Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 16

Brain Storm

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2008 on Syfy

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    Brain Storm was quite a storm indeed! This was a fun and exciting episode with a cameo appearance by Bill Nye The Science Guy. The episode focused on the relationship growing between McKay and Keller. It was nice to see them take things to the next level, and join the Mile High Club! I think that the concept of this episode was good, though I was thinking that we were going to see Jeannie, McKay's sister, as it was her work as well as McKay's which Tunney utilized to create the device in question. He thought it could help save the earth from global warming, but things aren't always greener on the other side!!!
  • A relationship resolved

    The romance between Rodney McKay and Jennifer Keller has been a point of contention since Keller's first foray into such territory. Fans were rankled by the abrupt nature of their mutual interest, especially since the writers had Ronon equally interested in Jennifer around the exact same time. Keller has struggled to gain traction with the fans, seen as an intrusive replacement for the "departed" Dr. Beckett, and her inclusion in a love triangle didn't help matters.

    Thankfully, this is a pleasant little episode that goes a long way towards demonstrating why Keller is a good match for Rodney. She gives him plenty of room for his ego, but she does manage to rein it in from time to time. She's got equal determination and looks after his best interests, particularly when he's in "speaking without thinking" mode. And she looks damn good in a party dress (but really, does Jewel Staite ever look horrible?).

    The plot had some interesting insights into the scientific community and the difficulties faced by those engaged in cutting-edge but classified research, but beyond that, it was a standard situation. Experiment goes awry, loved ones in peril, McKay saves the day. Special appearances by Dave Foley and Bill Nye the Science Guy weren't enough to overcome those issues.

    In fact, it felt like the episode was trying to be more humorous than it was. Don't get me wrong; there were definite moments with chuckle-worthy material, but by and large, the synthesis of comedy and drama didn't quite hit the mark. I doubt it made much of a difference in the end, however, since I imagine reactions to the episode were based less on the content and more on the McKay/Keller relationship as a whole.

    With only a handful of episodes left, it's a bit unfortunate that an entire episode was devoted to a couple of characters and an admittedly unpopular relationship. On the other hand, this does resolve the question of whether or not the two will even have a relationship, which ties up another potential loose end. The writers could certainly have done worse.
  • the final episodes and this is all they come up with?

    I saw the commercial for this episode and I thought it was going to suck. Back on earth, cliched researcher rivalries, and cheesy love mixed in... I'll admit it was better than I thought it would be, but still not that good. I don't like McKay and Keller at all. I think Keller and Ronon should be together. The plot in this episode was not interesting. The whole idea of going to a conference to see a rival's work and then having to fix it, just not that interesting. What made the episode watchable was the character development of McKay. Overall, just an average episode and I'm disappointed that they're not going out better.
  • Good episode: very interesting story line and character development of Rodney. The ending could be better.

    I thought this episode was pretty decent actually. Despite being fed up with the fact that they're wasting the few episodes that are left of the final season of Atlantis focusing on only one or a few of the characters instead of giving us team episodes I did actually like Rodney in this for the most part. I actually found him sort of endearing in his egocentric tendencies and the stuff between him, Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson was hilarious. Plus there's the fact that I enjoy Dave Foley quite a bit.

    It wasn't a particularly meaningful episode nor did it do anything to further any storyline but it was amusing and I think that TPTB actually did a really good job with the Mckay/Keller stuff. I don't have a lot of faith in them when it comes to romantic relationships on these shows but it was very sweet. That being said, are Jason Mamoa and Rachel Lutrell still employed? They seem to have been abducted. Hopefully they'll use the last few episodes of the series to showcase the entire team.
  • A very not-so subtle messege about global warming with Bill Nye!

    Right off the bat i want to say something. After reading some reviews about how bad the writing is and should have some continuity to the last episode ever, let me make this clear. I hope you realise this but long ago, months ago, the writers hatched out these stories without knowing their show was getting the axe hence the fillers. And stop reffering to BSG, it's a completely different show altogether. Stargate isn't BSG.

    Now that's off my chest, this story was intersting and nothing more. It held my interest and I liked the 'real' geniuses being there, aka Bill Nye. This story was served to prosper the McKay/Keller relationship which I don't really care that much about like many others. However, I'm willing to accept it and move along.

    The next few episodes with the wraith and the season finale won't give us closure but it might build a premise to the movie, so it can hit the floor running and have no need for exposition we've all heard before.
  • Nothing too special or original.. but good to watch

    I just cannot stop thinking that this story had some real filler taste as it did not developed story nowhere but somehow I have no idea where and what they could develop - and maybe that is the reason why we had not get some great episodes lately. The series end is near and there is not much to do.

    Anyway, this episode - I liked some parts of it - first the different look into global warning and the though Keller had - it's not saving the planet.. it is the saving of human kind.. I liked some of the action and intriques, tension between McKay and his old friends, the things we learned about McKay.. I do not think it was bad episode, oo no.. I liked it but I really feel for the few last episodes we have left, I am hoping much more...
  • I'm sorry, but I didn't like this one.

    The beginning was good, John and Ronon making fun of Rodney and Jennifer, Jennifer telling Rodney that he could simply ask her out. And then, it went downhill fast. It started on the plane. Jennifer started nag about how Rodney was doing this wrong and that wrong and how he should behave this way and that way... Who do you love Jennifer? The real Rodney McKay or your dream guy from when Rodney was infected during The Shrine? It was really irritating because Jennifer basically doesn't like exactly what makes Rodney himself. He's not a nice guy, he's abrasive and acerbic and perpetually in a bad mood. If he tries to shape himself to Jennifer's wishes, what will be left of him? And at the facility... In two minutes I got fed up with Jennifer doing the mom to everybody's inner sixth grader because yes, Jennifer knows always best. And she totally dismissed Rodney's warning. I mean, if after all this time she still doesn't understand that when Rodney warns someone to be careful he has good reasons... She was more concerned with the fact that he was embarrassing her. I'm sorry, I like Keller but in this episode? I couldn't stand her. Oh, and the solution? It was so fast that you could blink and miss it. I mean, it was totally out of proportion to the magnitude of the problem. I'm disappointed and kinda fed up with these one-character episodes. I want the team back together, I want to see them go on missions and fight space aliens. Are they even still a team?
  • Rodney and Keller's Excellent Adventure on Earth.

    This episode was so painful to watch. TPTB on Stargate Atlantis have become 'shippers and decided to stick a romance down the viewers throats - which is not the reason I watch SGA. Hello, sci-fi show!

    With Keller's constant nagging to Rodney, it made me wonder why he would ever want to date the woman. The Rodney/Keller relationship (I use that term loosely) has felt forced for a few episodes, as the actors have no chemistry together, but Martin Gero (writer for this ep) must feel that after a decade of SG-1 and five years of SGA we now need to turn these sci-fi shows into One Tree Hill. Bad move. Rodney & Keller are not Mulder and Scully, nor could they ever claim to have any hope of becoming a great sci-fi couple. Face it they are dull together. So, get rid of this dull romance and get back to putting sci-fi back into the show.

    Final analysis: Poorly written and executed. Skip this episode, even Bill Nye's guest shot couldn't save this.
  • Is anyone even interested in giving the fans a finale to be proud of??

    I totally agree with an earlier reviewer... I gave this 3stars as opposed to one star though, as there has been worse... "Inquisition" Im thinking of... I have all the episodes and love SGA... just this season there have been some really poor episodes... When I heard the sad news that it was the end for SGA... I at least took solice in the belief that it would be a season of great buildups to the finale. A bit like my other favourite, soon to be erased from TV Battlestar Galactica, that so far is showin SGA what final seasons should be about. But this episode typifies the approach of the writers... with filler shows everywhere. And if thats not bad enough they're forming relationships between cast members where no chemistry seems to exist. Add to that Woolsey being the final commander, when with all due respect, he is so boring. It truly feels as if they have no writing direction whatsoever and are looking for any which way to wrap up the show. I have loved SGA and in hope still can't wait for another episode to thrill me. But so far this season its been abysmal.
  • Pretty good...

    Okay this was a filler episode but it was still very entertaining to watch. I loved seeing McKay and Tully interact because they are both full of themselves so it's fun. I knew Bill Nye was going to be in this episode but I had no idea that he would be playing himself. How awesome is that? Takes me back to the old days when I used to watch this show. I loved the scene between Bill Nye and Stephen Hawking that was great. I'm glad that for once Mckay gets the girl instead of Sheppard or anyone else. But the writers could give Ronon someone to be with. I wonder if he will hold it against Mckay? For a filler episode I thought it was well done, and Walter had like a 30 second cameo which was cool.
  • Kill Keller!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously...If the show was gonna go for another season,they should KILL KELLER!But since its not,Kill her off anyway! Rodney and Keller just dont go! I know the whole oppisites attract thing but this is rediculous! Plus Keller is so weird and annoying, I mean she barely knows how to talk, when she speaks it takes like an hour to get a sentence out! And the whole thing at the end of the episode where there gonna have sex, thats rediculous, and so gross, I mean who would want to do it with her??? Its disgusting. Anway if it werent for McKay then the episode would have gotten a -10. But it was nice to see Mckay act like a human while trying to save Keller.
  • To cute for words!!!

    Alright, I'm biased because I'm a major McKeller fan, so this was like my dream episode! Pretty much I watched it and it made a bad day good! Okay, that sounds pathetic but it was just so cute.

    I love that McKeller are finally together and she loves him too :-D. I kinda thought she did, but I don't think they ever actually said it, right? Anyway, it just made me so happy.

    And it certainly didn't hurt that Bill Nye and Dave Foley appeared in the show. I love both of them. I have to say, it was nice to see Bill Nye outside of videos in grade school science :-P.

    I also liked that it was cute without making it sickening. And also that there was a real plot, although I think I could have handled an episode of just McKeller cuteness ;-). Anyway, I was actually so scared for Jennifer. I usually feel confident that they won't kill of characters, but I mean, they've done it on this show before... Killed off main characters, I mean, so I was worried...

    LOVE IT!! I just can't stop "Awwwwwwwww"-ing at it!! :-D :-D
  • Finally they did it

    The cuttest episode ever! The writers finally made a good love story. Well a REAL love story I mean. SG-1 stories were very blank and it's only our imagination that works on the realationships, but here we were finally shown that the writers can do better. I have no idea why people would want Keller dead. Her acting is good, she's beautiful and she is not like all the others on the team (super-heroes and all). What? You want everyone to be the same and save the day? Please... And when talking about it - she did save the day several times. As for the global warming thing - it's very good that he writers made a story about it. A shame that it cannot be fixed easily. Let's hope that this problem will be solved one day - one of the hardest tasks I might add...
  • Exelent episode

    At long last,HURAH... Exelent episode, it about time McKay and Keller got together!!!! Its been coming for a while but I was afraid that they would not do anything about it with the series being canceled (a total disgrace if I may say so......) and also that they may have killed her off, it wouldnt have been the first time!! I can't undersand though what people have against Keller and why they want rid of her?? She's good looking, is a good actress and I fail to see how here role is any diffrent from Beckets (and yet everyone loved him).
  • A pretty disappointing an inconsistent episode.

    A pretty disappointing an inconsistent episode.

    Rodney and Keller travel to Earth to attend a conference of Rodney's peers. Rodney has been out of circulation for awhile and no one knows about his recent scientific efforts which are all highly classified. The conference centers around the work of Dr. Malcolm Tunney who wants to demonstrate removing heat (global warming) from the Earth to another universe. He'll do so by lowering the temperature in the conference center. Rodney recognizes the bridge to the other universe as based on his highly classified work in the Pegasus. He announces that it this is his work and the bridge will be very unstable. Naturally, based on his reputation, no one believes him.

    Needless to say, there is probably some bad science here. Removing heat from a close environment isn't the same as removing it on a planetary scale. Also, the demonstration could have been within a sealed environment rather than involving the entire conference center in order to make the point. Of course, the demonstration goes awry and Rodney comes to the rescue. Tunney ultimately confesses he stole the idea.

    Meanwhile though, Keller decides to act like she's in a slasher movie and wanders off. She says she's trying to get connection bars on her cell phone to call out the military at Stargate. (Like what could they do?) And, of course, she gets in trouble.
    Rodney to the rescue and because of this, love blooms between him and Keller.

    Now, I'm quite certain that if any of Rodney's Atlantis team had been in trouble, he'd have gone off to rescue them. I'm equally certain that love wouldn't bloom because of it. Ergo, the whole episode seems contrived to push this relationship forward. It cheapens the entire story. The thing about Rodney is that it's always presumed he has a problem with women. Actually, he has a problem with people. The best example of his character is in Season 1, "Home" where when he goes home after an extended absence, there are no messages on his machine. He passes this off as a power failure. This is the Rodney we've come to like and appreciate. He's not going to get into a relationship this easily (if at all).

    If you're going to break the character, then it needs to be a lot more subtle and believable.
  • a mixed bag here!

    being in the uk i was reading a few reviews before i watched it i dont think it was as bad as most people made it out when i had watched it but i do think some of them have a point.

    bad point

    i watch atlantis because its about events that happen in a galaxy far far away with lots of alien toys for rodney to get his grubby little hands on and and they had to make it on earth. what i liked was that the story about the whole earth cooler was well...... cool! keller and rodney was good too to sum this episode up i think it was ok but it missed out on a story on the side could of used the rest of the team even something silly to add more to it!
  • The Geek Squad.

    I enjoyed this geeky episode! Bill Nye was great, and also nice to see Neil Tyson and "Stephen Hawking". Also good to see Chief Walter as well. Here are some other thoughts:

    I did like Keller taking charge. And now it's officially McKay/Keller. I'm not sure if I will like a real romance on the show, however.

    So Keller actually got the call through to Walter - how many could do that? You'd think the SGC could trace it or follow it up.

    Everyone and anyone in the physics community - so where was Carter or even Jeannie Miller? Anyway, it was fun to see all the brainiacs acting like kids!

    Jewel's Strawberry love - Kaylee in Firefly and now Keller.