Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 20

Allies (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on Syfy
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Atlantis joins forces with a Wraith faction led by Michael, the Wraith they tried to turn into a human, who seeks their help in destroying their common enemies.

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  • Dr. Weir and SGA leaders fall out of the stupid tree

    Dr. Weir and SGA leaders fall out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

    The reveal earth's location to the wraiths.
  • See Summary

    Allies was a great season finale. It had action, drama, intrigue, mystery, and kept a steady pace. It was fun to follow what was going on and trying to guess alterior motives. The Wraith ship which had been approching Atlantis finally arrives and no surprise really, but Michael was aboard. The Wraith upon this hive wish to form an alliance to obtain the retrovirus created by Dr. Beckett in order to change enemy hive ships into humans to feed upon. This seems like a good deal, and everything seems to go smoothly, until the end when the Wraith Hive ship betrays the Atlanteans and attacks the Daedelus after downloading some vital info, including the location of Earth, and how to get there! The Season 3 Opener should be just as good, can't wait to see it!!!!moreless
  • The Wraith appear above Atlantis in a single hive ship inhabited by Michael their specimen fro the named episode. Of course they know Atlantis is there so they call down for a meeting which turns into a deal with the Devil.moreless

    Certainly not the cliffhanger the first season set us up with. Unfortunately we know both Ronon and Rodney are coming back so not much of a cliffhanger there. The part I had trouble with was they so blithely accepting information that seemed to good to be true and then allowing it access to the mainframe.

    Also how they missed the uploading of the data at the same time is beyond me. These systems are pretty sophisticated and I can tell you that if you upload a song it registers somewhere. So uploading the Aurora schematics and the position of all known worlds in the universe had to be a pretty good chunk of data. Would these people be that blinded to what was going on? Now really! Think about some of the scientific discoveries these people have supposedly made! With Rodney's ego I understand but not Zelenka.

    The episode itself was full of exciting action and one would have to assume that Sheppard has hitched a ride somehow with one of the Wraith Hive ships. He has driven a Dart into one of those ships before.

    The only question is how the Wraith think they are going to get to the Milky Way so fast. They uploaded the Aurora plans so they have the hyper drive technology but can they implement it in flight or are they going somewhere else to implement it before they go? Also how many of the Wraith have been actual informed of all this besides the two hive ships? The supposed placating at the beginning was unbelievable and again I can't believe that Atlantis (Weir and company) fell for this. I must say it is getting to the point where you have to wonder about the decisions these leaders have been making the last ten or so episodes. Gosh, I am starting to believe Kavanagh! Luckily it is just a show so no lives are on the line except those of us watching this. :) I hope the writing gets better in the third season. I mean there has to be a reason this show went for five plus seasons. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • An intriguing alliance...

    This episode... I have no words - the way it starts and they way it goes until the last minutes when all the horrible things are blown up for us.

    The ethical dilemma - working with wraiths against wraiths and give them the retro virus in order they could feed on themselves. Poor Beckett, his discovery is used so horrible way and he doesn't seemed to take it. But McKay, he is like on heaven, getting all the information about wraith and learning all those new things - he is so eager that he cannot see or understand any threat.

    But wraiths, they are really clever.. and we end with cliffhanger.. It has been great season, but there were quite many episodes what did not get us nowhere. The start of the season was strong, the middle was weak and they managed to make up most of it to the end, but first season was more impressive.moreless
  • The end of season 2...

    So the big cliff-hanger is that the Wraith now know where Earth is! OMG! What are they going to do? Well that is when the screen goes black and says to be continued. So we are left to wonder. Is Sheppard ok? Will McKay and Rowon be killed? All thought this episode i knew that Atlantis should not have teamed up with the Wraith. I still do not trust that Micheal guy, he is jsut bad news. Well all thoughout this episode i could not take my eyes off the screen. Season 3 is going to be bigger and bettter. I can't wait. Season 2 has been a great season, plot wise so lets hope seaosn 3 can be as good in that respect.moreless
Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Major / Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

Rachel Luttrell

Rachel Luttrell

Teyla Emmagan

David Hewlett

David Hewlett

Dr. Rodney McKay

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Ronon Dex

Paul McGillion

Paul McGillion

Dr. Carson Beckett

Torri Higginson

Torri Higginson

Dr. Elizabeth Weir

Brent Stait

Brent Stait

Michael Kenmore

Guest Star

Sheri Noel

Sheri Noel

Lab Assistant

Guest Star

David Nykl

David Nykl

Dr. Radek Zelenka

Recurring Role

Chuck Campbell

Chuck Campbell


Recurring Role

Andee Frizzell

Andee Frizzell

Wraith Queen

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The first on-screen appearance of the Wraith Scout ship. It was first mentioned in "Aurora."

    • Because of their organic technology, Wraith hive ships have a number of external weaknesses that Dr. Zelenka has already determined. Before the civil war there were Wraith Keepers who maintained the entire fleet, like the one the team encountered soon after its arrival in the Pegasus Galaxy ("Rising (2)"). The Wraith have confirmed that there are more than one of them, and that like other Wraith they have made their own alliances.

    • The Wraith experimented with gas weapons long ago, but found them difficult to use in outer atmosphere combat. The weapons caused explosive decompression in a targeted section.

    • The Wraith used their computer virus to steal only two pieces of information from Atlantis: the Aurora mission reports, and the location of every world in their database. This includes Earth, which is where the two hive ships are now headed.

    • The Wraith -- or at least some, have no qualms about feeding on their own people. The retrovirus makes that possible, stripping out the Iratus bug DNA and leaving only the human behind. This was also seen in the episode "The Defiant One" when the Wraith survivor feed on his own crew.

    • Goof: As the armed guards escorted the Wraith party through the corridors of Atlantis, all of their uniform patches, including those of the guards lining the corridors as well, were on the wrong sides, placing the Atlantis patch on the left arm and their flag on the right. This was due to the footage being flipped horizontally, as the padded shoulder strap of the guard's body armour (which is usually on the right shoulder/breast) was also on the wrong side.

  • QUOTES (38)

    • Wraith: I see you have awakened.
      McKay: Really? I was sort of hoping this was just a nightmare.

    • Ronon: (being trapped on a hive ship) You okay?
      McKay: No. No, I think this is the most not okay I have ever been.

    • Sheppard: Who's firing on us?
      Kleinman: Two hive ships bearing down on our position, sir. One of them is the friendly.
      Sheppard: (another console explodes) Not so friendly.

    • Sheppard: Are we there yet?
      Caldwell: Do you have any idea how difficult these manoeuvers are gonna be?
      Sheppard: I'm guessing... really difficult.

    • McKay: Hmm. I should be on that hive when we do this.
      Weir: Excuse me?!
      Sheppard: Really?
      McKay: I know it's uncharacteristically brave, but I've hacked a lot of their systems under the guise of repairing them. I've convinced them that I should be there to supervise their systems if anything goes wrong.
      Weir: And they agreed to this?
      McKay: Yes. Plus, now we can freely beam stuff on and off their ships ... I've written a program that will immediately beam me out of there the second I activate this emergency transponder.

    • Sheppard: (about the Wraith Queen) What's a girl like her do for fun?

    • Hive Queen: Getting to this location without arousing suspicion will be very difficult.
      Weir: Sure it will be, but we can't really help you with that.
      McKay: Although the Colonel and I have come up with a way to test that theory. Step one: we find another enemy hive and jump to a location just out of its sensor range.
      Sheppard: Step two: the Daedalus takes position in close proximity to your hive, essentially merging with your scan patterns, rendering it practically invisible to the enemy sensors.
      McKay: Step three: using sublight systems, our ships approach the target hive for... whatever reason; I'm sure you can come with something.
      Sheppard: Step four: now that the Daedalus can use its beaming technology again...
      McKay: which would be thanks to... (pointing to himself)
      Sheppard: Anyway... once we get in range, we can beam the canister into the CO2 chamber and boom! One hive ship de-Wraithified.

    • McKay: ((to the Wraith, after Dex attacks that Wraith) We are sorry. (to Ronon) Say you're sorry!
      Wraith: That will not be necessary. He was protecting his superior. I would have done the same.
      Ronon: He's not my superior.
      McKay: Certainly not in... every sense.

    • (the Wraith touches Rodney's shoulder, Ronon attacks the Wraith)
      McKay: Ronon, are you crazy?! Do you wanna get us killed?!
      Ronon: (to the Wraith) You don't touch him.
      McKay: He was guiding me down the hall, not sucking the life out of my shoulder!

    • Wraith: Do you think we will be able to come up with an adequate delivery system for the retrovirus?
      McKay: Hmm. Well, I know that you don't know me, so you couldn't possibly know this, but...
      Ronon: The short answer is yes.

    • Wraith: Before the civil war, there were Keepers who maintained the entire fleet, but they have made their own alliances.
      Ronon: Sorry about that.
      Wraith: Without your help, this damage may have been irreparable.
      McKay: Ah, finally an alien race that appreciates me!

    • McKay: The organic base of a lot of your technology; it's, uh, it's quite amazing. Very, um, resilient.
      Wraith: Many of the problems we encounter eventually heal themselves, yes, but there are smaller, more complex issues.
      McKay: Ah. Such as the programming code to make your old ships do new things?
      Wraith: Or bypassing inoperable systems, yes. It has been so long since we have fought a real battle.
      McKay: Yes, well, I imagine I'd forget a lot in ten thousand years too.

    • Zelenka: We decided to split into two teams. Team A over here is trying to find the best place or places to plant the gas canister and Team B over there is trying to come up with some fixes for the damage that the Wraith hive sustained during its last battle.
      Sheppard: And you?
      Zelenka: Um, mostly I'm just skimming the index.

    • Sheppard: How's it coming?
      Zelenka: Ah. Oh, it's, it's phenomenal. It's, it's like being handed a Wraith encyclopedia. It's hard to know where to start.
      Sheppard: When I was a kid and I got my first encyclopedia, I started with the letter "S".
      Zelenka: Yes, well, while I'm sure that Wraith sexuality is interesting, we've decided to split into two teams.

    • McKay: (about the information the hive Queen sent) She actually did it! I mean, this is the motherlode!
      Weir: What is, exactly?
      McKay: Only everything you've ever wanted to know about Wraith technology but were afraid to ask.

    • Sheppard: (to the Wraith Queen) So we have to do everything?!
      (the Queen doesn't reply)
      McKay: Okay, okay. I will figure something out. (to the Queen) But no more holding back. I wanna know everything there is to know about hive ships: schematics, power distribution, life support configurations, everything you've got.
      Hive Queen: Then you shall have it.
      McKay: For real?

    • McKay: Okay, try it now. (The screen says "SIMULATION SUCCESSFUL") Well, well. Turns out the human knows what he's doing after all.
      Hermoid: Indeed. Your assistance on this project will be noted.
      McKay: My assistance?!

    • McKay: They didn't need you on the Daedalus?
      Hermiod: Colonel Caldwell believed my time was better spent disabling their jamming code.
      McKay: Huh! So, they can fly that ship without you.
      Hermiod: Yes. But apparently you cannot run these tests without me.
      McKay: I'm sure I would have been fine.
      Hermiod: I am not as sure.

    • Kleinman: We're getting telemetry back from the cloaked Jumper, sir. It's in theatre.
      Caldwell: Let's see it.
      Kleinman: (referring to the display) That's our hive there on the left.
      Sheppard: Our hive. It's weird.

    • Beckett: We can't judge an entire race based on the fact that Michael's experiment didn't work.
      Weir: If you're asking me whether or not I'm losing sleep over this... Hmm, well, I am taking those sedatives you prescribed.

    • Wraith: How long for the gas to take effect?
      Beckett: Well, theoretically...
      Zelenka: ...we don't know. (Carson throws him a look) Well, we don't.
      Beckett: He's right. We don't.

    • Hive Queen: Your retrovirus will allow us to feed off enemy Wraith. There will come a time, however, when our enemy will be vanquished.
      Sheppard: At which point you'll return to killing ordinary folks the old fashioned way.
      Hive Queen: That will take far longer than your short lifetime.
      Sheppard: Let's just say I'm worried about my grandkids.

    • Teyla: Hello, Michael.
      Michael: It seemed right to come back here, and to see you. Thank you for coming. You didn't have to bring him.
      Ronon: I insisted.
      Michael: The last time I saw you, I really was going to feed on you, but it was not a matter of choice. It was ... instinct.
      Teyla: That is what you have come here to say?

    • McKay: (over the radio, to a Wraith) This is Doctor Rodney McKay aboard the Earth ship Daedalus. We would like... uh... with your permission, to begin attempting to beam an innocuous canister onto your ship while you are actively jamming. Uh, we're hoping through trial and error that we can... slowly... disarm or, uh, break the code. May we proceed?
      Wraith: You may begin, Doctor McKay.
      McKay: Okay! Thank you. Thank you. (off the radio) That was weird.

    • McKay: Huh, some pretty interesting stuff, eh? I think I've learned more about Wraith technology in the last hour than I have in the past two years. Oh, come on, I understand you're an Asgard and everything, but even you've gotta feel a bit of an adrenaline buzz.
      Hermiod: My body does not possess the adrenal gland that produces epinephrine in your system. And even if I did, I would not be as easily impressed.
      McKay: I get it! I get it. You think you're smarter than I am. You ready to go or not?
      Hermiod: I have been for some time.

    • Beckett: (to a Wraith) Aside from a slight refinement since we last used it on, uh, well, on the one we called Michael... Do you have names? What shall I call you? What shall I call him? Well, I suppose in the end it really doesn't matter, does it? Okay, uh... Where was I?

    • Sheppard: I gotta tell you, when I woke up this morning, I honestly didn't think this would be happening.

    • Sheppard: Something tells me you don't think this is such a good idea.
      Teyla: As I said, I do not believe we have a choice.
      Sheppard: But a good idea's still a good idea.
      Teyla: I voiced my concern about this plan to change the Wraith into humans prior to the experiment on Michael.
      Sheppard: Yeah, and we convinced you.

    • Ronon: Hey, if they want our help killing other Wraith, it's one kind of help I'm happy to provide.

    • McKay: This... this is incredible! I can't believe they actually sent this over so freely. I mean, if I can figure out how to break through this programme, which is, well, as you know, pretty likely, we could nuke any hive ship that we came across.
      Weir: Including Michael's?
      McKay: Well, it might take a couple of tries the first time.

    • Caldwell: Well, I think it's safe to say that if they were going to attack us, they would have done it by now. They let the Daedalus land without incident.
      Weir: And you're sure they don't know about the Orion?
      Sheppard: I ordered Lorne to park her just outside of sensor range.

    • Weir: We needed to take a few precautions before contacting you. I'm sure you understand why.
      Michael: I said we would not harm you.
      Weir: Well, excuse me for not taking you at your word.

    • Sheppard: You could be a little more chatty, Elizabeth.

    • Sheppard: Rodney's doing everything inhumanly possible to be ready.

    • McKay: Shields: Yes. Jump into position: Mmmmaybe. Release the drones: Probably not.
      Sheppard: Well, it's pointless to get in position if we can't fire.
      McKay: Y'know, let's talk about it for a really long time; that'll help for sure.

    • Weir: Rodney, if the hive opens up on us, I want Orion's drones.
      Sheppard: Which means we're gonna need the hyperdrive to get in position.
      McKay: Which means we'll need shields, which means you want everything!
      Sheppard: I like everything! Can we do it or not?

    • Sheppard: Well, we're out of sensor range and all that, but whether or not we're ready to fight is a whole another story.
      McKay: Getting this ship up and running in under a month is a miracle.
      Sheppard: Do we start the beatification now or later?

    • McKay: Have you any idea how much work I've put into all of this. I haven't slept in thirty-six hours.
      Wraith: Perhaps it is better if you rest. (stuns McKay)

  • NOTES (5)

    • David Hewlett voiced the "previously on Stargate Atlantis" line.

    • This is James Lafanzos' 13th appearance as a Wraith on the show, but the first time that he appears out of make-up (as the transformed Wraith the Queen kills).

    • The character Michael Kenmore is played by Brent Stait in this episode. He was previously played by Connor Trinneer. Connor was unable to reprise his role due to the birth of his first child. He did loop all of his dialogue afterwards.

    • Brent Stait previously played Major Ferretti in 3 episodes of Stargate SG-1.

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on January 30, 2006 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      -This episode aired in the UK on March 15, 2006 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in Australia on June 14, 2007 on Channel 7.
      -Syndication Premiere: May 19-20, 2007.