowhere, they have no power, and no way to get help? What do they do? Well watch and find out.

    This was a good way to start out the season and I am really looking foreward to seeing the rest of the season it sounds like it will be a good one. Right off the bat you know that a lot of things are going to change. Weir is mortally wounded and is only alive because Dr. McKay managed to get her nanites working again. But we all know she's outta here. Col. Carter will replace her as the head of atlantis. Also not sure if you guys noticed but Teyla is preggers! That'll be revealed soon and its no of our guys, someone new. But anyways the episode... you I am really upset that Torri Higginson is leaving, but it will be nice to see Amanda Tapping again, she's great in SG-1 all in all a good start to a new season
  • Atlantis is floating in the middle of space with no power. Weir is also seriously wounded.

    When I watched this episode it felt like nothing major happened. Except for a few small points I think they could have gone straight to the next episode. This is Atlantis, so it was still great to watch, but I thought it could have been better. However, I did like it when McKay and Shepard disagreed on the nanites to be activated in Weir. I also enjoyed it when Ronan thanked Weir for letting him stay on Atlantis. Overall it was a good episode, but not a great one. I'm looking forward to a new episode once they land Atlantis.
  • An excellent kick off for the fourth season

    I was really looking forward to seeing this episode and I was'nt disappointed. It was non stop action from begining to end and the second episode promises to continue the trend. I am somewhat wary of the addition of Sam Carter to the cast but I am willing to keep an open mind about it until I get to see her in a few more episodes. I am going to miss Weir and Beckett alot but I am hopeful we will get to see them again especially if the show gets picked up for a fifth season. This whole season seems to be moving down a slightly darker path which will be very interesting for every character on the show.
  • Atlantis is in serious danger when they fly the city into outerspace and drop out of hyperspace in the middle of nowhere with a neary depleted ZPM.

    Adrift is a strong season premiere in a critical period forSGA and maybe even for the entire Stargate franchise. The powers that be will decide early in the season of SGA will be picked up for a 5th season. Because of the stakes I feared that the writers of SGA were going to put the premiere full of action, numerable plotlines and too many charachters. They made that mistake with The Return part 2 nut this time around they delivered a well balanced episode. Adrift had everything that makes Atlantis what it is. A great cast, great acting, interesting storylines and even a good sense of humor. At first I thought that there could have been a little more action in the premiere but that wouldn't do this storyarc justice. This arc is very well crafted en the 3 episodes dedicated to it are well deserved. Maybe there could have been a little more Carter but I loved the Weir plotline. I expect Lifeline to be even a little better than Adrift. If it will be enough to keep SAG going wel will know soon enough. Lets hope that SciFi wants to keep it going until the SG1 movies and the MMORPG game ar finished. That will give the franchise an enormous boost. And after that SGA can be a perfect lead in for Stargate Universe.
  • Good Episode.

    I liked this episode, and it was a nice starter for season 4. However, and I'm probably in the minority here, but I didn't particularly like so many little problems having to get fixed throughout the episode. It seemed like fix this problem, here comes another one, fix that problem, here's a new one, etc. It's like they were filling time with more small problems. I would have preferred concentrating on two or three bigger problems. But overall, a nice episode, and I do like the major plots and where (I think) things are heading.
  • A great start to the fourth season!

    One of the things I enjoyed about the third season finale was the endless cascade of problems to be solved. Every new moment seemed to complicate the situation for Team Atlantis, leading to casualties and an exodus from their planet of residence. One might have expected this episode to provide a bit of hope, but the writers took things in a far more interesting direction.

    Some might have found the episode depressing or even overwhelmingly negative, but that's not the way I would describe it. Instead, I thought it gave the characters a chance to prove their meddle through extreme adversity. This is functionally equivalent to the end of the first season, where the Wraith launched a blistering attack on Atlantis, a situation that took a few episodes to cover. This particular crisis is one of their own making, however, making the process of survival more painful.

    Sheppard has always been something of a leader, but the writers have preferred to give him enough latitude to maintain his O'Neill-esque sense of dry humor. It's good to see him forced into more of a standard command role. For one thing, it puts him in direct conflict with McKay, who has become too accustomed to a free hand. In many ways, McKay becomes an instant problem for Sheppard: he needs the genius to keep the city intact and the team alive, but he also needs control over the total operation.

    McKay does what he always does, taking action without consultation and stepping around authority when he believes himself to be right. Which, of course, is practically every waking moment. All the same, his decision to give the Replicator nanites to Weir should not have been framed as his call alone. Dr. Keller was equally involved. Acknowledging that, of course, would have complicated the conflict between Sheppard and McKay, which was the point of the exercise.

    In the end, Weir's medical status will reflect badly on McKay (assuming that things go wrong, which they are practically required to do), especially once Colonel Carter is in the mix. Carter's scientific arrogance is more subtle than McKay's, but it's there all the same. She will question McKay's judgment and Sheppard's ability to control Team Atlantis, and in the end, that is why she'll be in charge.

    This could lead to new tensions within Team Atlantis, and that could be a good thing. According to the producers, the goal is to present each character with a clear arc over the course of the season. If done well, this could help continue the improvement, especially if McKay is finally forced to face the consequences of his actions. Character growth is scarce in the "Stargate" franchise, however, so fans will simply have to wait and see.
  • Out in the void of space with only 24 hours of power left, Atlantis faces its bleakest and most dangerous challenge yet.

    Season 4 kicks off where season 3 finished. The first thing I noticed about the episode was the lighting and the general mood of the show. It had a more a darker bleaker feel than previous stargate episodes, which in my opinion is a good thing, change is always good. The general story of this (plot spoiler) is to repair the condoutes (can't spell, lol) before the minimum power requirments for hyperspace travel is lost. The episode is very much a roller coaster ride with a reverting plot. What I liked about it was that there wasn't much action in the episode, yet it was very entetaining.

    The visuals were outstanding as usual and this year it is the best on tv. This is probably due to the fact that sg1 isn't on anymore and MGM pumped a bit more production money into Atlantis. There were a few new sets such as the Midway station, a bit too treky in my opinion. Overall this is a great opener with a neat twist at the end but keep in minde this is the second part of a three parter so expect Lifeline to be action packed.
  • YAY!! ATLANTIS IS BACK! (spoilers may follow, so proceed at your own risk)

    Atlantis returns! And with a very good beginning episode. I'm so excited that it came back (not that I was really worried, but still). What can I say? It was more of the wonderful and entertaining McKay-Sheppard-occasional Zelenka banter that all of us love so much. It had injury (and a bit of insult). Ronon has glass in his shoulder, and wasn't too happy about being treated (he wanted to pull it out and get the whole ordeal over with). Weir's brain was swelling, so McKay reprogrammed the nanobots in her bloodstream (remember those Replicators who invaded her blood?). He reactivated them and they healed her. But this cannot be good for our dear leader, although I must say I'm kind of happy she's leaving and Carter is stepping in (and with longer hair! *gasp*). Zelenka got a micro asteroid through the leg through his space suit (and the blood looked awesome in space..just thought I'd through that in..). Jewel Staite plays a wonderful doctor and kind of fills Carson's spot, though she's no Carson. With Weir incapacitated, Sheppard is in command of Atlantis and has to make the decisions, something which McKay doesn't exactly want to accept. Overall this episode is great. The only problem is that it ended!
  • Atlantis adrift, Weir hurt, no contact, low on power: The cliff-hanger continues, & I can't wait for the next! *Spoiler free review*

    The episode was another one of those eminent death kind of episodes, with the whole city in danger, but it also focuses on the eminent death of Weir a great deal as well. During the Weir scenes, emotion runs high and shows off Sheppard's character a bit more, showing how he can be level-headed and think logically.

    The dose of humour in the episode was a little less than normal, with only one real laugh-out-loud time (see below).

    Also, the budget seems to be a bit higher for SG:A now that SG-1 has been killed... There was a generous amount of well made CG scenes in space.

    The ending of this episode was completely unbelievable, and I laughed out loud when I heard Rodney's last line, as well as Sheppard's reaction to it.

    Overall, I thought it was a nice season opener, and it keeps me on the edge of my seat for the next episode! Can't wait!
  • Well this was unexpected for me the events that transpired in these episode. What started out as a saga of Atlantis trying to make it through and out of space. During this journey we have Weir being infected with Replicators, Cmd Carter just

    Well this was unexpected for me the events that transpired in these episode. What started out as a saga of Atlantis trying to make it through and out of space. During this journey we have Weir being infected with Replicators, Cmd Carter just waiting at a rendevous point, and a plan to invade the Replicator home world and steal zpms! The drama and action of this episode made the show for me. Everything was a fight for survival from the shield collapse and killing anyone on the outside instantly. To not only asteroids but destroying them and then having to worry about their fragments. The development with Weir was the icing on the cake will she become possessed again and if not what will become of her? I advise you do as i'll do and tune in next week.
  • Replicators are on their way to Earth, the city is lost and losing power, Dr. Weir is severely injured and in a coma, placing Col. Sheppard in charge of the dieing spaceship city.

    The new season starts out at warp speed and shows no signs of slowing down, or letting up. When we last left them the crew of the now flying city of Atlantis, was in grave danger as the city sustained severe damage during their departure from Lantea. As usual the team is up against almost insurmountable odds, only this time Dr. Weir isn't the one in charge of Atlantis, its Major Col. Jack Sheppard. As Dr. Weir's medical situation deteriorates, it mirrors the shape the city is in, as the two of them seem to be getting worse by the minute. Soon enough Dr. Zelenka and Mckay have made a breakthrough, when after one second of relief they realize the city only has 24 hours of power left before the power levels will be too low to make the jump to hyperspace. In an effort to reduce the power consumption Mckay brings the shield all the way up to the center spire of the city. In the process 3 members are killed as the city tries to save itself by sealing off certain sections one by one. After working at a fever pace to repair the sections of conduit that were damaged the most, Dr. Zelenka and Mckay get to another point were it seems things are starting to look up, then after about 5 seconds things go down hill at a faster rate than ever before. Dr. Weir's condition becomes so bad the only choice to sustain her life is to reactivate the nanites in her body and have them repair her body from the inside...needless to say Major Sheppard doesn't agree with this plan stating Dr. Weir wouldn't want us to endanger the mission, but Mckay defies his orders and reactivates the nanites after disabling their ability to be controlled by the Asurans, or so he hopes. We leave this episode again in the razors edge of utter disaster as the ships power levels are now too low to make the jump to hyperspace and they have very little time left before they loose life support and die. But there is one ray of hope....if they can find a planet with a ZPM, they can use a modified jumper to go retrieve it and bring it back to power the city.....

    fortunately there is a planet near by that Mckay and the others know has a ZPM, it in fact has multiples....

    unfortunately that planet is the home world of the Asurans(Replicators)and they aren't very willing to help the Atlantis team out, other than to try to immediately kill them on sight, by any means possible.

    All in all, this was the best season premier since the pilot. If this episode is any indication, this season will be unreal, and we can also expect to have cameos from members of the SG-1 team as their series has come to and end on television, all though I know there are 2 movies coming out soon, so lets hope the Atlantis team survives long enough to appear in those films.

    I give it 5 out of 5 gates
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