Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 15

Before I Sleep

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2005 on Syfy

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    ok this is the 2nd try as the 1st accidently deleted. This episode was pretty good. It opened with Sheppards Team finding an Ancient Lab with a person in Stasis, assuming this person to be an Ancient they reanimate her only to find that it is Dr. Weir who time traveled 10,000 years in the past to when the Ancients still occupied Atlantis, but they were under siege from the Wraith and were evacuating to earth. This is the start of where The Atlantis team finds the time travel puddle jumper which later crossed over to SG1 for Moebius. This episode was interesting, as it would be weird to think about meeting an aged version of yourself, and how you'd feel about it, like Weir. Also great that we got to see more of the Ancients, always like to get more of the back story, and layers of the bigger picture. It was also nice to find answers to some questions, and tie up some ends from the begining of the episode. They blended episodes we've seen into this one quite succefully, and creatively. I like going back to previous episodes, but seeing them from a different point of view or perspective.
  • Unrivalled

    This really is "Atlantis" at its best. I love the whole time travel genre and this episode deals with it brilliantly. Torri Higginson is even better than usual as Old Weir and her make-up was even better than RDA's in "Brief Candle". It must have been really challenging for her to play "both" characters in this episode but she pulled it off very well. This episode is also hilarious. I really liked the "Back to the Future" jokes particularly the flux capacitor one. I laughed out loud at that. (How can McKay not like that movie?!) I loved the whole alternate timeline where everyone except for Weir and Teyla (because they never met herIt was also really interesting seeing how the Ancients lived and what their leadership was like. I expected high things from this episode and I was not disappointed except that there wasn't more of the Ancients in it or that it was never revealed what they called the Stargate.
  • Last moment of Atlantis.. before Weir will discover it, again.

    The idea - wow.. it was great. It did not gave us so much for the storyline, than was a lovely look back, giving us another way things may have happened and then enlightened us more the way Ancients were and what happened before Atlantis was left.

    I do not know how to say it, but this episode - it really had the magic, catching storyline and the excitement. First of course, to know the alternative actions but just as a story - it was catching. And all the dilemma of time traveling and how one reality and actions there influence another. Great episode.
  • Sheppard and Ford are investigating new and different areas of Atlantis when they discover a body in stasis. It turns out to be a ten thousand year old Weir! We find out about the history of Atlantis last days and Weir's first trip through the Stargate.

    I usually find time travel episodes to be a total ripoff. They are used in series like Star Trek to solve problems the writers have written themselves into. Very rarely do they actually work. This one was a nice example of how you can make it work.

    Weir and her group enter Atlantis and it floods killing everyone except Sheppard, Zelenka, and Weir. Then the jumper there in seems to appear in space as an attack of some kind is occurring. In the end only Weir survives. The Atlantian's save her and she finds out it is ten thousand years earlier. Janus played by Gildart Jackson who made the time traveling ship manages to develop a way to save Atlantis and put Weir into stasis so when she and her team come through the Stargate both her team and Atlantis survives. A bonus is a list of Zero Point Modules and the whereabouts of them in the Pegusus Galaxy.

    This episode is very well written and except for the regular Rodney McKay nuisance it is quite entertaining. The last three episodes have been excellent and very enjoyable television. I think this series really has great possibilities and I continue to enjoy it. Thanks for reading...
  • interesting idea...

    An ancient woman is found in suspension and they wake her up. It turns out to be Dr. Weir and she has quite a story. Apparently, the first time the explorers went to Atlantis the city flooded and everyone died, except for Weir. She went back in time and fixed the city so that the team would live the second time around. It worked. It was a great idea. I loved the flashbacks and the alternate story; it was very interesting. However, the old Weir was driving me crazy. I don't have enough patience to watch a very old lady talking really really slow. So, the story idea ws great, but it was a tiny slow at times.
  • Wow. This episode is so very good.

    Why? Well, mostly cause this episode is all about Liz, and Liz is the coolest character in the show. Once again, we get to see just how dedicated she is to her project, and her team.

    This episode is all about "what-could-happen" if Liz didn't step in the time traveling jumper, or never went in past to save the future Atlantis. The only disappointing thing about this episode is that I was kinda hoping that it'll be revealed to us that very disgusting Wraiths aren't the enemy who made Ancients go away, but I guess that's them after all.

    Liz's story is very sad... especially the part when Rodney dies trying to save the city (who would say). He's absolutely hilarious like when he says to Sheppard "...if I only had few more minutes...". LOL.

    All in all, this episode is very cool, and the best thing about it is the fact you don't even notice it's end, until you see the credits. And, of course, Liz.
  • 9.2
    This episode is one of my personal favorites. I really enjoyed the fact that she had went back in time.Of what comedy there was, most of it was very funny. This episode is one of the ones that you could watch over and over again and still enjoy. I remember when I first watched it. I was really mad and it made me a little bit happier than I was. My mom watched it as well and she said that she loved it. I wouldn't say that I loved it, but i can easily say that I liked it very much.
  • An old woman is found that looks to be frozen in stasis, little do they know that the woman they are looking at is someone they know very well.

    After a pretty dull episode, Atlantis has recovered with "Before I Sleep". This, unlike the previous, is a crucial story that answers a lot of questions about Atlantis. If you love time travel, then that will definitely make this episode even more fun as Weir actually talks to her future self. In this episode, we learn why the first trip Atlantis failed with future Weir, but succeeded with the previous team. Another cool aspect is that the ancients are shown before they ascended and it gives a great insight into their past. Time travel fans will enjoy this episode, this is one you can't miss.
  • Touching and Funny

    This episode is a good one. It stands out from the rest of Season One of Stargate Atlantis, due to some very fine acting by Torri Higginson and the actor who plays Janus, the Ancient who helps her. The scenes they have together, and the scenes with the two Elizabeths together -- particularly the farewell scenes -- brought me to tears. The episode still features the standard clever Stargate banter, but despite some of the errors in consistency regarding the Ancient technology others have pointed out, it is the touching scenes that make it stand out from the rest. Props to the writers and actors.
  • This episode was pretty good it tells how the Atlantis team were able to survive and why the city came up from the deapths of the ocean.

    The team finds a women that is around 100 that has been preserved by ancient technology. They learn that it is Dr Weir. She tells them that the first time they came the city did not rise and they everyone was killed apart from her and she travelled in time and returned to Atlantis when the ancients were still there and that one of them set the city to rise when the next team came and left her to let them know.
  • What? A 10,000 years old Weir frozen in Atlantis? That was what I thought when I saw this episode. In my opinion this was the best episode so far.

    This was so revealing. I couldn’t believe it when the frozen lady said she was Elizabeth. My mouth just flew open.
    I liked the way the shot the episode: showing the “alternative” arrival of the Atlantis expedition. I also liked the fact that they made McKay a martyr. I always knew that he had a good hearth.
    One of the funniest moments of this episode was when the “old” Weir told Sheppard that he also died. After mocking McKay for his death that was just poetic justice. He, he you failed too: P
    Now seriously this episode was very emotional and reveling.
    Emotional moments: When “old” Weir gives “new” Weir advices about enjoying life and loosen up a bit. When the “old” Weir dies. When the “old” weir’s aches are “released” over the city that she saved.
    Revealing moments: We learn that the ancients had a time machine. That Janus might have built a time machine on Earth. We also learn the location of 5 Z.P.M.’s.

    This episode was nearly perfect. There was only one detail that got me thinking: The ancients spoke English? How come? I’m not surprised that the ascended ones learned how to speak English over the years but I think that 10,000 years ago the ancients should speak ancient. Ok, so I get the point that this was the only way to make this episode work seen that Weird doesn’t speak ancient. But in my book that’s still what some might call a goof.

    I only have one thing to say to the writers and actors of this show: kip up the terrific work.
  • The team finds someone from an alternate reality in stasis in Atlantis.

    The team, while exploring the city, finds a 10,000-year-old Elizabeth stuck in stasis in a lab. In her reality, she was the only survivor of the trip to Atlantis. Oh, and she knows where they can find some ZPMs.

    Some character development for Elizabeth, which is good. I wonder how unnerving it would be to actually speak to an older version of one's self. Although really, considering she has been in stasis since she was the same age as the younger Elizabeth, I suppose the two of them are mentally the same age. I wonder if older Liz explored the city for a while before putting herself into stasis? That's what I would have done. Anyway, the team is quite shocked to find out that the old woman is Elizabeth herself. (Obviously they didn't see the promos all week. Could it have been any more obvious?) Again with the unnerving bit, but being a diplomat who is accostumed to hiding her feelings, she carries it off fairly well.

    Rodney, Rodney, the comic relief scientist! Well, that's his role this week. We see from the alternate reality that he is willing to sacrifice himself for others, but in this reality, he looks so shocked to have died that I was worried he might actually expire on the spot. His desperation to explain why his alternate-reality self couldn't save the city adds some humour that relieves the tension of finding out that most of the team died on their first arrival. Everyone else takes the news of their deaths much better, in fact maybe too calmly. I suppose that was to form a contrast with Rodney's reaction. And you have to feel sorry for Colonel Sumner-- he died both times. Although I would take drowning over a Wraith attack any day. Perhaps there is a reality in which he never leaves Earth, although it seems that his days would be numbered there, too.

    The Ancients all speak English? I suppose we already knew that, based on the holograph in "Rising," but it is a bit of a shock, considering that SG-1 has needed Daniel to translate for them for years. Perhaps the language sounds the same as English, but just uses different letters. Or maybe the Ancients invented the Babel Fish. In any case, it is actually a good thing they all speak English, considering that so does Elizabeth, as well as a lot of the audience. And now we know where that little time-travel device sitting in the SGC came from-- apparently Janis didn't take the warnings of the others seriously on Earth, either.

    We get a great set-up for future episodes at the end, with Elizabeth giving the current team a list of five gate addresses where there are ZPMs.
  • Alternate reality? Whooooaaaaa...

    This episode was great. They find an old woman in a "frozen state" who appears to have been there for 10,000 years if my memory serves me right.

    When I first saw her, I had an idea of who the woman was. I wish that they would have kept the secret longer than they did... That's pretty much the only reason why it didn't score a 10. There was no real element of surprise there.

    But this woman tells them that they had all... well. This episode was truly one of the best in my opinion. I wonder who thought this up. They did a great job. This episode was magnificent!
  • Teyla, Ford and Sheppard find a 10,000 year old Weir in statis in Atlantis. She tells them her story of time travel, and why they are still on Atlantis. With all the flashbacks, it looks like a clip episode, but it is not.

    Dr. Weir's character had not been developped as much before, so it was interesting to see this developpement. She is not only a leader, but instead of being down when she finds herself ten thousands years ago in Atlantis with the Ancients, her first priority is to find a way to protect the future arrival. This is why, the ashes scene is so symbolic. After protecting the city for all this time, she still does.
    Additionnaly, there is also the way the present Dr. Weir reacts to seeing her old self.

    As for the other characters, we learn a few things about who they are the first time they arrived. The way they all react to what happened the first time is interesting and really funny. In Hot Zone, Rodney said that he wanted to die as a hero (or at least that people thought he did). In this episode, he does something heroic, staying in the control room to try everything until the end.

    We learn more about the Ancients, and they look, sound, act very human. Of course, it is said that humans are another evolution of their species, but anyway, they are too much like us. This fact has always bothered me a little, but I am starting to accept it. After all, evolution may not only be visible physically, or not very easily. Maybe their metabolism is different, or something like that.

    The time travel thing did not bother me because Weir went into the past, but because there was a "first time", before she went back in time for the first time, before the temporal loop began.
    They gave an explanation for this, saying that this creates a quantum parallel universe, and that there are as many universes as possibilities of events. These universes could be virtual, but I doubt that energy and thus matter can be formed at each possibility of event, at every second.
    If time is not linear but volumic, then every event is there are the same instant t, and we perceive it as linear only because this is all our minds can do. After all, we physically perceive visually in two dimensions a universe with probably several dimensions (more than three, maybe eleven or twenty-six for spacetime) and our brains does the work to interpret it in three dimensions. In that case, maybe time travel would be possible, but it would require much energy !
  • The Atlantis gang find an undiscovered facility in the city containing an aging woman who has been in suspended animation for over 10,000 years. But things become even stranger, when they learn who this woman really is.

    This is the first time in the series that I found myself developing any interest in Weir’s character. She always left me cold and came off as being somewhat persona non grata. But this episode helps to flesh her out a bit and provides great inside into displaying how truly dedicated she is towards the Atlantis mission. There are also some nice comedic exchanges between Sheppard and Rodney discussing the merits of the “Back To The Future” movies. These are the moments that remind me why I enjoy the SG-1 show so much. A little humor can go a long way. Hopefully, the series will feature more character-driven affairs such as this in season two.
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