Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 7

Common Ground

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Combine a captured sheppard by a complaining kolya mixed together with a starving wraith!

    This is exactly why I watch the show.

    The characters were great especially Ronon. This episode shows us how much he actually cares about the people he now lives with. Sheppard is as optimistic as always and he doesn't let you down.

    Kolya is a great bad guy - he really doesn't have any empathy for anyone (and that's what makes his character so great).

    Well done!
  • Sheppard - the way I love to see him.

    I must admit I was waiting for more background info on Sheppard's background, based on the episode recap. Can't say I found any of that in this episode, really - but that's just nitpicking.
    Being a sucker for stoically suffering heroes, I really liked what they did to Sheppard. Getting drained by a Wraith, aging before his time, must be one of his worst nightmares. Yet he still insisted Weir and the others in Atlantis not make a deal with his kidnappers. The second time he's tortured, they made this nicely subtle - he's in the background of the shot, gagged, but still managed a slight shake of the head when Kolya makes his threat. As Dr. Weir refuses the demands, Sheppard nods, apparently relieved. My hero.
    I'm also pleasantly surprised by the Wraith. After the Michael-plotline (which may or may not be over), I was afraid they'd settled for confirming once and for all that no Wraith can be trusted, they'll always doublecross you, etc. Here, we found an "honourable" Wraith, who despite appearances to the contrary actually kept his word, finding common ground with his enemy.
    The problem with the Wraith is the same that's been plagueing vampire stories for decades:
    How can a creature respect what is essentially just cattle to them? It will take extraordinary circumstances to make a Wraith see a human as something other than lunch - and this episode provided just that. I'd be very interested in seeing more of this particular Wraith, as long as it's not just as canonfodder.

    In conclusion, I'd like to add that I liked the fact that Dr. Weir didn't give in to the demands - it's the only way to deal with this sort of threat, but it is so often dealt with on a "just this once, honest" basis that it's refreshing to see it done "right" for once.

    Also - nice special effects on Sheppard. The final feeding was niiiiice! (Or rather horrid, but that's kind of the idea... ;) )
  • Sheppard taken hostage has to team up with a wraith to survive.

    Sheppard gets taken prisoner by Kolya, a nice returning role for Robert Davi. Kolya wants to use Sheppard as a hostage to get his revenge on Landon, the new leader of the Genii.

    To convice the Atlantis team to turn over Landon the use a wraith prisoner to torture Sheppard. The wraith sucks the life out of Sheppard every few hours. Until now we were to believe that once being "touched" by a wraith you are as good as dead. It turns out that some of the wraith are able of the 'gift of life'. But seems only reserved for their most loyal worshippers and brothers. Hinting that in the end the wraith saw Sheppard as a brother.

    A brother, since they had to rely on eachother to make an escape. Somewhere in this gift of life probably will be the clue for a cure. The wraith and Sheppard departed vowing that the next time they meet all bets are of. Will the meet again? Would be nice to see what would happen then.

    Kolya get away again making a return very likely.

    A very good episode with a good story and acting and new twists and turns that will make for even better stories later this series.
  • Sheppard and a random Wraith vs Kolya and the Genii

    This episode surprised me. All the commericals made it sound like it was going to be a Genii heavy episode. It wasn't. But it is a good surprise.

    This season keeps blowing away my expectations of everything. The writing on this episode was good and so was the acting. I really like how they added another dimension to the Wraith. I know lots of people have said the Wraith may become too plastic or pointless, but with this episode, I have questions. I want to know more about them.

    Kolya (Davi's character) is an excellent villain, almost reminding me of Dukat from the early seasons of DS9. He provides an excellent counterpart to Sheppard and he is a good villain.

    There are only 2 small drawbacks to this episode: I wanted to see more interaction between Sheppard and Kolya, and the whole "the Wraith taketh , the Wraith giveth" scene made it almost appear as a reset button. It was close, but I'll give the benefit of the doubt, because, if the writers pay attention, this gives them something to follow up in later episodes. If not, then this moment will be a reset button.

    However, I thought this is another great episode from a surprisingly good S3 of Atlantis. I like where the show is going.
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