Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 11

Be All My Sins Remember'd (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Holy crap that was awesome! That was the best Atlantis episode to date!

    Talk about your holy crap episodes. I like the fact that both the Apollo AND the Daedalus.......Col. Caldwell.....and Col. Ellis.......together in one episode. I loved the whole colonels thing between Carter, Sheppard, Ellis, and Caldwell. That was cute.

    Then.....seeing Larrin was definitely a holy crap moment. I was like cool! The Travellers are awesome! Then....the whole working with the Wraith thing was just really weird. I was so uncomfortable with that.....but it worked.....just very weird and a bit disturbing.

    Rodney building FRAN was just hilarious. That just soooo Rodney. This episode was HUGE! The space battles were just AWESOME! Then....when the FRAN starting to suck up all the Replicators.....that was very cool VFX! Then.....of course.....blowing up the planet was just spectacular!

    Then......just was when you thought the Replicators were completely destroyed.........

    HOLY's Repli-Weir! What an awesome ride!
  • Exellent episode of Stargate Atlantis.

    I loved this episode. I know it was a sort of a part 2 to "This Mortal Coil" but I think there was so much going on in this episode it could have been strecthed to a two parter by itself. The episode continues with the battles against the Replicators and an alliance with the Wraith. A very nice surprise was Larrin and her people show up to join the fight. It's always a good episode with her in it. (Yeah baby!) I'm not going to give away the plot but by the end of the episode a familiar face enters the scene and a potential new enemy is revealed.
  • WOW!

    Amazing! This was the very best sci-fi episode that i have ever seen!

    I have never seen this much of awesome cast + zomg pewpew + super effects in a single one part episode in any sci-fi series ever made! I was looking forward for this one since the delays caused by the silly writers strike but i was totally surprised to see such an after holiday comeback. Although stargate has its dull and boring episodes, they still do quality works like this. This is indeed why i follow the stargate saga religiously since it is has been a great series to date.

    In my humble opinion, this SGA installment is a must for all sci-fi fans out there. It made all the rest look like childsplay in every aspect there is.

    Have Fun!

    P.S. amidst the adrenaline rush throughout the entire episode, the very last scene was even better. what a roller coaster ride :-D
  • simply amazing

    this episode kept me on the edge of my seat, simply amazing usually i can some what predict what may happen but here i wasn't sure if the wraith or larren was going to turn on them.
    And then McKay defies the rules and then creates a human form replicator of his own, personally i thought that she could have been a liability and turned on the Atlantis expedition. However rodney did something right and programmed her to fulfill her function without and horrible mishaps.

    Again Bravo Stargate Atlantis for bringing up all such a great episode, I simply can't get enough.
  • The best Stargate Atlantis yet

    I'm so glad that the SciFi channel is in HD on DirecTV now. I'd hate to have had watched the battle at the replicator's planet in SD.
    Finally, Teyla announces she's pregnant. Sheppard's reaction was what you would expect from a military man.
    And Sheppard runs into Larrin again. A little coincidental and a little outlandish (Larrin's one ship came to take on 7 hive ships?) I hope they do more with her. She's a strong enough character to interact with Sheppard.
    I can't wait to see if Replicator Weir is "good" or "evil". If they're the same group that was in the last episode they might be able to work with the Atlanteans.
  • Surprises, Shocks, plot twists, and a huge space battle... what's not to like?!

    I've been off writing review for a little while, but boy, after watching this episode of SG:A, it would be rude not to write one!

    It started off a bit quiet, with the evacuation procedures on planets en-route to be wiped out, but it all goes action-packed there after.

    It's also the first time both the Apollo and the Daedeleus being in the same episode, and both being around Atlantis at the same time. After a few humourous exchanges (and some tense words), they set off to blow up ships with fancy new Azgard weapony (say, didn't they die in SG1? ...Suppose they could've got the beam weapons off the Oddessy...). I thought that'll be the only space battle for the episode, as they are usually expensive to make, but no, they throw in a close encouter with an Aurora class ship, and then the biggest space battle in SG:A. what a scene!

    Familiar faces return to mkae it extra special, along with a cute fresh face (Hello, Michelle Morgan (I) ). I must say, her character was particularly funny and revealing, and I couldn't help but smile at her last line...

    a plot twist at the end is to be expected, seeing that all good can't be good for A Galaxy in Eternal Trouble (tm), as no trouble / enemies = no more fighting! Frederic1943 wrote in his review that he "can't wait to see if Replicator Weir is "good" or "evil" ", but I would think it'll be more like can't wait to see if she is "evil" or "really bloody evil"! She's not going to be "good", that's all I know :p

    To conclude, it's the best episode to date.
  • A season's worth crammed into one episode.

    Compared to "This Mortal Coil," this episode was much better for me. Not nearly so flat and emotionless in dialogue and direction as the mid-season finale. And Carter's back from filming the SG 1 films to contribute. But like "This Mortal Coil," a couple of storylines which could've been material for at least ten other episodes were crammed into this episode.

    We open with two of Earth's cruisers, the Daedalus and Apollo, dropping out of hyperspace to enter orbit around Atlantis' new homeworld. Colonels Ellis and Caldwell beam down to coordinate with our Atlantis cast on how best to chip away at the Replicator war machine. With the help of the tracking program they got from the duplicate Atlanitis team in "This Mortal Coil," Caldwell and Ellis set off to ambush and vaporize 7 Replicator Aurora-class vessels with the wicked awesome Asgard beam weapons that were given to SG-1 in the Season 10 series finale "Unending." The remaining 30 Replicator vessels then concentrate over the Replicator homeworld. Advanced Asgard energy weapons or no (and apparently no Asgard anti-Replicator satellite technology), Atlantis and the two Earth cruisers don't have the firepower to stick their necks into the Replicators' den and blow it to kingdom come. So the Atlantis crew sets out to broker an alliance with the Wraith (potential major episode arc #1) with the help of their Wraith friend. At one point, they're stunned, but they wake up safe and sound in their Jumper in space with their "friend." The Travellers conveniently show up (major episode arc #2) then. The Traveller female leader, Larrin, asks Shepherd via audio transmission why the Wraith left him in one piece. I wondered how she knew it was Shepherd before seeing him? Shepherd sets out to draw Larrin and her people into fold...

    Meantime, Rodney constructs a "good" Replicator (major episode arc #3), FRAN (Friendly Replicator ANdroid), with Ancient blue prints to download a destructive program in the Replicators' midst.

    Over the course of fifteen or so minutes, Team Atlantis brokers a grand alliance against the Pegasus Replicators. Sisko's DS9 and Sheridan's B5 crews took a couple years to line up their coalitions. And Atlantis' allies conveniently don't demand major concessions with consequences, like freedom to feed on humans or access to restricted Ancient/Asgard technology that's dangerous in the wrong hands. And Fran is gung ho about sacrificing herself. I wonder how things would've been if Fran had experienced doubts, had the chance to escape, then chose to fulfill her function? Trip's clone, who was grown to provide neural tissue for a life-saving operation, went through that ordeal in ENT season 3 episode "Similitude." Incidentally, Teyla reveals to Shepherd that she's pregnant by a Pegasus human, Kanan, not seen or referred to at all. Shepherd relieves her of active duty immediately. Ronon congratulates and cosoles her as she goes to gain her bearings. Why couldn't the father be from the Atlantis expedition? Will Teyla's child be important and relevant down the road?

    Anyhow, the Atlantis task force and its allies number only about 15 ships, which have to keep the Replicator ships in orbit long enough for Fran to do her part and initiate a "blob" that draws all Replicator nanites into one mass on the planet surface. Rodney and Ronon beam down with a marine team at a ZPM control panel to generate a pulse that'll fry the Replicator "blob." The lack of technicians and guards was understandable, but there were apparently no security/safety measures Rodney had to override before the "blob" sank through the planet's surface to destroy the local power grid.

    Sam in orbit then points out to Rodney that the planetary mantle has neutronium. It sets off a spate of Trek-like technobabble by Rodney, who sends some sort of signal to the blob? with his notepad (how?) to order it to contact with the neutronium so that (as far as I can figure) it'll condense and cause a chain reaction that'll make the Replicator world go boom. Rodney, Ronon, and the marines beam up to the Daedalus, which jumps away with the rest of the task force from the Replicator world as it blows up. The Wraith don't show up at the rally point, though, apparently intent on being enemies again.

    And after Rodney removes the Replicator homeworld from Atlantis' database, we cut to the remains of the planet. There an Aurora ship sifts through the debris. When the sensor officer reports no sign of active Replicator nanites, we see Elizabeth Weir in the command chair, saying, "Good. We can begin work without looking over our shoulders."

    Whether the new Elizabeth (and her Replicator? faction) is good or bad, an organic or Replicator copy, we can't tell at the moment. Whether Elizabeth will be used well, we'll see down the road. IMHO, the producers redeemed themselves by not killing her off completely. It seems to me they did that in part due to the fan backlash in some quarters over Weir's apparent death in "This Mortal Coil." But I find the use of out of the blue revelations on the part of the writers this season to be annoying and clumsy ploys at getting themselves out of plot holes.

    The producers did a good job of hiding Weir's resurrection. In fact, Torri Higginson's role in this episode hasn't even been listed on her bio at the IMDB site (Internet Movie Database) as of this posting. And as the Replicator-Wraith war was built up during the first half of this season, it was stated that the Replicators had our favorite life-sucking baddies reeling back on several fronts. When we learn there were only 37 Replicator Aurora-class ships in the whole Pegasus galaxy, the Replicator "fleet" was suddenly revealed to be just a good-sized squadron.

    The producers went into the episode saying the battle over the Replicator planet was the biggest spectacle they've staged on Atlantis. It certainly is the biggest space battle for the series, but not as engrossing to me as the Daedalus' engagements against the Wraith in Season 2 "Siege" Part 3, SG1's fleet action against the Ori in Season 9 "Camelot" or against the Milky Way Replicators in Season 8 "Reckoning" Parts 1 & 2 (where thousands of ships were involved). In fact, there are any number of space battles with at least hundreds of ships in "Revenge of the Sith," "Return of the Jedi," and several seasons of B5 and DS9 I can think of that make the battle over the Pegasus Replicator homeworld seem like a skirmish.

    And there're quite a few battles on BSG, where the Galactica faced off against the Pegasus and Cylons at different times that fired up my blood even though the numbers weren't epic.

    37 Replicator ships with no support vessels for a variety of missions don't strike me as being a large enough force to threaten the Wraith and all human life in the Pegasus galaxy. For example, the US Pacific fleet consisted of nine battleships, three aircraft carriers, 12 heavy cruisers, eight light cruisers, 50 destroyers, 33 submarines, and 100 patrol bombers at the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. To use a more current example, today's US Atlantic Fleet comprises over 118,000 sailors and Marines serving in 186 ships and 1,300 aircraft.

    Notwithstanding my earlier nits, I feel that the largest casualty of this episode were the Atlantis characters themselves, who were caught up and lost in the summarized and rushed events. IMHO, Shepherd and Larrin, who may become an item, don't have a quarter of the chemistry that Rodney and his biologist girlfriend, Katie Brown, have. Teyla's pregancy has no emotional impact on me. Ronon had nothing to do. Will Shepherd's Wraith "friend" become Atlantis' Gul Dukat (and get a name?)? Gone is the tension Weir had with Caldwell over sharing power in Season 2. Carter should've been brainstorming with Rodney in the lab and I think she can have her own vessel to command like Sisko and Sheridan did. And now that Carter's in charge, what kind of interpersonal conflict will she have with Ellis and the others who wanted Weir gone?

    I'm curious to see what the rest of Season 4 will bring, but most of the remaining episodes don't seem to center on the Wraith, who're the main baddies left now that the Pegasus Replicators have apparently been vanquished after a year and a half. The Milky Way Replicators were a threat for four years, though. Whether by design or accident, I see Atlantis starting to ape the kind of political intrigue, epic battles, and social commentary we saw in DS9 and B5. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I feel the execution can be better. And I question a lot of creative decisions, like ejecting Weir at all, then bringing on Carter (who I do love) rather than Daniel Jackson.

    In a lot of ways, I feel Season 1 of Atlantis was the most exciting of the series when the expedition was cut off from Earth, exploring the city and the Pegasus galaxy. Of course they couldn't hold out indefinitely without support from Earth--unless they were able to manufacture on their own the supplies and technology they needed and get the Pegasus humans to join in, say, a kind of Federation based on mutual support and understanding. IMHO, reestablishing contact with Earth has had a mixed effect on the Atlantis series.

    I see a lot of issues in this episode from the Atlantis producers' constant tinkering with the show. This review with my views and observations only touches the tip of the iceberg.

    Lastly, whose sins were this episode centered on?

  • Great episode

    Wow - talk about an ensemble cast! And packed with all types of action. Maybe a little overpacked - they could have easily broken this episode up and removed some of the "filler" episodes. Here are some thoughts:

    Great to see everyone in action - Ellis/Apollo, Caldwell/Daedelus, Larrin, Sheppard's Wraith buddy all fighting side by side with the Atlantis team.

    Great battle, and nice special effects.

    Funny colonel introductions, and continued bickering between Ellis and McKay.

    Carter used a little of her scientific knowledge, but I still would like to see a lot more of it. Carter is certainly becoming more comfortable with her leadership role, and stood up to Ellis on McKay's behalf.

    Teyla finally revealed her pregnancy to her team. It was touching to see Ronon escort her to the infirmary.

    McKay's creation - Fran. Not only was "she" willing to carry out her duty and sacrifice herself, but she actually helped and improved on McKay's plan. The ramifications for this in the future could be potentially enormous if McKay can repeat the creation process again. They already have the technology on Atlantis to do it, so we may see that same actress reprising her role down the road.

    I wonder if Sheppard's wraith buddy did anything else to Sheppard's team while they were unconscious. And what will become of this wraith now that the replicators are supposedly out of the picture and he knows the location of Atlantis?

    And finally Dr. Weir. Is it the real Dr. Weir? Maybe she escaped with the help of a few rogue replicators. A nice way to end an exciting episode.
  • I loved it! The battle scenes were reminiscent of Star Wars. The humor perfect as usual and the angsty moments help develop the characters even more. Just great!

    I loved it! The battle scenes were reminiscent of Star Wars. The humor perfect as usual and the angsty moments help develop the characters even more. Finally they let Carter help with the science-geek moments in which she really shines. McKay and Zelenka bickering was classic SGA. I loved that Carter stuck up for McKay when Ellis decided to dress him down in front of everyone, which was not his place. He ticked me off enough to make me dislike him...and he never apologized or acknowledged in any way that McKay ended up saving the day as usual!

    It was a really great episode, one of my favorites!
  • Wraith, Replicators, awesome CGI and character delevopment: best episode of Atlantis ever!

    Everything in this episode was good: The Wraith and Atlantis crew fighting together to finally rid the Pegasus Galaxy of the Replicators; Rodney's plan to cause the nanites to join a supermass, Teyla *finally* revealing she is pregnant, and the resulting character development between Teyla and Sheppard, and Teyla and Ronon, and the special effects were top-notch. The best part of the episode goes to the scene where the Atlantis crew, the Wraith and Larrin's fleet were attacking the Replicators in orbit of their planet. One of the best battles seen, and one of the best special effects ever.

    But what made this episode gold was that last 30 seconds or so, where it was revealed that not only a Replicator ship survived, but Weir did too! I just hope she remains evil, because that would be so totally awesome!
  • A strong contender for best episode of the season

    Thankfully, the Sci-Fi Channel chose not to hold the second half of this season for several months in some vain attempt to stretch out one of their few successful properties. The nature of this particular two-parter was a bit more subtle than usual, and it was good to have the previous episode relatively fresh in mind before tackling the conclusion.

    The first half of the season left off with the apparent revelation of Weir's death and the discovery of a massive Replicator fleet. With humanity in the Pegasus Galaxy under immediate threat by the Asuran onslaught, it's the usual matter of strange bedfellows. The Wraith already working on the problem of the Replicators is the first unexpected source of help, and soon thereafter, Larrin and her people (from "Travelers") join the fray.

    Most of the episode is devoted to the process of bringing this unlikely alliance together, once it is clear that the Asgard upgrades to the SGC arsenal will only help in battles of limited scope. Considering the fact that the alliances were a foregone conclusion, the writers did a great job of keeping the interaction with the Wraith and the Travelers interesting and fresh. In particular, the captured Wraith working with Team Atlantis is still a great addition to the recurring cast, and hopefully he will appear in the future.

    The interaction between McKay and Carter was particularly interesting in this episode, because it provides insight into Carter's place in the Atlantis dynamic. McKay eventually figures out a solution to the Replicator problem, but it's not a quick process. Most of the time, McKay works out a technical solution in a matter of minutes or hours, and after some last-minute adjustments, the problem is solved. McKay gets to have the inspiration but also the benefit of a collaborative process getting there.

    The writers resisted the urge of allowing Carter to step back into the technical genius role, which had to be very tempting. Instead, she made a key suggestion, but otherwise left the execution in McKay's capable, neurotic hands. That's not to say that Carter's command presence is entirely convincing in the episode; her attempt at correcting Ellis and his attitude was played too softly. That's an odd way to describe it, but that's exactly the word that comes to mind when watching the scene. However, it's now quite obvious that Carter is not intended as the "savior" of Team Atlantis; if anything, her presence has been downplayed significantly.

    I'm also not particularly sold on the idea that the Asurans have been annihilated. Leaving the final minute of the episode aside, the circumstances were far too "clean" given the threat level involved. While one could argue that the Replicators served their purpose by muddying the waters with the Wraith even more, they had plenty of potential as an ongoing enemy.

    That said, the ending could be interpreted two different ways. One could assume that more than one copy of the Weir Replicator survived, along with enough of the Asurans to allow the writers to revisit them in the future. Or, going in a more intriguing direction, it could have been the true Weir, alive after all, leading a secret agenda against the enemies of Team Atlantis. Either way, it's great to know that Torri Higginson won't disappear completely.
  • ******Spoilers ahead for those of you who read reviews without watching the episode*****Great episode and if the return of Weir and the apparent destruction of the replicators isn't a classic episode I don't know what is. The show started innocently

    Great episode and if the return of Weir and the apparent destruction of the replicators isn't a classic episode I don't know what is. The show started innocently enough with the team trying to evacuate human worlds. Nice to show that not everyone just does what the team says and the beginning of them losing a team and showing this conflict was well placed. As to the heart of the story the action was great no drags at all between plot points. The forming of the alliance was fun to watch with Sheppards semi love interest the pirate queen taking him prisoner and raising the sexual tension between the two. The Wraith alliance was funny the team being incapacitated so the Wraith could speak amongst themselves and Ronan fuming about it. Great job on Teyla's pregnancy coming out Sheppards reaction was great and lets not forget Ronan exclaiming don't look at me. The final and best part the replicator world being blown up and Weir still being alive bringing her fan favorite character back. The promo's said this would be a new year for SGA and this episode is proof of it heck even Carter did something I see the show giving us a great Friday experience for the rest of the season.
  • Action packed, great story line, and just fantastic to watch. Probably my favourite ever episode!

    This truely is a great episode! One of the best episodes for a long time if not the best ever! Full of action with all the fighting scenes and so many things going on, has all the usual humor and fun bits in it and soooooo much story line packed into one episode, loved it!! At the end there is a little thing which opens up a whole new storyline and makes your mind think back a few episode :)

    I've liked Stargate Atlantis from episode 1, although more recently I havent been too bothered about watching it, but this episode has really refreshed my thirst for seeing more episodes! I hope they can keep up this standard of material, with more great storylines and action!
  • OMG! Everybody againt the Replicators!

    In this episode everyone gathered against the Replicators!
    Atlantis with 2 ships, Apollo and Daedelus -dont konw how to write- Wraith with another 7 motherships and i think 5 more from woman who kidnapped John... :) Rodney created a replicator, Fren, that absorbs other replicator cells into a giant mass. But until its finished, the fleet has to distract the Replicators fleet. After the success, the whole planet blowed up! :) The End replicators? I dont think so.
    Its like in StarCraft. Kerigan become the Zerg queen! I think that happaned with Elizabeth too. :) OMG this is gonna be awsome!
    But im gonna miss our Wraith friend! :(
    That space battle was incredible! - almost like in Star Wars! :)
  • Whoa - finally something to cheer this season

    I've been one of Atlantis' harshest critics this season, but it appears that with this double header they've at last done something worth shouting about.

    Following on from 'This Mortal Coil' Shepherd an the team hook up with old friends, the Wraith and Larrin, in order to put an end, once and for all, to the Replicators. After much humiliation and mockery Rodney eventually comes up with a plan to draw all the Replicators to their planet in order to uber magnetise them, thus turning them all into one giant inert metal ball which is so heavy it sinks into their planet and blows them all up ending their threat forever.

    The plan works, kind of, and after a fantastic inter-stellar battle sequence which sees Earth ships, Wraith ships and some of Larrin's fleet all working together to give Rodney enough time to execute his plan, the crew think they're jobs (and the Replicators) are done. But alas, we find out their victory is but short lived. Right at the end, out of no where pops up 'Nasty Dr Weir' (who earlier we were all told was dead, how on earth she doesn't get magnetised i don't know, but who cares she's back) pops up vowing to begin her mega plan (no doubt somehow related to universal domination). I can't wait for the rest!
  • Simply Excellent

    What an episode! Exciting! Great Plot! And makes you want to see more and more.

    Everyone together to fight a bigger threat and when it seems the plan worked a nice surprise came back ( just to say the that the battle sequence was very well acomplished )

    And i have to say that the wraith that appears is a very great caracther with an excellent sence of humour.

    Nice to see that finally there's a good alliance to atlantis that has some power to help out in the good fight.

    Let's wait and see the next episode because it's a great sequeal for sure.
  • Wow, wow, wow - what a storyline enemies allies, new friends that you know not to trust and then wham right at the end the possible 'Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix' situation. This is going to be interesting to watch.

    So we have our good friend the Wraith helping us out, then we have an alliance with the Wraith, the travellers come back into the story arc to help with the alliance to destroy the replicators. This is a piviotal episode bringing together all the major storylines: John and his wraith buddy, John's run in with the travellers, Elizabeth's reconstruction and demise, Rodney's continuing work on the replicator coding, the Deadalus and the Apollo coming together to do battle with their new Asgard weapon, another planet exploding and then there in the debris (insert drum roll here) a single ship with an old friend or maybe a new enemy.....
  • Back On Form

    Having only recently got into SGA, watching all 4 seasons - to this episode, over the last 2 months, I have noticed a massive drop in plot quality. I was pleasantly surprised with sga and after committing to this show, I couldn't believe how good it was. Season 1&2 where awesome, great story-lines continuing throughout the series made this show a winner, but once the wraith battle kinda fizzled out season 3 slowed down a touch, and then they chopped the Doc & wier - I was gutted.

    Season 4 has been disappointing, filler episode after filler episode - until now!! This episode, and the previous, sees SGA back on track, great tactical plotting & integration of characters past. A Sexed-up episode courtesy of Mckay's cute replicator & Shepherd eyeing up Larrins "assets", its nice to see SGA up the ante for the mid season stakes. This is why I watch it!
  • The beauty of having common enemy...

    This was great.. if not the best episode, then one of the best episodes, defenetly.

    First that they are up to the unbelievable task and one of the greatest victory they have get so far - they are going after the replicators after they have managed to make them pull back to their homeworld. This is the final battle and it is not them, also wraith and those travelers and they are all trying to do the best to win time to McKay and his own replicator Fran and they both succeed very well - with some troubles they get what they want - planet will be blown up...

    but the last second - the first moment I saw the scene I knew - it is Elizabeth sitting and what they are up to.. no idea
  • ok episode...

    I'm surprised so many people like this episode because I didn't really like it. Basically, it's a continuation of the previous episode and McKay figured out how to track the replicator ships. The US ships attacked the replicators to a point that they all retreated to their homeworld. In the end, John teamed up with the wraith and Larrin to take down the replicators. Nothing really special. This episode just didn't interest me and I can't really explain why. I was happy to see Larrin again and the wraith, but still. I just thought the episode's story was lacking and it just was not intesting.
  • See Summary

    Be All My Sins Remember'd was the best episode so far this season! I was really engaged watching all the action, and the inter character dramas, as well as the little moments of humor. I think it was great that as soon as one major enemy is destroyed, another rises to take their place. This new enemy is a welcomed sight, and she is definitely bad, in a good way! I look forward to seeing how this story unfolds. I thought it was cool how every one worked together. The Wraith are becoming more and more obsolete. The writers did a great job of blending story lines and making it all connect into a great episode. I look forward to seeing all of the characters again.
  • Some clever bits and pieces in McKays and Carters dialouges: the overall idea of how to deal with the replicators seemed like a pretty smart thing for starters. The wraith support was interesting and well acted to boot. From here on, it all goes downhill.

    It could have been great. There were some clever bits and pieces in McKays and Carters dialouges: the overall idea of how to deal with the replicators seemed like a pretty smart thing for starters. The wraith support was interesting and well acted to boot. But that's about it. From here on, it all goes downhill.

    It started out with yet another settlements need to be evacuated routines. That's what they're called. Settlements. No name. No one ever saw them. No one ever cared. At least I don't. It's like fishing for emotional attachment in the dark. It's not working, and as an episode introduction the scene was was simply too bland.

    I knew the SG Team was going to get blasted right when I saw this guy on the video screen. He didn't have to wear a red shirt.

    Laren was just about as annoying and busty as before.

    Shepard was ... *again* ... tied up. He is generally happily manipulated into eye-rolling stupidity again, too. Can't anyone else deal with this Laren person for once? Somebody who will demand the stolen ship back *and* finally suggest these people settle down somewhere for good and good riddance? Someone like Carter should be the one to talk to them, and not with Laren, but with her so called high council - if that even exists.

    Replicators finally gone forever. Yeah? You wish. The replicator conflict developed into the most uninspired and uninteresting thing on Stargate, ever. Sidenote: Not that the wraith are *that* interesting, but at least they aren't so clinical about everything. If it wouldn't boil down to this *Wanna eat you* problem and find some more complexity I'd like that more, too. In fact, I could very well love Stargate without the Replicators or the Wraith existing at all, thank you very much. The Genai (Jenai?) were - so far - the most interesting opponent because they were not clearly defined as "evil".

    Weir's copy #12318456734b makes an appearance with some secrets. But na-a. She's not gonna tell.Cliffhanger, you see. It already felt cheap with her dying and being cloned. Bringing her back over and over again isn't going to help, Sir. All in all, the episode had some potential, but most of it was wasted on the acting of whoever's acting Laren, some dumb dialouges, birdbrained earth politics and two cheesy cliffhangers in one.