Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on Syfy

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  • To be honest this is becoming a little repetative, while i enjoyed the character interplay the story was almost identical to Trinity

    To be honest this is becoming a little repetative, while i enjoyed the character interplay the story was almost identical to Trinity. First though are a few obvious concessions:
    Any major Technological advances would shift the balance and remove the wraith as a threat (so OK it couldn\'t turn out any other way).
    The trust between McKay and Sheppard took a heavy blow in Trinity and it\'s nice to see them getting past that.

    However the \"find an ancient ship only to have no choice but destroy it\", the joy of stargate and atlantis was that we know how it\'s going to turn out! The journey is what\'s important, if too much is happening then less time is dedicated to character interaction. The reason stargate is so infinatly watchable is that each episode is funny and while not a lot really happens even when it ends exactly as expected there is always a reason to keep watching.

    To recap this episode first we find out there is a newly awakened ancient warship called aurora, then when we get there, the wraith are there, we destroy the ship and then find out the aurora is falling to bits but full of hundreds of ancients living in their own little matrix, then wait they don\'t know it\'s a \"virtual enviroment\", but wait theres more there is a wraith in lala land with them and there are 2 wraith cruisers on the way, but wait i\'m not done the wraith now knows atlantis has not been destroyed and may have the ability to get to Earth now.

    Compared to the relatively simple stuck on an alien ship been captured must escape and destroy ship while wisecracking about returning to kansas and following yellow brick roads etc.

    In my opinion a few things that would have improved the episode, One Caldwell shouldn\'t have given up so easily on being responsible for searching aurora (perhaps agreeing to take Sheppard and Mckay- Tayla and Ronan didn\'t exactly do much anyway), It makes almost no sense to me why the comander of the aurora would not know the wraith weakness, his capture should make no difference if the ship escaped, and if the ship was captured or destroyed his potential escape would make informing him more than worthwhile, that plothole aside, the entirely depleted armoury was a slap in the groin, imagine the smile that would have come out from finding even a handfull of drones or perhaps a salvagable cloaking device for the daedalus. Something that does bug me a little if they can rig a way to cloak atlantis why not the daedalus, but that\'s another rant altogether. One thing i personally would have prefered would have been an alternate reality aurora, perhaps which ancients which had never encountered/ inadvertently created the wraith, making the encounter just as fruitless but infinately more enjoyable as there would have been time for some real character interaction.