Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 16

Brain Storm

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2008 on Syfy

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  • A pretty disappointing an inconsistent episode.

    A pretty disappointing an inconsistent episode.

    Rodney and Keller travel to Earth to attend a conference of Rodney's peers. Rodney has been out of circulation for awhile and no one knows about his recent scientific efforts which are all highly classified. The conference centers around the work of Dr. Malcolm Tunney who wants to demonstrate removing heat (global warming) from the Earth to another universe. He'll do so by lowering the temperature in the conference center. Rodney recognizes the bridge to the other universe as based on his highly classified work in the Pegasus. He announces that it this is his work and the bridge will be very unstable. Naturally, based on his reputation, no one believes him.

    Needless to say, there is probably some bad science here. Removing heat from a close environment isn't the same as removing it on a planetary scale. Also, the demonstration could have been within a sealed environment rather than involving the entire conference center in order to make the point. Of course, the demonstration goes awry and Rodney comes to the rescue. Tunney ultimately confesses he stole the idea.

    Meanwhile though, Keller decides to act like she's in a slasher movie and wanders off. She says she's trying to get connection bars on her cell phone to call out the military at Stargate. (Like what could they do?) And, of course, she gets in trouble.
    Rodney to the rescue and because of this, love blooms between him and Keller.

    Now, I'm quite certain that if any of Rodney's Atlantis team had been in trouble, he'd have gone off to rescue them. I'm equally certain that love wouldn't bloom because of it. Ergo, the whole episode seems contrived to push this relationship forward. It cheapens the entire story. The thing about Rodney is that it's always presumed he has a problem with women. Actually, he has a problem with people. The best example of his character is in Season 1, "Home" where when he goes home after an extended absence, there are no messages on his machine. He passes this off as a power failure. This is the Rodney we've come to like and appreciate. He's not going to get into a relationship this easily (if at all).

    If you're going to break the character, then it needs to be a lot more subtle and believable.
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