Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 6

Childhood's End

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2004 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Sheppard: Which direction is the gate?
      McKay: You're the one flying, shouldn't you know?

      This is one of several times we hear of Sheppard's poor sense of direction. Other references include Season 1's "Underground", and Season 3's "Pantoms" and "Submersion."

    • The planet with the shield is designated M7G-677.

    • McKay: Because anything powerful enough to knock out a Wraith Dart is a big deal.

      This is the first time the small Wraith culling ships are referred to as 'darts'.

    • McKay: Hmm. I've heard a lot of reports from SG teams on missions like this one: specifically the, uh, mission reports of Colonel Samantha Carter. She and I, uh, worked together to avert global catastrophe a few years back, and she and I ... (He sighs nostalgically.) McKay is referring to the events of the Stargate SG-1 episode "Redemption."

    • When Sheppard and the others meet the elders Sheppard asks how old Keras is. It doesn't make any sense to ask because they are on a different planet in an other galaxy and very possible that it has a shorter or longer year than Earth.

    • In this episode you see the children with slingshot-type weapons. In the Stargate SG-1 episode "It's Good to be King" you see the same slingshot -type weapons.

  • Quotes

    • Sheppard: (To Keras) In fact, Ford would be happy to come back and explain how to be a 25-year-old.

    • McKay: (While two older boys are aiming with bows on him and does not let him finish his work) Look, both of you, go to your rooms! (Nothing happens) You're not buying this, are you?

    • McKay: You scared me!
      Cleo: You scared-ed us!

    • Aries: The guides were sent back to the village.
      Sheppard: Were they?
      Aries: Yeah, they were.
      Sheppard: Must've been naptime.
      Aries: You think this is a joke, Sheppard?
      Sheppard: I don't find much of what's going on around here to be that funny.

    • Sheppard: (Referring to the Sacrifice ceremony) We sort of have a... a deadline.

    • Sheppard: (When McKay realize he has to get back to his lab) How do you plan on doing that?
      McKay: Well, I've had the gene inoculation, and, uh, you've already given me a flying lesson.
      Sheppard: It's gonna take more than a shot in the arm and a five-minute lesson.
      McKay: Listen, I'm not going to be dog-flying Wraith darts. Ford and I can handle it.

    • McKay: Hey, hey, coming through. Thank you.
      Cleo: What's that?
      McKay:It's a compass.
      Cleo: What's that?
      McKay:Used for determining direction on Earth. I'm using it to-
      Casta: Where's Earth?
      McKay:Listen, Cleo-
      Casta: Casta.
      McKay:Whatever. Aren't you supposed to be observing? You understand what that means, observing?
      Casta: Observing?
      McKay:It means you're supposed to watch. You're supposed to stay out of my way and watch.
      Casta: Why?
      Cleo: Because why?
      McKay:Because I say so.
      Cleo: Why?
      McKay:Because I can't get any work done with you two buzzing around asking stupid questions in your stupid little voices. Now sit down and shut up!
      (Cleo begins to cry)
      McKay:Oh, don't. Don- don't.
      Casta: (hitting McKay in the stomach repeatedly) You're mean!
      McKay:Ow. Ow. Thank you for finally noticing. Okay. You wanna go? You wanna go, huh? I'll take-
      Ford: Okay, okay. You got a real gift with kids. You do birthday parties?

    • Keras: Tomorrow is the first day of my 25th year.
      Sheppard: Tomorrow.
      Keras: Yes. That's why I lead the council of elders. I am oldest among the 24s.
      Sheppard: You mean, um, tomorrow, you, um-
      Keras: Tonight.
      Sheppard: Tonight?

    • Sheppard: (To Keras) Ford - he's just a year older than you. Do you know what he would've missed out on if his life was over a year ago?

    • Ford: Never in my life have I ever felt so... old.
      Sheppard: This is without a doubt the most screwed-up way of life I can imagine.
      McKay: Hmm.
      Teyla: They seem to accept it.
      Sheppard: They're kids. What the hell do they know?

    • McKay: Eternal rest?
      Keras: To die at the hands of the Wraith, to breathe your last breath amongst such... hatred... and evil... There is no way to move peacefully into the next world when that is your fate.

    • Keras: And you're all... older than 24?
      Sheppard: Ford, how old are you?
      Ford: 25, sir.
      Sheppard: Hm, I guess so.

    • Weir: Rodney! We can't just visit planets, take away their defenses, uproot their cultures and bring 'em all back here to Atlantis.
      McKay: If they have a ZedP.M., yes we can.
      Weir: Oh my God! How morally superior you must feel!

    • Ford: They can't be right, can they? Would the Wraith just ignore them because they're young? I mean, I don't eat veal but it can't be the same thing, can it?
      McKay: Of course it's not the same -- veal is delicious. The Wraith don't come by any more because when their Darts fly close to the village, the electromagnetic field takes them out, much like what happened to our Puddle Jumper.

    • Sheppard: Please tell me you have this working.
      McKay: I don't know what I did. These things are usually plug-and-play. This device must be using an older version of Windows.

    • Weir: So the suicide pact is...
      McKay: Population control.
      Weir: Wow. That's a little severe.
      McKay: A little?

    • Sheppard: They're kids, Ford.
      Ford: Yeah, with weapons pointed at us.

    • McKay: Specifically the mission reports of Colonel Samantha Carter. She and I, uh, worked together to avert global catastrophe a few years back. She and I... ai ai ai... Anyways, what was I saying?

    • Aries: You think I am a fool?
      Sheppard: No… I just think you're a little cranky.

    • Cleo: What's a grown up?
      McKay: Someone who's older than you are.
      Casta: I'm three years older than Cleya you can tell me.
      McKay: Nice try, but you're not a grown up.
      Cleo: But you just said. Someone that's older than me is a grown up.
      McKay: I don't need you to tell me what I just said, okay?
      Cleo: Okay…

    • Casta: Why are we going to the old city?
      McKay: I got to check something…
      Casta: What kind of thing?
      McKay: It's grown up stuff…

    • Keras: How did you get here, Sheppard?
      Sheppard: We used the Stargate to travel from our world to visit yours.
      Teyla: You do know of the Stargate…
      Sheppard: It's a big round… thing.

    • Sheppard: I'm Sheppard and this is Rodney and Teyla… say, you're one of the elders?
      Keras: Yes.
      Sheppard: How old are you?
      Keras: 24.
      Sheppard: And that makes you an elder?

    • Ford: Think whatever knocked us down… knocked it down?
      McKay: It's possible, but if that's the case we need to find it.
      Ford: Why?
      McKay: Because anything powerful enough to knock out a Wraith Dart is a big deal.
      Sheppard: Yeah, that would be nice to have…

    • Boy: You are full growns
      Sheppard: Excuse me?
      Boy: You need to see the elders.
      Sheppard: Elders... sound… good…

    • McKay: Well if the disturbance is manmade as opposed to natural its probably emanating from within these ruins… Somewhere… Over there.
      Sheppard: So if we find it can we shut it off?
      McKay: It's worth a shot. If we can shut down the field we won't have to walk back to the gate.
      Sheppard: I was thinking more of saving a perfectly good Puddle Jumper.
      McKay: That too.

    • Sheppard: Which direction is the gate?
      McKay: You're the one flying, shouldn't you know?

    • Ford: Check it out, sir. I think my compass has gone wonky.
      McKay: You brought a magnetic compass to another planet in another galaxy? Heh. You have absolutely no way of knowing if this planet's magnetic field is... Wait a second. Let me see that.

    • McKay: I can't get any work done with you two buzzing around asking stupid questions in your stupid, little voices. Now sit down and shut up! (Cleo starts to cry) Oh, don't. D-don't.
      Casta: You're mean. (he starts to hit McKay)
      McKay: Thank you for finally noticing.

    • Ford: (to the kids) It's okay. He's just upset because you're smarter than him. Do you guys know what chocolate is? You don't? This is gonna be huge! Okay, come over here. We're going to go over here, and we're going to leave the mean old man alone.

    • Sheppard: You think it's worth checking out?
      McKay: Any significant energy emission generally indicates technological civilization.
      Sheppard: So you think it's worth checking out.
      McKay: I'm sorry. Yes, energy field good.

    • (Ford hands Keras a small bag)
      Ford: Where we're from, we give people presents when they turn a year older.

    • McKay: Lets' see how long we can be quiet. Who can be quiet the longest, huh?
      Cleo(without even trying to be quiet): Well, I'm not a quiet person.
      McKay: That's not quiet. That's talking.
      Cleo: Well, I'm not a quiet person. I talk a lot.

    • (when Cleo and Casta are pestering McKay)
      McKay: Ford, a little help here.
      Ford(laughs): What are you talking about? You're a natural.

    • Teyla: It looks like a shrine.
      Ford: You don't think they worship the Wraith, do you?
      Sheppard: That'd be a first.
      McKay: That'd be disturbing.

    • McKay: What are we going to tell them, Teyla? 'Oh, listen kiddies, everything you believe in is wrong, and trust us because we've been here for almost an hour.'

    • (shortly after McKay criticizes Ford for bringing a magnetic compass to another planet)
      McKay: Hey, can we go that way for a bit?
      Sheppard: Why?
      McKay: Oh, it's just that Lt. Ford's compass is acting weird. I might be on to something.
      Ford: I'm glad I brought it along.
      McKay: How prescient of you.

    • (entering the ruins of an ancient city)
      McKay: Didn't fly over this on the way down, did we?
      Sheppard: I don't know. I was kind of busy with the whole 'trying not to get us killed' thing.

    • Ford:(to McKay) You got a real gift with kids. You do birthday parties?

    • (after the Puddle Jumper crash lands)
      Teyla: What happened?
      McKay: He took us too close to the energy field.
      Sheppard: Whose idea was that?
      McKay: Ahh… you made mistakes. I made mistakes. Let's not get caught in the blame game.

  • Notes

    • When McKay deactivates the shield and Sheppard is forced to destroy the Wraith homing beacon, and he is held by the boys. A scene just after this was cut - it involved Sheppard being hit by stones. Rachel Luttrel in the DVD commentary says that she remembers Joe Flanigan getting hit in the head.

    • Sci-Fi veteran David Winning directed only this one episode in the Stargate franchise. The first season episode of Atlantis won three international awards for directing; New York, Chicago, and Houston.

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on August 16, 2004 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      -This episode aired in the UK on November 16, 2004 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in Australia on April 21, 2005 on Channel 7.
      -Syndication Premiere: October 29-30, 2005

    • According to Gero, the inspiration for the "guards", Casta and Cleo, came from a rather long airplane ride in which he was sitting behind two hyper twins.

    • The planet's designation here is M7G-677. According to Martin Gero, the designation was derived from Martin 7(July) Gero 6'77. Gero's day, month, and year of birth (July 6, 1977).

    • This is the first episode in which Paul McGillion (Dr. Carson Beckett), Craig Veroni (Dr. Peter Grodin) and Christopher Heyerdahl (Halling) do not appear.

    • Shane Meier and Julie Patzwald previously appeared in the Stargate SG-1 episode, "A Hundred Days" together. They played Garan and Paytha, respectively.

    • Courtenay J. Stevens previously played the recurring character of Lt. Elliot in Stargate SG-1 episodes, "Proving Ground", "Summit", and "Last Stand."

  • Allusions

    • McKay: I don't know what I did, these things are usually plug and play. This device must be using an older version of Windows

      The term Windows collectively describes any or all of several generations of Microsoft operating system products. They were introduced in 1985 and have been dominating the personal computer market ever since the introduction of Windows '95 in 1995.

    • McKay: I don't know what I did, these things are usually plug and play. This device must be using an older version of Windows.

      Plug and Play is a term used in the computer field to describe a computer's ability to have new devices added to it without having to reconfigure or (ideally) restart the computer, or in this case a Z.P.M. The term Plug and Play is most associated with Microsoft's Windows Operating Systems.

    • Logan's Run:

      The fact that no one in this planet is not allowed to live past 25 years of age is very reminiscent of Logan's Run, a novel, film and TV series, in which the members of a futuristic society are not allowed to live beyond 30 years. The members of the society in this planet and the ones in Logan's Run see their deaths as necessary for the survival of their people.

    • Title:

      The title of this episode is a reference to the book Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke.