Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • This is the first appearance of the Ancient Stun Weapons. This is the only form of Ancient hand held weaponry found by the expedition.

    • This is the first appearance of the Ancient personal communicators. They are small rectangular devices, placed on the collar, used by the Ancients presumably for short-range communication.

    • McKay says the Ancients possessed two types of hyperdrives. The interstellar kind like the Aurora has and the intergalactic kind like the Daedalus has.

    • In this episode 2 Cruisers were destroyed by the self destruct on the Aurora. These are the first two destroyed since the expedition arrived in the galaxy.

    • Goof: The Captain in the pod was considerably aged in the face, but his beard was practically non existent. This was essentially disproved in the episode "Before I Sleep". Elizabeth was in stasis just as long as they were, and her hair was incredibly long.

    • Beginning with this episode, Colonel Caldwell and the crew of the Daedalus wear a modified version of the SGC's Earth symbol patch (worn on the left arm), depicting the point of origin symbol for Atlantis set against an image of Earth. Previously they had worn the standard pyramid and sun origin symbol used by SG-1 and other SG teams.

  • Quotes

    • Weir: It's called chess. It's a game.
      Ronon: They've been sitting there like that since I sat down.
      Weir: Those two, they play every single day.
      Ronon: Neither one of them's even blinked yet.
      Weir: Well, it's not really a game action.
      Ronon: I can see that.
      Weir: It's all about strategy. (She indicates the man looking at the board.) He's planning his next move, and the move after that, and the move after that.

    • McKay: The communiqué has been erased.
      Sheppard: Why would the Wraith do that?
      McKay: Well, it says right here: "I, the Wraith, delete this important information to keep you from seeing it."

    • McKay: Where are you taking me, I'm telling you, I'm with Colonel Sheppard. Colonel John Sheppard...He's about so high...erm there's...erm...Brown hair, a bit muscle....erm, the term is rakish?

    • Sheppard: I need to talk to the first officer.
      Guard: She gave orders not to be disturbed.
      Sheppard: It's okay, she said she was gonna talk to the Captain for me and it's been a while so...
      Guard: She also gave order to ignore everything you say.
      Sheppard: Then why are you talking to me right now?

    • McKay: Caldwell sent them to search the ship's armory.
      Sheppard: (his face lights up) Yeah?
      McKay: No, unfortunately it was depleted of drones.

    • McKay: Now I should be able to monitor your EEG patterns so in the highly unlikely event that something anomalous should present itself, I should be able to disconnect you mannually.
      Sheppard: Good.
      McKay: Without permanent brain damage.
      Sheppard: Rodney!
      McKay: Well the oppertunity to speak to a living Ancient is worth the risk, hmm?

    • McKay: Now remember, the system creates a direct feedback loop between the processor and your brainwaves. So, when you want to disconnect you need to erm...well, really concentrate.
      Sheppard: You mean think it.
      McKay: Well I think it will probably take more than that otherwise you'll be popping out of that thing everytime it crossed your mind.
      Sheppard: Sooo, there's no place like home?
      McKay: If that works for you.

    • Sheppard: Are you sure this is such a good idea?
      McKay: What's the matter Colonel...Don't trust me?
      Sheppard: No!

    • McKay: If all of these pods are interconnected, it's highly possible these people are in fact communicating with each other.
      Caldwell: This has been going on for ten thousand years?
      McKay: Possibly. It's just their way of keeping their minds occupied until they were rescued.
      Sheppard: That's one long conversation.

    • Sheppard: It looks like it has been in a hell of a fight.
      Ronon: And lost.

    • Teyla: But, is it safe?
      Rodney: Would I be volunteering to go if it wasn't?
      Ronon: No.

    • McKay: Did you mention that that's impossible, given that they're living in a virtual environment?
      Sheppard: (sarcastically) No, Rodney, that slipped my mind.
      McKay: Well, I would have thought that would be the first thing that you would…
      Sheppard: Of course I mentioned it!

    • Sheppard: Now, Rodney, is there anything else you'd like to tell me?
      McKay: Only that Caldwell's probably going to destroy the ship at any moment.
      Sheppard: Go!

    • Sheppard: There are Wraith ships on the way??
      McKay: I'm sure I mentioned that…
      Sheppard: No you didn't.
      McKay: Well, it…it threw me when she was so hot.

    • McKay: You see, the thing is, Colonel Sheppard and I have sort of got into this habit of saving each other's lives and it's my turn. (to Ronon) It can be your turn next.

    • Teyla: Shh, I am counting. I do not want to lose my place.
      Ronon: (casually) I counted 376. No wait, 398 – I forgot about the infirmary. There's 22 in there, 23. (Teyla glares) Sorry.

    • (discussing Sheppard)
      Teyla: Rodney, between the two of you, if something were to go wrong, which would be the greater loss?
      McKay: Well, I've never thought of it that way but… She's right. You should go.
      (Sheppard glares at Teyla)

    • Sheppard: Any way to figure out what they're saying?
      McKay: Yes, of course, it says right here – "Why is the smart one having to stop and answer so many questions?"

    • McKay: This one's uniform is different from the others. Maybe the captain?
      Sheppard: Or the maitre'd.

    • Sheppard: A warship?
      McKay: Ah, look at his eyes – all lighting up again. It's Pavlovian.

    • Teyla: Are you sure you want to do this?
      McKay: I'm sure I don't!

    • Weir: How long until (Aurora) gets here?
      McKay: Let's see... carry the four... 42 million years. Should we wait out on the porch?

    • Sheppard: That's her.
      McKay: That's the Wraith?
      Sheppard: Yeah.
      McKay: (in awe) Wow... she's hot... I mean seriously hot.
      Sheppard: Rodney, you're drooling over a Wraith.
      McKay: I know I disgust myself sometimes.

    • Weir: I take it that's not how you prefer to do things.
      Ronon: No. I'm leaving.
      Weir: Hey Ronon, wait. Just because we do things differently doesn't mean we can't learn from each other. And Col. Sheppard has already invested an incredible amount of time and energy trying to make you an integral part of his team.
      Ronon: I meant 'I'm leaving the table.'
      Weir: Oh...
      Ronon: Is that okay?

  • Notes

    • The two people playing chess at the beginning of this episode are real chess champions who were brought in to add some sense of realism to the scene. They even changed the way the chess board was originally set up for the scene as they weren't happy with it.

    • Paul McGillion does not appear in this episode.

    • Ryan W. Smith (Crewman) previously played Special Forces Guard in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Heroes Part 1."

    • Jason Momoa is never seen inside a space suit. This is because he never was: according to Martin Wood on the audio commentary, Jason's head and neck were too large to fit inside the helmet! All the scenes with Ronon in the background inside the suit were done by Jason's stunt double.

    • During its premiere airing, the end credits were cut off since it was aired as a two-hour "event" with "The Lost Boys (1)".

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on September 19, 2005 on The Movie Network and November 7, 2005 on Movie Central.
      -This episode aired in the UK on December 14, 2005 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in Australia on March 22, 2007 on Channel 7.
      -Syndication Premiere: November 18-19, 2006.

  • Allusions

    • Sheppard: A Warship?
      McKay: Look at his eyes, all lighting up again, it's Pavlovian.

      Pavlovian refers to Ivan Pavlov's experiment Pavlov's Dog. He would ring a bell when the dogs were fed. After a while, at the mere sound of the bell, they responded by drooling.

    • Sheppard: There's no place like home?

      This is a reference to The Wizard Of Oz and the phrase Dorothy uses (upon closing her eyes and clicking the heels of her red ruby slippers together) to return from Oz to Kansas.

    • The Matrix:

      The idea of people living in a virtual environment and believing it to be real is most likely based on the popular The Matrix series of movies. The pods where the people "hibernate" also look a lot like the pods where the people in the Matrix live, and their physical arrangement is very similar.

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