Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on Syfy

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    Aurora, a Mighty Battleship of The Ancients was discovered on one of the recently activated consoles in the city. Sheppards team moves out on the Daedelus to investigate, and they find hundreds or thousands of Ancients in Stasis, finding a few empty pods, Sheppard enters their virtual reality. It was neat to see more of the Ancients in their Prime, even if it was only virtual reality. I like their crisp clean and almost Heavenly appearance and Aura around them. There was also a Wraith who manipulated the programming trying to learn New Hyperdrive Technology to upgrade their ships. It was cool how Sheppard and McKay, who was quite heroic this episode, entered and left the virtual reality. Teyla and Ronin seem to be developing something more between them, and Weir is still trying to get to know Ronin as well. Weir and Caldwell still pick at each other, and all of these little things are what makes this an entertaining show.
  • Face to face with Ancients..

    It was really lovely episode - the storyline was great and the surprises they met with simple looking tasks.

    The storyline was just great. All the matrix like virtual reality thing what looked so real and people inside did not knew it. I loved the wraith part and who she/he had made it so comfortable for herself and ruled that little game there. And McKey, when he started to hack the reality and modify it his way. Sad, they did not get any vital information but at least there is hope now - there is something out there. There is a change.
  • good episode...

    This was a pretty good episode of Atlantis it is not the best but not the worst. The team discovers a ship out in space and go to investigate and they find out that it is 10 000 years old and the cew members are all in stasis pods. it turns out that they are all in a vitual universe and sheppard goes in and trys to figure ouy what they know. Teyla and Ronon see that a wraith might be in there and mackay goes in and warns sheppard. It turns out to be the first mate which is a woman. I kind of knew it was her I don't know it must have been the long hair. I'm really beginning to like season 2 and it is awesome so far. Later...
  • This one is about the people, not really the story

    I personally really liked this episode. But not cause of the whole ancient warship thing. I mean, like everyone else, I was kinda mad with the cliche ending of having the blow up the warship and the whole didn't get the information they came for, but what I loved was the charater interaction. This is sorta the reason I almost like Atlantis over SG-1. Seeing echoes of Trinity in Rodney's line "Do you trust me?" and Sheppard's response "No" is just great. This episode was about watching these people work together and grow closer, and I believe that the wholoe ancient ship thing was kind of a canvas for that to work on. Plus I really liked the fact that it didn't turn into a "Sheppard's stuck in something that SUPPOSE to work" kind of story. It's nice for something that suppose to work to actually work, cause that a scifi cliche that get old really fast. But my favorite part of this whole episode was Rodney's line "We're kind of in the habit of saving each other's lives and it's my turn". Just readint it, this sound kind of cheesy, but the way it's delivered...He sounds scared like whoa, but with's such a great character moment and so different from the Rodney we start with in season 1. So watch this episode not for the ancient warship thing, cause that will make you mad, but for the characters.
  • The long range sensors on Atlantis recognize an Atlantian ship the Aurora slowly returning to Atlantis from the other side of the galaxy. The Daedalus meets her and Sheppard finds the crew alive all in stasis but living in a virtual reality world.

    A better episode from a number of standpoints but once they reach the ship the storyline seems to fall apart and muddles no where.

    Obviously the first officer is completely paranoid about Sheppard when he shows up but it goes without saying it was pretty obvious there was a problem. How did the crew end up in stasis? Why were they not aware they were in a virtual reality? Aren't these the Atlantian's? What happened to the superior brains and knowledge. They ended up being duped pretty easily by the Wraith. The ship is damaged for one reason or another. It looks like the Aurora was in a major battle. Who against? So basically too many questions and not enough answers.

    I think it would have been prudent to disengage the Wraith before they tried to communicate with the crew but 20/20 hindsight. In general the whole situation on the ship was strange.

    The part before the ship was pretty good. The action with the Wraith scout and the Daedalus was fun and the setting up of the episode was also entertaining.

    I think if the second part of the episode was handled better this could have been one of the best episodes so far. This was an opportunity lost. Thanks for reading...
  • To the crew of the Aurora

    The team find an ancient 'ancient' warship with the crew still on board but sustained only by stasis pods from which they cannot be revived without killing them. While the team try to salvage what they can from the 10,000 year-old ship, Rodney stumbles upon the fact that the crew have not been sleeping for the last 10 millennia but for some of that time have been engaged in a virtual reality simulation. Shepard decides to join to find that not only to the crew believe it to be real, but a wraith has joined the simulation to ascertain the secrets of ancient hyper-drive technology. There ensues a game of virtual chess as Shepard and the unknown Wraith move the crew like pawns to try and beat each other to vital knowledge whilst preventing the other from reaching it and in Shepard’s case also saving the ship and possibly crew. In the end it's up to Rodney to place his life on the line again to save members of his team, by entering the virtual world to get Shepard out, and it is good to see some decent character development on his part, the 'old' Rodney was so much of a coward it was annoying, but this one can come out with lines like "Colonel Shepard and I have kind of got into the habit of saving each other's lives and it's my turn" to Ronan without it sounding clichéd and in fact meant whole-heartedly. Whilst Shepard & McKay will never be the same as O’Neill and Jackson, the relationship and camaraderie has a distinct personality that is fun to watch and one which will last and grow with time into something uniquely it’s own.
  • Good episode. Unfortunately, a bit thin.

    It was a good episode. It didn't rush things too much, but unfortunately, it moved along too slowly.

    The story was too thin to drag it all out into 42 minutes. They kept repeating stuff and dragging scenes out a bit with sneak-em-up-footage and running-away-from-footage.

    But all in all, a good episode that conveyed many emotions. However, it was a bit obvious. Once that 2nd in command woman started acting funny, you knew there was something wrong. And then when they found a mummy, you knew in a flesh a Wraith had replaced her inside of the virtual reality (and you knew it had to be her. You didn't even have to check her clothes).
  • An ancient battle ship; what’s not cool about that? Especially if it’s filled with Ancients.

    The idea that the Ancient on the ship have info that might save the Atlantis expedition from the Wraith is really cool. And it was worth the initial disappointment that the ship was almost totally destroyed.

    The world the Ancients had created for themselves was interesting. It was a bit of a cliché that everything was white. The clothes looked a lot like the ones the Tok’ra wear and I thought the Ancients would act a little less like humans. But this all didn’t matter that much since it was a great story.

    Though I had expected something like that, I still thought it was a good story twist that there was a Wraith in this virtual reality to influence the Ancients. And it was really brave of Rodney to go in and save Sheppard. And it was really funny to see Ronin and Teyla covering for him. This shows how close the team has grown to eachother. They really work as a team.

    I thought it was a pity they had to blow the Aurora up, but it did made for a great ending to a good episode.
  • A struggle season continues to produce less-than-inspiring episodes

    Compared to its parent series, “Atlantis” has been struggling to find its direction this season. Some plot threads have been introduced that will continue to play out over the course of the season, but the strength of the first season arc has given way to something less well defined. The result has been a hit-or-miss season thus far, and this episode is another example.

    Like with the “SG-1” summer finale, I’m speaking only of the first hour; episode 2.10 will be covered in another review. In particular, this episode felt very small-scale. While there were some stakes introduced into the story, and the presence of the Wraith in the virtual world was clever, the end result was the preservation of the status quo.

    Those kinds of episodes have never been satisfying for me, though I recognize the general necessity. My real concern with this episode is that the majority of the plot elements could have been present even if this were a first season episode. In fact, it was the inclusion of second season elements that kept this from being a sub-par episode.

    I like the fact that Caldwell was in the position to demonstrate his priorities and further define his point of view. Just as the SG-1 team always had strife with groups like the NID, seeking to use the gate system for a questionable agenda, it’s better to have someone like Caldwell who can push for a more military approach without being a villain or necessarily negative in his impact.

    For all that, Ronon’s presence was something of a waste. He didn’t contribute much to the episode, other than as someone for Teyla to flirt with on occasion. I’m sure he was included on the team just in case there was trouble on the Aurora, but since the trouble was largely left to McKay to resolve, he didn’t have much to contribute.

    Teyla wasn’t all that useful either. This is becoming more and more of a concern. It makes sense for Sheppard and McKay to be prominent, given their popularity, but there are other characters to focus on and the first season was a lot better at spreading the joy. I also find it a little predictable for Teyla to be so interested in Ronon, especially since he’s not exactly the most sensitive person on the planet.

    The tension over keeping the secret of Atlantis from the Wraith was nice touch, though the writers had to make the actual Ancients within the virtual world rather bland so that Hot!WraithGirl stuck out like a sore thumb. I didn’t figure that she was a Wraith, but it did seem odd that she was the only one with a real attitude about Sheppard.

    Other than that, I’m just annoyed that there was nothing for the team to gain from the situation. Sure, they took out two more cruisers, but the Wraith have a ton of ships out there. It’s not hard to believe that the Wraith are trying to overcome the hyperdrive problem, since they are rapidly starving, if earlier episodes are to be believed. But couldn’t Sheppard have gotten a hint about the nature of the Wraiths’ weakness?

    Whatever the case, this episode just didn’t do it for me. McKay found some ways to manipulate the virtual world that felt more like plot convenience than something he actually could have accomplished. That sort of thing is normal for this series, but it seemed excessive this time around. Hopefully the second hour of the “summer finale” was a bit more substantial.
  • To be honest this is becoming a little repetative, while i enjoyed the character interplay the story was almost identical to Trinity

    To be honest this is becoming a little repetative, while i enjoyed the character interplay the story was almost identical to Trinity. First though are a few obvious concessions:
    Any major Technological advances would shift the balance and remove the wraith as a threat (so OK it couldn\'t turn out any other way).
    The trust between McKay and Sheppard took a heavy blow in Trinity and it\'s nice to see them getting past that.

    However the \"find an ancient ship only to have no choice but destroy it\", the joy of stargate and atlantis was that we know how it\'s going to turn out! The journey is what\'s important, if too much is happening then less time is dedicated to character interaction. The reason stargate is so infinatly watchable is that each episode is funny and while not a lot really happens even when it ends exactly as expected there is always a reason to keep watching.

    To recap this episode first we find out there is a newly awakened ancient warship called aurora, then when we get there, the wraith are there, we destroy the ship and then find out the aurora is falling to bits but full of hundreds of ancients living in their own little matrix, then wait they don\'t know it\'s a \"virtual enviroment\", but wait theres more there is a wraith in lala land with them and there are 2 wraith cruisers on the way, but wait i\'m not done the wraith now knows atlantis has not been destroyed and may have the ability to get to Earth now.

    Compared to the relatively simple stuck on an alien ship been captured must escape and destroy ship while wisecracking about returning to kansas and following yellow brick roads etc.

    In my opinion a few things that would have improved the episode, One Caldwell shouldn\'t have given up so easily on being responsible for searching aurora (perhaps agreeing to take Sheppard and Mckay- Tayla and Ronan didn\'t exactly do much anyway), It makes almost no sense to me why the comander of the aurora would not know the wraith weakness, his capture should make no difference if the ship escaped, and if the ship was captured or destroyed his potential escape would make informing him more than worthwhile, that plothole aside, the entirely depleted armoury was a slap in the groin, imagine the smile that would have come out from finding even a handfull of drones or perhaps a salvagable cloaking device for the daedalus. Something that does bug me a little if they can rig a way to cloak atlantis why not the daedalus, but that\'s another rant altogether. One thing i personally would have prefered would have been an alternate reality aurora, perhaps which ancients which had never encountered/ inadvertently created the wraith, making the encounter just as fruitless but infinately more enjoyable as there would have been time for some real character interaction.