Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 20

Allies (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Dr. Weir and SGA leaders fall out of the stupid tree

    Dr. Weir and SGA leaders fall out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

    The reveal earth's location to the wraiths.
  • See Summary

    Allies was a great season finale. It had action, drama, intrigue, mystery, and kept a steady pace. It was fun to follow what was going on and trying to guess alterior motives. The Wraith ship which had been approching Atlantis finally arrives and no surprise really, but Michael was aboard. The Wraith upon this hive wish to form an alliance to obtain the retrovirus created by Dr. Beckett in order to change enemy hive ships into humans to feed upon. This seems like a good deal, and everything seems to go smoothly, until the end when the Wraith Hive ship betrays the Atlanteans and attacks the Daedelus after downloading some vital info, including the location of Earth, and how to get there! The Season 3 Opener should be just as good, can't wait to see it!!!!
  • The Wraith appear above Atlantis in a single hive ship inhabited by Michael their specimen fro the named episode. Of course they know Atlantis is there so they call down for a meeting which turns into a deal with the Devil.

    Certainly not the cliffhanger the first season set us up with. Unfortunately we know both Ronon and Rodney are coming back so not much of a cliffhanger there. The part I had trouble with was they so blithely accepting information that seemed to good to be true and then allowing it access to the mainframe.

    Also how they missed the uploading of the data at the same time is beyond me. These systems are pretty sophisticated and I can tell you that if you upload a song it registers somewhere. So uploading the Aurora schematics and the position of all known worlds in the universe had to be a pretty good chunk of data. Would these people be that blinded to what was going on? Now really! Think about some of the scientific discoveries these people have supposedly made! With Rodney's ego I understand but not Zelenka.

    The episode itself was full of exciting action and one would have to assume that Sheppard has hitched a ride somehow with one of the Wraith Hive ships. He has driven a Dart into one of those ships before.

    The only question is how the Wraith think they are going to get to the Milky Way so fast. They uploaded the Aurora plans so they have the hyper drive technology but can they implement it in flight or are they going somewhere else to implement it before they go? Also how many of the Wraith have been actual informed of all this besides the two hive ships? The supposed placating at the beginning was unbelievable and again I can't believe that Atlantis (Weir and company) fell for this. I must say it is getting to the point where you have to wonder about the decisions these leaders have been making the last ten or so episodes. Gosh, I am starting to believe Kavanagh! Luckily it is just a show so no lives are on the line except those of us watching this. :) I hope the writing gets better in the third season. I mean there has to be a reason this show went for five plus seasons. Thanks for reading...
  • An intriguing alliance...

    This episode... I have no words - the way it starts and they way it goes until the last minutes when all the horrible things are blown up for us.

    The ethical dilemma - working with wraiths against wraiths and give them the retro virus in order they could feed on themselves. Poor Beckett, his discovery is used so horrible way and he doesn't seemed to take it. But McKay, he is like on heaven, getting all the information about wraith and learning all those new things - he is so eager that he cannot see or understand any threat.

    But wraiths, they are really clever.. and we end with cliffhanger.. It has been great season, but there were quite many episodes what did not get us nowhere. The start of the season was strong, the middle was weak and they managed to make up most of it to the end, but first season was more impressive.
  • The end of season 2...

    So the big cliff-hanger is that the Wraith now know where Earth is! OMG! What are they going to do? Well that is when the screen goes black and says to be continued. So we are left to wonder. Is Sheppard ok? Will McKay and Rowon be killed? All thought this episode i knew that Atlantis should not have teamed up with the Wraith. I still do not trust that Micheal guy, he is jsut bad news. Well all thoughout this episode i could not take my eyes off the screen. Season 3 is going to be bigger and bettter. I can't wait. Season 2 has been a great season, plot wise so lets hope seaosn 3 can be as good in that respect.
  • Season 2 ends with the episode Allies, which was incredible! The Wraith can never be trusted or can they? Allies proved to be a very thrilling and action packed episode. Planet Earth could very well be the next culling ground!

    Allies proved to be one of the best episodes in season two for me. In an earlier episode, the Atlantis team experimented on a Wraith (named Micheal by the Atlantis crew) in hopes to change the insectoid, vampire like, life sucking, beast into a human. In Allies, Micheal returns as a Wraith with an incredible plan for Atlantis to become allies. The episode is filled with action, and suspense. Dr. Beckett's retovirus is the main catalyst for such an alliance, as the Wraiths food supply does not meet their demand. Dr. Beckett is put on the line to successfully disperse the retrovirus into a hive ship. Which will have a great impact on the success of the alliance.

    The Daedalus is on the scene along with Wraith hive ships, in which we see some impressive space battles. Earth could be the next harvest ground, and this "edge of your seat" episode really keeps the adrenaline rushing in fear of how the alliance will work out. One must wonder if such an alliance is even possible with the very cunning, and intelligent Wraith?
  • Great

    This was a great end to the season. It had great suspense, action, and humor. It had me on the edge of my seat from the start waiting to see what the Wraiths true plan was. The battles between the Daedalus and the hive ships were great. The humor was classic from McKay’s “He was guiding me down the hall, not sucking the life out of my shoulder!” to the banter between McKay and Hermiod. And the cliffhanger was awesome with two hive ships on their way to Earth with McKay and Ronon onboard. I can’t wait for season 3.
  • An incredible conclusion to this season. Coming in late from the show, I learned everything from Gateworld. This episode proved to be truly exceptional. The Wraith Queen, beautiful and evil, James Lafazamos, hot too.

    Incredible episode. Tons of laughs even in a dier situation.

    "This is the most not okay I've ever been."

    Great. I kind of felt that this season has been beneficial because Rodney really has been paying for his arrogance. Well, I guess we'll find out more next season.

    The Wraith Queen was truly malicious, and you could tell she was holding back from trying to feed on Weir like crazy. She was certainly sweating up a storm the whole time she was with Weir.
  • Stepping up...

    Some of the shows during the season seemed a little ho-hum as a lot of people have stated in the reviews for this season. But, I think with this last episode, they are hopefully getting ready to kick it into high gear for next season.

    You knew at some point that things would not go well at the end of the episode. You knew the Wraith were up to something no good. They did a pretty good job of working up to the climax at the end of the season finale. Here is hoping that next season turns out a little better than this past season.
  • Waiting in suspence for the next season to begin....

    This was a good way to end the season, I can’t wait until the series start again next season.

    I’ve enjoyed every episode of this season. I like every character and the way they have developed during this season. I hope this series is continued for a long time, I think there are many possibilities for many more episodes.
  • Great season finale! Character dilemmas, who to trust? And the Wraith scary as ever! Cannot wait until next season now!

    Initially, this episode starts off a little slow, and it wasnt really living up to what I expected in the season finale. Once the ball gets rolling however, the episode heats up big time and we are in for a great ride!
    Continuing on from previous episodes, Micheal's character makes contact with Atlantis and wishes to use the retro-virus on his enemy Wraith, to secure food for his people. This storyline was very interesting and created a great moral dilemma. I think it was dealt with a little too easily and Weir was a bit quick to agree with it, but it got the story moving which was good.
    It was really excellent to see the characters doubting their actions for once, and debating on whether it is the right thing to do. All of the characters really developed in this episode, and for once Mackay didnt annoy me. Hopefully these are the signs of real change in his character but this may be wishful thinking. Carson is fast becoming one of my favourite characters despite his dodgy accent, and is a real breath of fresh air into the show.
    The scenes on the Wraith ship were very intense, and as always any scene with the Wraith on screen were chilling to say the least. It was really strange to see the Atlanteans negotiating with the Wraith and speaking so freely to them. I do find it a little hard to believe that they would take the Wraith's word so easily and not be more suspicious. After all, they have been tricked before. That said, it did create a great twist towards the end when it is revealed that the Wraith have no good intentions after all. Even after my initial suspicion, I had grown to trust them somewhat, simply because so had the characters, and when the twist occurred, it made for great TV.
    The final revelation that the Wraith now know the location of Earth was satisfyingly chilling and really made me crave for more. This has set up what can potentially be a fantastic story arc, with the Wraith reaching Earth and perhaps some cross-over potential. With the crew of Atlantis split up all over the place, next season should begin with a bang, and hopefully they dont throw away what could be an explosive season premiere.
    In conclusion, this episode does not have the action of last season's finale, but has some great character moments, and the cliffhanger is less of 'Will they survive?' and more ominous and a clear 'What on Earth is going to happen now?!', with a potent sense of impending doom. Definitely one of the best episodes yet, and a great end to what has been a great season! Roll on Season 3!
  • loved it

    wow what a season ender, cliffhanger, I knew the Wraith were up to something, this was great, the Wraith are now headed for earth, they have McKAy and Ronin, I think it was cleverly written, Michael was great, as the wraith that gets humans, probably one of the best Atlantis's ever
  • Disappointing end to a disappointing season

    If there’s one thing that bugs me, more than anything, it’s when intelligent characters are written to make incredibly stupid decisions for the purposes of generating drama and suspense. This is why I can’t stand most horror films. Even moderately stupid people can figure out when they’re being fooled, especially when a known enemy comes knocking, looking to make nice. That’s the way I feel about this finale, even if I like a number of elements within the overall story.

    Keep in mind that Team Atlantis just recently dealt with its own gullibility in “Coup D’Etat”. At that point, they thought they could eliminate a larger threat through an alliance with a former enemy, and of course, it turned out that they were operating with limited information from a questionable source. It would have been nice if that had taught Team Atlantis a lesson, but that was asking a bit too much.

    I’ve always held the opinion that the underlying message of the “Stargate” franchise is that humanity may be better off staying the hell home. A lot of situations within the franchise are created when humans (namely, the SGC) won’t leave well enough alone, and enemies are awakened in the process. That’s fun on a certain level, but sooner or later, one would hope that a more cautious approach might come along.

    In this case, I’m annoyed that Ronon and Teyla are the only ones who seem to recognize the massive downside to this little alliance. Weir and the others seem to get past their own fears and worries a bit too quickly, and frankly, it’s all too easy to figure out what the Wraith want out of the deal. But even if those goals were less than obvious, why didn’t anyone work out the fact that Michael had every reason to screw them over, and look for the ulterior motive?

    As I said, I found a lot to like about the episode. I like Michael, I really like the Wraith supermodel (especially how she flips her hair, as if everyone should know how hot she is!), and it’s a lot of fun to watch McKay interact with Wraith, especially when they look like they want to eat him for being so damned arrogant. All of the characters get a moment to shine, especially Beckett and Zelenka, who make quite a comic pair. The production is very strong; it’s just that the story itself relies on a massive suspension of disbelief.

    Part of me thinks it would be damned funny if the Wraith arrived in the Milky Way in near-Earth space just in time to run into those four Ori attack cruisers that arrived in the “SG-1” finale! What if the Wraith technology can rip through those apparently impenetrable Ori shields? What if the fate of the Milky Way requires Weir and her team to take a more proactive stance? Yeah, I know it’s unlikely, but one can dream!

    One other problem I have with the finale is that it doesn’t leave me with the thrill that I had with the end of “The Siege: Part II”. I was genuinely interested in how the siege would be resolved, since it had a long build to that point of desperation. This season stumbled into the finale, from my point of view, and I really don’t find myself wondering how the situation will be resolved. I know the Wraith acted to take Atlantis out of the equation, and that there’s personal jeopardy involved for many characters, but it left me somewhat cold. Compared to the massive implications of the “SG-1” and “BSG” season finales, this seems a bit underwhelming.

    Of course, that what I thought of the entire second season, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I can only hope that the Wraith Civil War leads to a more complex plot arc for the third season, and that the Atlantis team can act a bit more proactively. For two seasons now, the humans on Atlantis have been hunkered down, and since they precipitated the Wraith awakening, it’s time they do something about it. The hints about the retrovirus are promising, since it could bring back the ethical issues raised in “Michael”, but it’s only a start. It might be better if another threat or competing power were to arise, thus giving Team Atlantis opportunity. For now, I look towards the third season with hope and not a little trepidation.
  • WOO!! (I think all the original feedbacks were deleted =/ &*@@!...) Rodney's the man. The show is one of the best, can't wait till it returns. (SPOILERS!)

    Ending on the promise of some great stuff next season, new storylines, and adventures the show continues to grow and flourish. The characters are great, and continue to grow, now the Wraith are apparently heading towards Earth, we’ll see how that turns out, if they make it very far, or to earth… all the Wraith, or just our friendly human-ish Wraith from Enterprise and his friends and family, many questions, good stuff, fun stuff, Rodney still rules. Gotta wait a few months then the joy shall commence again!!! The only sad thing with Atlantis and SG-1 is that it has the ‘aura’ of ‘generic-sci-fi-fanboy’ stuff, but it really is great writing, and even greater character development, arcs, and interactions. The reason this is sad, people don’t give it a chance because of the genre it is part of, is too bad, they’re missing such a well made piece of entertainment. Is the reason many of the greatest shows were canceled before their times, such as Firefly, genre kills the best of them. FORTUNATELY it's not killing Atlantis.
  • Cant wait until next season.

    I thought the whole idea of the Wraith proposing to help destroy other Wraith with the retro-virus was interesting. Especially, since it was Michael who sent the message. However, where was Michael at the end when all hell was breaking loose and the Daedalus was getting attacked by the Wraith? Is he in on this or just a pawn of the queen? I guess we will have to wait.